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#3059062 cas ground

Posted by thundergaz on 22 January 2015 - 12:12 PM

Cheers Gaz always a pleasure.

A crowd is a crowd and as for away fans they too may be more likely to turn up if the stadium is easier to get to and more comfortable with better amenities. Those 10K moments against Leeds may have included 2,000 Leeds fans but what price both more Cas and Leeds fans attending a decent stadium.

Sure the purists say don't rely on "away" fans but the reality is they count, and the Hull clubs are literally "down the road"

Now not sure how often you posted when Newmarket was given the go ahead, but I posted plenty about this being the big club the region needed. I also feel that if Cas and Wakey get the grounds they will restrict each other, but the harsh reality could be Cas get the ground and Wakey get relegated.

You should perhaps revise "No way on this earth" and take into account the scenario above. L'Ange predicts no calder club in SL in time, but one in a new stadium has to have the potential to grow big.

As for dreaming and hoping I dream of a 20,000 stadium and a rally of fans of all three clubs coming together under one banner with the aim of putting the crumbling past behind them and joining forces to smash the Hull's Leeds and Wigan's.

But the site is for lively debate on the realities, so I will leave the fantasy stuff to others.

Finally you blew it at the end with the admission you would "worry" if Wakefield were revived with a smart new ground. care to share the worries with me?

Yeah no problem parky. My worries about wakey getting a new stadium are obvious really. Wakey as massive potential to be a super club in our game alot more than Cas and Fev. I just feel if wakey get Newmarket it will destroy Fev and Cas (obviously not make them disappear Etc) but I just feel this new ground could be the kick start wakey need to become the super power they should really be. Wakey as been a sleeping giant for far too long now and I just feel it will only take a little thing like getting a new stadium to put this sleeping giant back on the right track. I like ange believe if wakey don't get their ground all 3 could be in the same league soon as Cas rely on Fulton too much and he won't be around forever. Wakey getting a new stadium really fears me for my club. But for the game it will be tremendous. Cas getting a ground won't make me worry as they haven't got the potential wakey have with them just being down the road from Leeds. I honestly do think in the next 5 years Cas will get relegated with or without a new stadium. But I feel wakey could go 2 ways one where they get their new stadium which I believe over time will make them a super club. Or secondly not getting their stadium and all 3 will be in the same division. Like I've said wakey are the sleeping giants of the area not Cas or Fev and the day wakey turn it on is the day Fev and Cas need to be very scared.

#3056096 Ben Flower on SKY NZ news

Posted by thundergaz on 15 January 2015 - 08:19 PM

I'm fed up that RL only becomes a 'big' story when somebody does something wrong!!

Yes very true it does seem like that doesn't it. The problem is though is that RL isn't a major sport (which to me it is) but the majority don't think it is. So they cover a story which might attract attention. A headline like Leeds win the CC doesn't have the same ring to it to people that don't follow the sport does it. But if they see an headline like peacock goes on a bender etc ( obviously made up) they will take more notice of it. Not good for the sport I agree but its good for the news. News always wants a major story not a routine one which will always happen I'm afraid.

#3055529 cas ground

Posted by thundergaz on 14 January 2015 - 12:34 PM

oooo I can feel the keyboards rattling now Gaz lad!! :tongue: :tongue:
You do realise you've almost quoted what suggy has posted.... be scared!!! :sungum:

Yes I've just noticed robin lol. I came in here first then looked at our forum lol. Hope I'm not getting like suggy a ban will be forth coming lol.But back on the topic It just gets my back up that our volunteers are working their rocks off for nothing in all kinds of weathers and these are wanting it given for nothing. Its just unbelievable if I'm being honest lol.

#3055527 cas ground

Posted by thundergaz on 14 January 2015 - 12:26 PM

Rugby League - the family sport

Some of the bile posted on this thread is almost comical - "Steve Gill needs to get off his **** " is the bit that's made me laugh the most

Happoy New Year everyone

Right here goes. Clubs in the championship have been cut adrift because of their facilities yet you still play in a dump and are still in SL. Also clubs in the championship can ill afford to spend money on their grounds yet you get millions of sky money and spend it on 2nd rate Aussies just to try and stay in SL instead of using the money to either upgrade your dump or put it towards a new stadium. You won't get any sympathy from me I'm afraid and I really do hope it doesn't get the go ahead. All the millions you got from sky yet you are going cap in hand and teams like Fev dews and batley haven't got a penny but yet manage to upgrade their grounds. Its your post that's laughable I'm afraid no one else's.

#3055191 cas ground

Posted by thundergaz on 13 January 2015 - 11:35 AM

they sold it back at a favourable price to the clubs: it was a figure of speech. Also they charged a how can I put it, highly favourable rent, which also included stadium and pitch maintenance.

does 'favourable price' do it? It was a good piece of social policy by the council. The council didn't have to buy PO ROAD.
Castleford RLFC didn't benefit from this largesse.

Do you not find it odd that this doesn't get mentioned by those currently slagging of the Tigers and Wakefield MDC including the original poster?

Ange to be fair I don't think the Fev posters are slagging it off because its Cas etc. I think they are a bit aggrieved that Steve gill is asking the council for an handout when clubs like Fev batley dews etc have worked their butts off themselves alately to get building done in their own grounds with volunteers etc etc. I think its more to do with Steve gill not actually trying to help himself rather more of getting the begging bucket out that's why Fev fans are in uproar I think. Which is understandable to be honest. If Steve gill got a grant etc but got volunteers etc to help build or upgrade their stadium I doubt anyone would be aggrieved its the fact he's asking for a handout rather than trying to do something himself which is getting Fev fans backs up I think. Like I say I could be wrong but I think that's why their aggrieved.

#3052023 Super eight or relegate?

Posted by thundergaz on 05 January 2015 - 09:23 AM

I have been waiting for someone to mention expansion clubs in this new system. Right I personally think expansion clubs will have it a hell of a lot harder to get into SL now. I know people say well if they've got a money man etc it will work I personally don't think it will. Look at koukash he's loaded but the salary cap stops him from making Salford the dominate force in our sport. So lets says Gateshead for example have a koukash type of person at the head of their affairs they can only spend the same amount as the bulls leigh etc every season and I personally don't think either of those will go up and its not for the lack of trying on either of their parts its the salary cap gulf that shouldn't allow it to happen. The only way I see a club or a expansion club breaking into the elite 12 is if say a team like wakey scrimp and scrape and don't spend the full cap. Even if wakey say spend the same cap as the champ clubs they should realistically stay up because they should attract the better players. Like parky as said the cap should be the same for both leagues but I think the RFL have handed clubs an apple in one hand by saying here you go P&R is back stop ya whining. Then taken the apple away with the other hand by saying well you can have a go to get into the elite 12 but we really don't want you in their so we will make it as hard as we can for you to get into the elite 12. It will be very hard that's for sure so if one club does so happen to break the mould good luck to them but then becomes reality that the middle 8 will be the same teams constantly for the entire length the system lasts for. I am looking forward to the new system but also believe it could get very repetitive and boring after a few seasons in but we will see.

#3051695 Super eight or relegate?

Posted by thundergaz on 04 January 2015 - 12:06 PM

Licencing worked for 3 reasons one it definitely stopped the yo yo effect and 2 it definitely helped expansion clubs its not licencings fault the expansion clubs couldn't go through with it only the cats. And 3rd no one can tell me licencing hasn't helped hudds, cats, Widnes, wakey and Cas because at least 3 of those teams now would still be going through the yo yo effect if it wasn't for licencing that's unless they went bust from going up and down all the time. I don't like licencing but it did help to stabilise the game most clubs now even outside of SL look to be on a far better footing for licencing. Under licencing I agree the game was boring to a certain extent but clubs didnt have to spend silly amounts of money they could spend within their means. Now licencing as gone this wont happen as clubs will splash the cash they haven't got to either get into SL or try to escape the drop from both leagues its a risky scenario this new system but I do agree a change had to come whether this is the right one only time will tell I guess.

#3050416 Super eight or relegate?

Posted by thundergaz on 30 December 2014 - 06:59 PM

With this new system the long term goal/ end goal as got to be 2 full time leagues. I know it probably won't happen as their isnt enough money at the moment to do it or obviously clubs don't have the money at this present time to do it. But unless this is achieved somewhere down the line this system just won't work. I mean who wants to see say bulls London and Leigh put 50 past part time teams every week and if they do happen to go up which is going to be very hard the most likely outcome would be they would be in the middle 8 constantly and that also applys if they don't go up. So for a regular fan let alone a new fan seeing the same teams in the middle 8 year in year out will surely get boring. So for a new fan wanting to watch the sport or get into it, it will surely be worse for them seeing the same teams in the middle 8. I just feel for this system to work and be successful you need 2 full time leagues so I'm hoping this is what the RFL are working towards and hopefully it is their end goal if that's not the case we could lose fans let alone attract them. That's just my take on it and I understand others may see it differently but it does worry me if this system hasn't got an end goal for our sport.

#3050320 2015 - Middle 8 Predictions

Posted by thundergaz on 30 December 2014 - 02:05 PM

I think Cas will drop a bit but what you have them at would be a catastrophic decline.

The championship will be interesting. As with Cas in SL, do you think Doncaster will drop so drastically ? Batley have apparently recruited quite well, Town have a record sponsorship and a DR with Wigan, so they might be a surprise package and Hunslet, on any given day could have half the Leeds first team in their ranks.

Whatever transpires, I think the championship will have some cracking games next year with increased attendances. The opening weekend, Leigh v Bradford could possibly hit 10,000 and would be well worth a visit from Sky.

It's a pity the Cougars were so controversially relegated as a derby against the Bulls would have brought the biggest attendance to Cougar Park for years.

Yes I think Cas will struggle big time as they have lost alot of their best players I see it as a transitional season. I see donny struggling because hull will need all their players themselves to stay out of the bottom 4. Also Hunslet have recruited well but I think their pack will get dominated big time in our league I see teams running over the top of them. Hope I'm
Wrong but I do see haven and hunslet fighting it out to see who finishes bottom. As for town I think they will do well but won't be anywhere near the top 4 but I reckon they will be happy with staying up so its a win win for them.

#3040899 Fui Fui Moi Moi confirmed at Leigh

Posted by thundergaz on 04 December 2014 - 12:49 PM

Gas, I should be very worried if I was involved in the PR dept at Fev and read your comments regarding how you know what is going to happen to your club.

I have ambitions for my team, they may not be viable but they are still ambitions, negativity is like the bad apple, it spreads. When I go for a pint I am positive and try to persuade those I knew who used to attend to get back, and spread the gospel to those who are unbelievers. If when you meet people you comment as you do on these pages I would say you are probably right the attendance's down POR will drop, your despondency could well become infectious, after all they say bad news travels fast.

If your interest has wained to the extent you say, then save yourself you're well earned cash, don't go, but please let others make their own mind up.

Yes your spot on with everything you say I was just giving my opinion on the new system that's all nothing more nothing less.

#3038569 Wigan renew Workington dual registration partnership

Posted by thundergaz on 28 November 2014 - 02:11 PM

The reality is that professional Superleague has grown and nurtured the biggest clubs, but the rest have gone into a significant decline. This isn't doom and gloom it's fact.

I wonder why that is parky? Nothing to do with if its not SL it doesn't matter policy then I take it? The champ clubs have been cut adrift for years but now they finally have realised after years of ignorance of clubs outside the top flight that they do matter to the future of the sport. That includes amateur and junior levels too but that's another topic all together. The champ clubs have been in decline ever since SL came about as they haven't had anything to play for and people wonder why spectators are not interested in championship rugby. The crowds next season will rise in the championship now theirs something to play for whether they keep on rising is debatable but at least the spectators will have alot more pleasure handing over their entrance fee knowing every game counts and does actually matter. Like me if Fev made a GF great and of course I wanted them to win but if they didnt I wasn't too bothered as I knew nothing would come of it anyway. Now if we make the 8s and lose I will be distraught but that's the kind of entertainment/excitement spectators want for their entrance fee not walking away from the game and going oh well it doesn't matter we will still be in this league next season anyway win or lose. I have said numerous times this new system I'm not a fan of as its too one sided but at least every game matters for a change.

#3031079 MacNamara supping in the Last Chance Saloon

Posted by thundergaz on 11 November 2014 - 09:25 AM

Its not the truth (or Fact for that matter) its your deluded opinion !
The FACTS are that his coaching record is appalling both as a club coach and as an international coach. You can bang on as much as you like about how we NEARLY won, but the FACT is we LOST all those games.

To have a record of only 1 win from 9 against Aus & NZ is very poor, and if the RFL had any backone at all, should be seen as totally unacceptable. If that record belonged to the Aus or NZ coach then they would be long gone.

As long as we tolerate mediocracy we'll never be winners.

As much as I dislike Wane as a person I cant help but respect his ability as a coach in the manner he gets his team to perform.
If we seriously want to challenge for honours against Aus & NZ then Wane or McDermott need to replace McBanana ASAP.

Lol with an attitude like that I see Cunningham getting 10 games next season and he will be on his way. McNamara as done an amazing job which ever way you look at it. This Australian and kiwi side when fully fit are the best australian and kiwi sides EVER and we are a whisker away from beating them. We lost those 2 games through our own unfortunate mistakes nothing to do with McNamara's tactics etc as had that try been given we would of beaten the Aussies and the width of the goal posts and an inch of halls foot on the touch line we would of beaten the kiwis its a matter of inches between defeat and victory before McNamara took over it was light years from victory not inches.Im sick of sticking up for him now as I wasn't his fan when he first got the job but if anyone can't see the progression we've made from when he took over 4 years ago then theirs something wrong. Whether he's reached his limit I don't know but one things for sure he deserves until after the WC just from how far we've come on under him. If he doesn't make the final of the WC then fair enough I will agree its time for him to move on but until then he deserves that chance IMO.

#3030940 Shaun Wane next England coach?

Posted by thundergaz on 10 November 2014 - 09:17 PM

Never heard so much rubbish, you're talking ######. Go to bed Steve.

McNamara as done miracles for the england team and that's a fact and people like you are calling for his head give me a break please. Starting a thread like this is ridiculous and childish McNamara is going nowhere for at least another season thank god.

#3030871 Shaun Wane next England coach?

Posted by thundergaz on 10 November 2014 - 07:55 PM

I don't get this we love wane gang. I could understand it if he'd coached Oldham to win the SL or something. But for christs sake he's the coach of Wigan anyone could do that job.

#3030780 'Well Run' clubs

Posted by thundergaz on 10 November 2014 - 04:52 PM

That's not all they did, they renegotiated many of their contracts. When old contracts expired they signed new ones at repasonable prices and they let players who were on silly money go and signed other just as good players on realistic contracts.

Let's not forget that during this reported year, Wakefield have serviced a £1.2M debt and are projected to be debt free within the next few months.

They trimmed back on staff but have slowly built back up again since.

Well done Wakefield
Sleeping Giant of the game, beware if they ever get it right for a long period of time!

Sleeping giant of the game? This as been said ever since I was born and it still hasn't come to pass. Now hull RLFC are a sleeping giant not shaky wakey.