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In Topic: Belle Vue put up for sale

Today, 08:23 PM

Anyway, back on topic . . .

In Topic: Belle Vue put up for sale

Today, 07:34 PM

Henry Moore is from Cas as well and Robin Hood was supposed to be from Ponte. They'll claim owt this Wakey lot!

Both of which are just small towns in Wakefield

Robin Hood is from Newton Barr in Wakefield

In Topic: Belle Vue put up for sale

Today, 05:33 PM

A pedant writes:
Omega, Wakefield is a fine city and you are right to be proud of it, but don't exaggerate things.
The origins of "Here we go round the mulberry bush" are not really known, though it may have been used - and possibly had verses added - at Wakefield Prison.  But another theory, for example, links it to the actions of the assassins of Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral in 1170.
likewise, their are various claimants for the origins of "Then Grand Old Duke of York", including James II (formerly the Duke of York) moving troops onto, and then deciding to retreat from, Salisbury Plain.
Administrational capital of Yorkshire?  No!  Just the West Riding.
Tallest spire in the country?  No!  Wakefield 247 feet; Salisbury 404 feet.  Tallest in Yorkshire, perhaps.

Lighten up love!

That part of this thread is nothing more than a bit of light hearted jousting

In Topic: Belle Vue put up for sale

Today, 05:30 PM

Fully agree with your post up to the last part. Why would Wakey be able to get agreement with the developers?Whats in it for them? Also would Wakey get this new ground for nowt?
I have only been following the saga for a few years so I may have missed loads but I thought the developers had managed to struggle out of their original indication they would build a stadium at Newmarket.
FWIW I hope things go well for you but the alternative thought of buying the stadium and maintaining it for less than the current rent may not leave much left to develop as it needs

The developer has a legal and moral obligation to deliver a SL stadium but has tried very hard, seemingly in collusion with the Council, to circumvent the S106 agreement. They have not succeeded in doing this.

There is a pre legal battle going on which could well go to the courts in order to force the developer to adhere to the Secretary of States ruling. It's my guess that before going to court and risking losing while also incurring costs the developer will offer a compromise.

In Topic: Belle Vue put up for sale

Today, 12:57 PM

With that list, they'll chuck another couple of zeros on the asking price in no time. Especially Wakefield's position as world-leader in prisons.

It's history and heritage mate, some don't understand and therefore can't appreciate it!

Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Nostell Priory

The list goes on