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#3167422 Rams crowds at 15-year high

Posted by thundergaz on Yesterday, 12:10 PM

Not what I was told by one of your players at the weekend!!

Obviously I don't know anything about the above but obviously players will be leaving graham but for the first time in a long time I couldn't care less who leaves this season as their all rubbish maybe barring the odd few like Ellis bostock etc. We need a good clear out graham and that's why I think we will be better next season.I also have a lot of faith in sharp who I think will become a top championship coach given time to rebuild his own team and bring in his own methods etc.Saying that though there is some cracking coaches in our league and you have one of them.

#3165845 When you need a spead sheet to explain its time to rethink

Posted by thundergaz on 27 July 2015 - 09:26 AM

So you're basically saying those teams were just coasting and you were happy with that, but now that performance in the league means more, you're unhappy that teams are trying harder?

Huddersfield are favourites to finish 4th. That means they're one game away from the GF. How is that not having a sniff?

Personally, I think you have decided you don't like this system and are looking for any way possible to justify that opinion. A lot of what you're saying is contradictory and basically judged on a perception of what you think will happen being somehow different to what was happening anyway.

Some seasons have a group of teams that break away. That's the nature of sport. I don't think that will happen every year and I think it's naïve to think it will. We get the same predictions for this "breakaway" every year. Apparently Wire were a shoe-in with the other three for the top four spots. Apparently the same six clubs were supposed to be dominating those top spots every year since 2009. It rarely happens, and when it eventually does, people cry about "predictability" like it happens all the time!

They are the three biggest clubs in the game. Eventually they were gonna finish to three.

Again I agree with everything you say. As for this system I'm not a fan no but neither was I a fan of licensing. I just think clubs need stabability not jeopardy and yes licensing brought that but I don't think it was done properly if it had of been I think it would of been very successful. Yes this system does bring competitive games but it doesn't also same as licensing. I just think this new system as more damages for clubs than licensing ever did. I just feel clubs will over spend and maybe not be here in ten years time with this new system where as licensing protected clubs from this case scenario.

#3165634 Whinging Aussie.

Posted by thundergaz on 26 July 2015 - 10:09 PM

The fact you are praising Grant so highly highlights the fact you know nothing about our season.
We've played 3 games in a week 3 times this season, which perhaps is manageable once in a year but three times.
In the time you lot had that pile up you played Sheff London Leigh and you could of played them with a months break in between and you still wouldn't have won. And what about your whinging grandad who was slagging the ref off against Sheffield? Short memories you lot.

Whinging Aussie that other clubs want? Kear is pinching money from yous lot. TV commitments is his first job, and don't forget that!

I could wear my fingers out typing out your list of problems.

We didn't have a proper half-back and lost because our kicker couldn't kick his own a&se.
Can't wait to see Campbell in that red Amber and black.

He's coming to fev and we're giving batley our whole team for him lol.

#3165619 I thought they were the next great thing!

Posted by thundergaz on 26 July 2015 - 09:50 PM

I've said it for a while now since SL as come around (which is a good thing BTW) clubs want big built fit athletes that's it.Skill has been taken out of the game IMO since SL started. Theirs no newloves Edwards hanleys schofields betts need I go on in our game anymore. Yes maybe it is down to FT training etc but I think a lot of it as been coached out of players to get the fitness and build up etc. This is why I think players differ from one year to the next as some clubs are happy with weight size etc and other clubs want to build players up more which in turn stifles their skill levels.

#3165412 Crowdwatch 23

Posted by thundergaz on 26 July 2015 - 07:11 PM

And just how effective do you think these ' panic purchases ' will be ? , joining squads already low in confidence

I honestly don't know kryten but it's still throwing cash at something instead of building a business plan etc if it's not working. I do believe no club will go down though which is a shame because Leigh do deserve to go up as they have been brilliant this season but I think the 4 their now will be their next season hope I'm wrong though I will be glad to see the back of Leigh this season lol.
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#3164535 Interesting half time score at Fev

Posted by thundergaz on 25 July 2015 - 06:41 PM

Last week dewsbury fans where saying our 7 grant gore was the worst 7 in the Championship well he's kicked fev to death tonight

To be fair my grandad could of kicked us to death tonight lol.

#3163418 Tongan flyer lands at Rams

Posted by thundergaz on 24 July 2015 - 08:27 AM

Weird one this I never rated etu at fev and I thought you had signed a very good player in crookes from us but apparently reading comments about crookes on here he doesn't seem to have made the impact I expected him to have for you guys. So hopefully I will be wrong about etu and hopefully see you on the final at Widnes.

#3163416 Well done Leigh. Champions

Posted by thundergaz on 24 July 2015 - 08:22 AM

They certainly started to flag in the last twenty against Wire, but then in the eights they won't be playing the likes of Wire. They've already beaten Salford and Wakey, whether they'll be good enough to beat Rervers or Widnes is another matter They certainly play some very attractive, slick football. Good luck to them.

I agree with you good luck to Leigh and I hope they do gain promotion as they are a very good side and entertaining to watch. If this Leigh side doesn't go up I don't think any champ club will ever go up as this Leigh side is very good and I doubt it could get much better. The problem with Leigh and the rest though is the cup doesn't put players contracts on the line. Players at Widnes hull kr wakey and Salford are all playing now for their lively hoods and staying in full time contracts and SL. I think the middle 8s will be a totally different ball game to the cup matches. I'm just hoping Leigh don't get on the end of some big scores against them because they definitely don't deserve that this season. But like I said best team in the champ by a mile and hopefully they will get promotion because they deserve it after a fantastic entertaining season they've had.

#3148498 27 Jun: CCQF - Warrington Wolves v Leigh Centurions KO 3pm (TV)

Posted by thundergaz on 27 June 2015 - 04:50 PM

Really enjoyed the rugby today. It was a great game and I think tiredness just out did Leigh as their wasn't much between the 2 sides. good luck to Leigh and hopefully they will go up and shake a few SL clubs up while their up their. I've got to take my hat off to the way the team and club have gone about their business this season on trying to get promoted and hopefully it will come off for them at the end of the season as they definitely will of deserved it.

#3092177 Are we destroying the Championship?

Posted by thundergaz on 20 March 2015 - 05:12 PM

The Championship was ruined when you could be Champions 2 years in a row and it meant nothing, not convinced by this new format but at least there is a carrot dangled at the end of it.

you've highlighted another stupid idea along with this new system. A team could go all season unbeaten but lose a one off game and not be called champions? The real champions are the league winners and always will be. No matter how the RFL want to sugar coat it with a GF.But back to this new system the only way it can work is if all the clubs are FT if not its no chance of lasting long.On a funnier note I think we need a new team/coach let alone a new system lol.

#3091205 20-22 Mar: Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Round 4 Match Thread

Posted by thundergaz on 19 March 2015 - 08:37 AM

I assumed he meant the graffiti on the wall behind the ground. In chalk.

That is their for a reason browny its to remind us when we last won the challenge cup just incase we happen to forget as it as been along time lol. I'm sure if we win it again it will get removed lol.

#3089524 15 Mar: Kingstone Press Championship Round 5 - Match Thread

Posted by thundergaz on 15 March 2015 - 11:42 PM

Leigh have just had an opening 5 of Bradford H, Fax A, London H, Doncaster A, Fev A - basically 2 promoted teams and 3 of last years top Champ sides. Start of the year I would have been happy to be 3-2, but we are 5-0. I dont know how the season will end up but if we can keep injury free and get Hock, Spencer, Sarsfield back we will make the mid 8's very uncomfortable for a few SL sides. Ref kept Fev in the mix for 40 mins but downhill and with the wind the second half it was only about when and by how many
The Leeds and overseas contingent looked very ordinary for Fev imo, Baldwinson looks very light for a prop

Now your just being silly. The ref piggy backed you down the field all game. Fui fui must of been offside at every PTB.The ref didn't decide the game but he certainly helped making it a cricket score.No way were you 30 points better than us today. The best team won no doubt about it but your not SL class yet that's for sure. You are a good championship side and so are bradford but neither of you will go up from what ive seen of the bottom 4 clubs at present in SL and bulls and leigh.Leigh and bulls haven't got a prayer of beating hudds, Cas etc. I'm sure we will see your team at POR again next season.

#3087727 Batley V Bradford

Posted by thundergaz on 12 March 2015 - 07:14 PM

Seen a lot ofgaskell from academy right up to super league, always thought he was a good playerbut never put him in the super man status as thundergaz puts him ,could be wrong we'll see at weekend but ripping a new hole that's a right statement to make,happy to return with my up to date views on Sunday gaz

I honestly hope he as a stinker on Sunday reg because if he does you will have a right chance of beating them. Everything goes through Gaskell he is bulls cog like ridyard is Leigh's stop him and you won't be far away. As for my comment about him being the best champ player I've ever seen he is up to now and I've seen alker at Salford all the KR team when they were down hudds players wakey players Cas players etc you name it Ive seen em but this Gaskell kid is something special he ripped us a new hole before we even knew he was on the pitch. He won't be at the bulls for long I'm sure of that he is an outstanding half back for our league. He's way too good for the champ he makes ridyard and brierley look very ordinary and neither of them are. Hope you beat them though and I never bull up players unless they are quality and Gaskell is quality for our league anyway. He's way too good he should be playing SL. Hopefully you won't see what I mean on Sunday reg because if you do you will be coming away grumpy with a defeat. But fingers firmly crossed for you guys do em lol.

#3087561 Batley V Bradford

Posted by thundergaz on 12 March 2015 - 01:01 PM

Hope you guys do em but can't see it myself. Gaskell will rip you a new hole. I've never seen a better player in the champ this kid is way too good for champ rugby. Saying that though if you can keep him quiet which will be very hard you will have a right chance of winning as he's their cog. They would be pretty ordinary without him. Every try we conceded against them he created or played a part in. Gaskell is surely an england international waiting to happen. But good luck guys and I hope you give them a massive fright and beat them.

#3074734 Town V Rams predictions.

Posted by thundergaz on 19 February 2015 - 01:31 PM

ok then we haven't got a chance.

I for one wouldn't be surprised if you won. On that note theirs only 2 teams this weekend that if they won I would be surprised and that's haven and fax I think the rest are up for grabs.