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  1. Toronto by 58 London by 6 Fev by 16 Fax by 12 Leigh by 12 Swinton by 10
  2. Fev will do well this season but in no way will they get promoted. They are not FT for a start and are not spending anywhere near the full cap. It's ok competing against FT champ sides but FT SL clubs is a different kettle of fish all together. As for Leigh spending X amount more I doubt it that none of the other clubs in the champ were consulted before Leigh got the extra rise in the salary cap as I'm sure we would of heard Aston at Sheffield at least moaning about it as moaning is his main hobby lol.
  3. I get your point parky but I prefer a system where P&R is their in some form or another every season than the system where it isn't. That's just my personal preference though.
  4. Ok parky I see where your coming from now. But the only question I have what happens if say Leigh win it in the first year but say Bulls win it in the second year does that mean Bulls would go up and not Leigh? So if that was the case you would still have a season of nothing to play for.
  5. That's the problem though parky your seeing it from a clubs perspective and not a fans perspective. If your in SL the 2-3 years is great but for the clubs outside of SL the competion is boring and under that system their is no guarantee you would go up. Licensing wasn't done properly what makes you think the 2-3 year system would be done properly. Fev fax Bulls London Leigh etc would be on tender hooks waiting for the call and then the rest would be in up roar as to why a club deserved it more than them. Ie the Widnes promotion to SL. Did they deserve it? For me personally no ok they had the ground and maybe funds but the on field and crowds wasn't exactly deserving of SL rugby at the time and that's where it should be decided IMO not in a room of big wigs saying well your ground is bigger and better than x so your in.I also don't agree with all this moaning about this system either as the clubs voted it in so just get on with it and prove on the field you deserve SL rugby. You don't see me complaining about Leigh getting an extra 300k cap increase or fev Batley etc are at an unfair advantage cap wise. Put it this way Leigh should have a better chance of beating a SL club than most champ clubs have of beating Leigh with the caps. It's all about getting on with what you've got and doing the best you can with that.
  6. Even if the caps were the same you would only get the players the SL clubs don't want unless you were willing to pay silly money for the player as no player in his right mind would drop a level for the same money or a decrease in money. Also 1 up 1 down won't work it would just be another yo yo effect. This system is perfect once/ if you get promoted because you have a far greater chance of staying their than the 1 up 1 down scenario. Apart from franchising I think this is the best system to help clubs build once they do get to the holy grail league.
  7. Im a big believer in a country should play in its home nation. I also think the potential in Scotland is massive especially if it's played at Hampden or murrayfield. The scots really get behind their national teams ie footy and RU teams. I just feel to stage it in Scotland as massive potential and may even bring in folk who have never watched a RL game. I personally think it's a no brainer to stage the Scotland games in Scotland. Let's face it what have we to lose? If you don't try you will never know. Ambition goes a long way a lot better than just doing the norm.Also good advertising and done properly and I think this would be a major success personally.
  8. As we've seen no matter what system you use. You still have a similar outcome ie Wigan Leeds saints dominating wakey at the bottom. I personally don't think it makes a difference what system we use its the lack of money in our game that's the problem not the systems. The systems just please certain clubs which ever system is used some will benefit and some will not.
  9. No surprise their Tim. I bet the fev Lions crowd is bigger than the London, fev game too.A lot of fev fans will stay back to watch the lions game instead of making the trek to London.
  10. Easy win for town that, Leigh will put 30 past you early on and then let you score 32
  11. Got a sneaky feeling we will send our kids, like we did last season in the cup.
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