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Rugby League World Issue 402

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In Topic: Feature: A reason for Wakefield fans to be optimistic for 2015

Yesterday, 12:35 PM

The compromise might be a large lump sum being made available to redevelop Belle Vue, the parking issue has already been discussed with the Council offering a large piece of scrub land, not more than 5 minutes walk from the ground, as a site for a car park holding up to 2,000 cars

In Topic: Feature: A reason for Wakefield fans to be optimistic for 2015

Yesterday, 12:32 PM

Nothing to do with the stadium or community sports facilities is being built because of the "% trigger point" WCL spoke of not being reached. Neither is anything likely to be built because of the loop hole found in what should have been a water tight legally binding S106 contract.

There is however an absolutely massive cold storage warehouse currently under construction there, this should have been almost enough to trigger the Community Sports build but as said, the loophole means it doesn't count toward the trigger point at all.

Our Council leader, Peter Box, shamelessly tried to wash his hands of the issue during recent interviews but I doubt he will be allowed to do so by Sir Rodney Walker, the Residents for Newmarket group, SWAG and probably the Secretary of State.

In Topic: Feature: A reason for Wakefield fans to be optimistic for 2015

Yesterday, 11:47 AM

How good is the current ownership and administrative system at Belle Vue? Wakefield have financial crises every couple of years. They must be due one next season.
I know that's cynical, and I hope I'm wrong.
At last, the Bulls seem to have a proper manager at the top, who is putting together a proper structure rather than running the club as an  ego trip.
There again, I might be wrong about that.
Either way, the players move about, hand to mouth, from one season to another. Their reward is to be derided as 'journeymen'. Supporters lose the depth of support for their local team because its players, home-grown or not, are hired guns.
This is no way to run a competition.

Very poor!

Wakefield Chairman Michael Carter is on record a number of times stating that the club will be debt free by the time we kick off next season. You applaud Bradford but they haven't paid any creditors off at all as far as we know yet Wakefield will have paid every penny owed in full.

In Topic: Feature: A reason for Wakefield fans to be optimistic for 2015

Yesterday, 11:44 AM

But nobody was doing this at one time GS this lead to a Great Britain side struggling for decent players in certain positions and the clubs shipping in loads of Australians. This led to SL clubs being forced into putting together academies which has been good for the game. It makes a difference. If it's left to Leeds and Wigan to produce the players that means they'll keep the best and just go on winning all the trophies.
Which it seems that is what they are doing. Schoey tips Leeds and Wigan to be grand finalists again. The way out of a two horse race and a malaise at lower SL clubs is for all pro- clubs to strive to develop young professionals.

Ignoring the predatory nature of Wigan and Leeds again!

Wakefield have had a young centre in their system for 3 years, he's an England International and regarded as a top prospect for the future. He's now 16 years old and Wigan have offered him far more money than Wakefield can afford so he's gone to Wigan, nothing wrong with that, it's his choice.

I will have a problem though, if/when he makes the grade and players Super League for Wigan and goes on to play as a full international, because everyone will say how great Wigans production line is and how the young kid is a Wigan produced player.

Now repeat for any number of players who get poached by 'bigger' clubs and repeat season after season ad infinitum and you get attitudes like yours where you deride Academy's like Wakefield's and Castlefords because you're ignorant of the facts

In Topic: Feature: A reason for Wakefield fans to be optimistic for 2015

Yesterday, 11:37 AM

That's not the argument though, I'm in agreement with you regards player production, it doesn't matter where they end up as long as they're being developed and produced.

Rather than deriding Academy's like Wakefield, Cas, Widnes etc they should be commended for the amount of players they produce after the cream of the local tallent has been picked off by 'bigger' clubs.