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In Topic: Salary cap of kick and clap

Yesterday, 01:36 PM

Just reading that 5-6 premiership RU teams want to abolish their cap, they want to release the handbrake and step on the accelerator! They want to capture this golden moment.
My kind of feelings about RL really, if they go ahead with this it will have an undoubted knock on effect to our game.

Yep, half a dozen of them will bankrupt themselves, they're already losing an average of £2Million a year

In Topic: Where our pro's come from?

Yesterday, 10:20 AM

In regards to the west cumbrians playing regularly the 4 are lunty (cockermouth)  Kyle Amor, Lee mossop(hensingham) and James Donaldson (wath brow) in addition there are the young lads at academy I.e. Brandon Moore and Tom walker but if that's not in parksiders criteria that's fine, there are 2 Barrovians established in super league Ben Harrison and brad singo ( barrow island) with Greg Richards playing a number of games for Saints this year.
Having coached Cumbria county under 17's for a number of years and coached on the RFL's pathway for some time I think the reason for West cumbrians and barrovians not making it is 2 fold. Firstly a kid from west Cumbria has to be better than his equivalent from a player local to superleague club as to get the best out of the players they move them down to the local area which, I'm told costs circa £8k per annum on top of the academy wages which, considering that the player might not make it, is a bigger financial risk to take. This I know to be true as academy coaches at SL clubs have told me this.
Secondly for seasoned players who stand out at all 3 cumbrian clubs that have a big decision to make,  uproot and move to yorks/lancs for a short career that doesn't pay brilliantly.
many have very well paid jobs at Sellafield and the shipyard, which, when you take into account there money from the semi pro game is often more than they have been offered for SL rugby then you can see their logic!
So it's not just a question of talent it's a socio economic scenario as well

Which adds to the already compelling argument that the Cumbrian clubs need to find a solution and have a SL club represent the area.

Unless one or more of the three can find a way to reach SL on their own and have the commercial acumen to remain there, there surely has to be some way around the geographic obstacles that are currently referenced as the main reason for the non workability of all three coming together to feed one big Club while the original clubs remain as Championship feeder teams to it.

I think everyone would be a winner in that senario, the presence of Rugby League in the region is greatly enhanced, the three original clubs can feed off the improved profile of the game, the talented youn Cumbrians need not leave home or career to have their shot and Rugby League reclaims an area which has historically been an important part of the game.

In Topic: RL Hard Men

18 December 2014 - 11:47 AM

Absolutely I had clean forgotten about Monty Betham and didn't know he played for Wakefield either. Monty, Tallis , Brian McDermott  & Ian Roberts could throw a more than descent punch! I was more than a little confused when looking through the "Era of the Biff" that Ian Roberts isn't rated that's gotta be due to what he did to Garry Jack or perhaps his personal life was a factor because Roberts was one of the best RL psychos of the past 30 years along with Les Boyd of course and there is just no way he couldn't be in the mix.

and he even helped kill Superman

In Topic: Where our pro's come from?

18 December 2014 - 09:22 AM

Doesn't matter who does the study there's always going to be an element of opinion on what constitutes a 'Pro player' and that means some will disagree.

I think your criteria and subsequent list is about as accurate as it can get, people will pick holes and point out the odd mistake or omission but by and large its a good guide and any other list would get picked apart just the same.

In Wakefield there's a resurgence of Rugby League in schools at the moment and that will translate into greater playing numbers in the community game. As for existing community clubs, Eastmoor Dragons, Stanley Rangers, Criggleston All Blacks & Normanton Knights are the obvious ones but there's a lot of overlap with Castleford, Featherstone, Huddersfield and Leeds community clubs as well.

In Topic: Where our pro's come from?

17 December 2014 - 12:39 PM

Well apart from Liam Finn I have 23 players in Calder (profuse apologies for blaspheming) as follows.......
6 from Castleford
5 from Ponte
4 From Fev
4 From Normanton
3 from Wakefield
and erm....... Liam Finn.
Of the 23 there are 8 at Cas/Wakey
There are 7 at Hull/HKR which I think is interesting (and as has been the case in the past) - one could say that the Calder area  is raided regularly by the Hull clubs to "prop" (RL analogy there) themselves up.
It is also interesting how Wakefield seem to be doing so so badly for such a (once) big club.
Here's my Calder X111
1. Hardaker
2. Cockayne
3. Shenton
4. Whiting
5. Briscoe
6. Finn
7. Burrow
8. Huby
9. Clarke
10. Westwood 
11. Ferres
12. Ellis
13. Westerman

Which begs the question of what constitutes a pro player?

At Wakefield we have Chris Anakin, Jordy Crowther & Max Jowitt who are all entering their 2nd or more year of being a SL player and will feature during the coming season as they did in the last. There's also Tom Johnstone who's named in this years SL squad and will no doubt become a regular 1st teamer over the next 2/3 years.

Do they make your list?

Are we only talking current SL players or former SL players who are now plying their trade as professionals in the Championship and Championship 1.