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  1. Huddersfield just need Jack Cogger to join the party, he’s a quality half but we’re not seeing it from him yet as he’s playing in Sezer shadow. If he starts to dictate and control the team more then Huddersfield will look twice the team they currently are.
  2. It wasn’t a death threat it was an irate fan exclaiming his frustrations in absolutely the wrong way. He was wrong, it wasn’t a nice thing to say and I’m sure he’s embarrassed at how it’s made him look but it wasn’t a death threat as Carter is making it out to be. Which of us hasn’t told someone to go play on the motorway or go jump of a cliff? We don’t mean it but if someone wants to be absurd and take it literally then in today’s ridiculous society they can make you look like some deranged vile individual. I honestly think Carter is missing his super trooper spotlight and needed t
  3. He scored two absolute beauty’s, one off a Des Drummond break but the other was sheer World Class from the whole team. Schofield handled 3 times to score over the length of the field.
  4. I think Schofield made his debut for GB in early 84 against France then went on tour with the Lions later the same year
  5. I remember that game, I think he was opposite Terry Hill and gave him nightmares with his strong and direct running. He was too big and a bit too tough for Hill. What he lacked in subtle skills he made up for in physicality
  6. Money has ruined the youth structure in this country or you could argue the lack of it! Collectively the Chairmen & CEOs of the Super League have voted to change the youth pathways with money in mind rather than follow the advice of the experts who work on the coal face of youth development. There was little wrong with U17s being run by the amateur game with an U19s being controlled by the Professional game and pd a genuine A-Team p/Reserves being a stepping stone to 1st Grade.
  7. When we’re talking about young half backs we shouldn’t ignore the claims of Mike Lewis from HKR. He was part of the England Academy that walloped the Ausie Schoolboys a couple of years ago. He always impresses me when I see him and he’s not often playing behind a pack on the front foot. I said a few weeks ago that Harry Smith might be a wild card by the end of the season, depending on how much game time Lamb was willing to give him. Well, the same can be said for Lewis who looks very sharp on his feet and is playing really well. Truman Smith Lewis Dodd All good yo
  8. He gave away the penalty that was the difference between the teams, he also spent 10 minutes in the sin bin and spilled the ball from Batemans kick. In general play he was no better than average which might have been a result of the Wigan players having his number and using his temperament against him.
  9. I think Connor has just displayed all the reasons for his omission from the England squad! His petulant, erratic behaviour would cost England Dear just as it has for Hull FC tonight.
  10. The only thing that’s barren here is the gap between your ears!
  11. In some teams virtually nothing but others still run with a more traditional stand off who falls somewhere between a centre, a second Row and a scrum half. I’ll grant you that some coaches like run with two half backs who fit the scrum half description and control either the left or right sided attack but not really Canberra. Wighton is more of a traditional 6 as is Moses although less so
  12. That’s a very simplistic view, is Jack Wighton “simply not good enough” too because, as a half, Moses is more a six than a seven. Maybe it’s more to do with Canberra’s pack not being dominant leaving the half struggling to find the room and time to play. Maybe it’s due to missing a few of the regular backline players including Charnze Nicole-Klokstad whose become vital to the Raiders attacking play. maybe it’s a bit of all of the above? All that said, I don’t think Williams is playing that bad at all, yes he can be better but his performances aren’t in isolation
  13. If you’re on the wrong side of the PTB then you cannot involve yourself in the game until after the next play the ball. You are ‘out of play’! The referee didn’t pick it up and the VR can’t adjudicate on it. The try shouldn’t have stood, Wakefield benefited from the error and got back in the game due to it. On this occasion it didn’t affect the result but imagine if it had or if the same error cost someone a play off place or sent them down to the Championship!
  14. Tomkins Makinson King Percival Farnworth Williams Lomax Burgess Roby/Clarke Watts Bateman Farrell Whitehed Connor Sutton Walmsley Thomson
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