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#3040899 Fui Fui Moi Moi confirmed at Leigh

Posted by thundergaz on 04 December 2014 - 12:49 PM

Gas, I should be very worried if I was involved in the PR dept at Fev and read your comments regarding how you know what is going to happen to your club.

I have ambitions for my team, they may not be viable but they are still ambitions, negativity is like the bad apple, it spreads. When I go for a pint I am positive and try to persuade those I knew who used to attend to get back, and spread the gospel to those who are unbelievers. If when you meet people you comment as you do on these pages I would say you are probably right the attendance's down POR will drop, your despondency could well become infectious, after all they say bad news travels fast.

If your interest has wained to the extent you say, then save yourself you're well earned cash, don't go, but please let others make their own mind up.

Yes your spot on with everything you say I was just giving my opinion on the new system that's all nothing more nothing less.

#3038569 Wigan renew Workington dual registration partnership

Posted by thundergaz on 28 November 2014 - 02:11 PM

The reality is that professional Superleague has grown and nurtured the biggest clubs, but the rest have gone into a significant decline. This isn't doom and gloom it's fact.

I wonder why that is parky? Nothing to do with if its not SL it doesn't matter policy then I take it? The champ clubs have been cut adrift for years but now they finally have realised after years of ignorance of clubs outside the top flight that they do matter to the future of the sport. That includes amateur and junior levels too but that's another topic all together. The champ clubs have been in decline ever since SL came about as they haven't had anything to play for and people wonder why spectators are not interested in championship rugby. The crowds next season will rise in the championship now theirs something to play for whether they keep on rising is debatable but at least the spectators will have alot more pleasure handing over their entrance fee knowing every game counts and does actually matter. Like me if Fev made a GF great and of course I wanted them to win but if they didnt I wasn't too bothered as I knew nothing would come of it anyway. Now if we make the 8s and lose I will be distraught but that's the kind of entertainment/excitement spectators want for their entrance fee not walking away from the game and going oh well it doesn't matter we will still be in this league next season anyway win or lose. I have said numerous times this new system I'm not a fan of as its too one sided but at least every game matters for a change.

#3031079 MacNamara supping in the Last Chance Saloon

Posted by thundergaz on 11 November 2014 - 09:25 AM

Its not the truth (or Fact for that matter) its your deluded opinion !
The FACTS are that his coaching record is appalling both as a club coach and as an international coach. You can bang on as much as you like about how we NEARLY won, but the FACT is we LOST all those games.

To have a record of only 1 win from 9 against Aus & NZ is very poor, and if the RFL had any backone at all, should be seen as totally unacceptable. If that record belonged to the Aus or NZ coach then they would be long gone.

As long as we tolerate mediocracy we'll never be winners.

As much as I dislike Wane as a person I cant help but respect his ability as a coach in the manner he gets his team to perform.
If we seriously want to challenge for honours against Aus & NZ then Wane or McDermott need to replace McBanana ASAP.

Lol with an attitude like that I see Cunningham getting 10 games next season and he will be on his way. McNamara as done an amazing job which ever way you look at it. This Australian and kiwi side when fully fit are the best australian and kiwi sides EVER and we are a whisker away from beating them. We lost those 2 games through our own unfortunate mistakes nothing to do with McNamara's tactics etc as had that try been given we would of beaten the Aussies and the width of the goal posts and an inch of halls foot on the touch line we would of beaten the kiwis its a matter of inches between defeat and victory before McNamara took over it was light years from victory not inches.Im sick of sticking up for him now as I wasn't his fan when he first got the job but if anyone can't see the progression we've made from when he took over 4 years ago then theirs something wrong. Whether he's reached his limit I don't know but one things for sure he deserves until after the WC just from how far we've come on under him. If he doesn't make the final of the WC then fair enough I will agree its time for him to move on but until then he deserves that chance IMO.

#3030940 Shaun Wane next England coach?

Posted by thundergaz on 10 November 2014 - 09:17 PM

Never heard so much rubbish, you're talking ######. Go to bed Steve.

McNamara as done miracles for the england team and that's a fact and people like you are calling for his head give me a break please. Starting a thread like this is ridiculous and childish McNamara is going nowhere for at least another season thank god.

#3030871 Shaun Wane next England coach?

Posted by thundergaz on 10 November 2014 - 07:55 PM

I don't get this we love wane gang. I could understand it if he'd coached Oldham to win the SL or something. But for christs sake he's the coach of Wigan anyone could do that job.

#3030780 'Well Run' clubs

Posted by thundergaz on 10 November 2014 - 04:52 PM

That's not all they did, they renegotiated many of their contracts. When old contracts expired they signed new ones at repasonable prices and they let players who were on silly money go and signed other just as good players on realistic contracts.

Let's not forget that during this reported year, Wakefield have serviced a £1.2M debt and are projected to be debt free within the next few months.

They trimmed back on staff but have slowly built back up again since.

Well done Wakefield
Sleeping Giant of the game, beware if they ever get it right for a long period of time!

Sleeping giant of the game? This as been said ever since I was born and it still hasn't come to pass. Now hull RLFC are a sleeping giant not shaky wakey.

#3030741 McNamara: The Referendum. Vote Now.

Posted by thundergaz on 10 November 2014 - 03:15 PM

It says in today's trade press that McNamara has another year left on his deal.
That's just awful.
A coach with a track record of winning at club level should replace McNamara who's failed at every coaching level.
The players must wish he'd just go as he's well known for being just absolutely clueless.

I just thank the lucky stars hes staying and I hope the RFL give him another 5 years contract when this ones up. I personally would give him while the end of the next WC as I do really think he's onto something now. If we don't make the final of the next WC then fair enough I will agree its time for him to go but until then I think he's doing a great job from where we were when he took over. When he first got the job I thought oh here we go but got to give him credit where credits due he's turned us from a team of no hopers to potential WC winners that's remarkable IMO. I don't care what he did or didn't do at bradford he wants judging on what he's done/doing for england and what he's done/doing is amazing IMO.

#3030686 15/11/14 - 4N Final - New Zealand v Australia KO 7.45am (GMT)

Posted by thundergaz on 10 November 2014 - 01:13 PM

Bentham should get the final for me but it won't happen. This is not because he's neutral but because he as been the best ref out their by a mile.

#3030389 MacNamara supping in the Last Chance Saloon

Posted by thundergaz on 09 November 2014 - 08:22 PM

Wow!! Are you being serious?

A first choice Aussie team would have easily put 30 points on us. Thanks to McNamara them says are long gone.

Same teams, different day - so could NZ

Yes 100% McNamara is the best thing to happen to english RL EVER and that's a fact!!!. A fully fit Aussie team would not put 30 points on us at all. Thanks to McNamara them days are long gone.

#3030366 MacNamara supping in the Last Chance Saloon

Posted by thundergaz on 09 November 2014 - 07:43 PM

But we still haven't beaten them.

Give it a rest please. McNamara is the best thing that's happened to our national team ever. Also when have we ever won a major tournament? At least we are on the brink of winning one which 4 years ago before McNamara took over look light years away.

#3030320 Yorkshire needs a big stadium

Posted by thundergaz on 09 November 2014 - 06:16 PM

We don't need a big stadium. Theirs little to no internationals let alone in this country. Theirs wembley for the CC and old Trafford for the GF even though I think that should be at wembley too. Also you don't have a hard time selling RL in Yorkshire where you do have in Lancashire and London. We don't have the Chelsea's or the man utds to contend with.

#3030154 McNamara: The Referendum. Vote Now.

Posted by thundergaz on 09 November 2014 - 12:46 PM

Agreed again, but this is addressing a totally different issue isn't it?

Does international RL carry the kudos and prestige to attract the very best.

Again I agree BSJ but I do believe a lot of coaches are scared of taking it on personally as it could damage their reputation big time especially having to follow McNamara because who ever comes in the national fans will expect victorys against the kiwis and Aussies and if we get beat by more than 8 points the English fans will say he's rubbish bring back McNamara and etc etc its swings and roundabouts BSJ.

#3030064 McNamara: The Referendum. Vote Now.

Posted by thundergaz on 09 November 2014 - 10:41 AM

Whatever happens we definitely need a full time coach I'm adamant about that. I personally want McNamara to keep the job he's done a great job IMO. But we do need a full time coach as look what McNamara's done being full time its a must for me.

#3029762 McNamara: The Referendum. Vote Now.

Posted by thundergaz on 08 November 2014 - 07:17 PM

If people are asking for McNamara's head after what he's achieved. I'm dreading this forum next season now P&R is back. We won't have any coaches left in our game at the end of next season.i fear for DP, betts, Webster, both the hull coaches next season they better get prepared to receive their P45s next season.

#3029466 08/11/14 - New Zealand v England KO 7am GMT (Dunedin)

Posted by thundergaz on 08 November 2014 - 12:30 PM

I agree with you. I commented on the Eng/Aus thread that I thought we missed Roby, in defence as well as those areas you mentioned, and we missed him for the same reasons again today.

Either way though we look light years ahead of the shambles that played in the 2008 world cup so clearly a lot of good work has been done. We just need someone new and fresh in charge to take us over the finishing line IMO (plus a couple of tweeks to the team).

I've seen loads of posts like this, this morning. McNamara has/is doing a fantastic job. Before he took over we were getting stuffed by the kiwis and the Aussies and now we are losing to them by our own unfortunate mistakes. Who would you replace him with for a start? As I don't think anyone will do a better job personally and they might even take us backwards not forwards.