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  1. You asked the same question in 2 separate posts, you didn’t ask anything else about Peet so you weren’t trying that hard to find out what his background is. Its obvious what you were driving at so there’s no need to pretend otherwise, flower!
  2. Well, without being too critical, I think it’s a case of Peet telling Wane ”The circle is now complete, when I left you I was just a learner, Now I am the Master”
  3. Do they have WF (Wakefield) Post Ckdes?
  4. Watching Patton develop from a distance I feel he’s been let down by his Coaches at Warrington. When he broke into the 1st Team at Wire he wasn’t far off for a kid his age, he needed to learn how to take control of a game and to dictate to his team. That’s not always natural for a kid coming into a team of established senior players, some of them internationals. IMO, he needed help from his coaches and time in the team to settle and establish himself. Instead he was left out for bigger names and sometimes I thought it seemed unjust. I think he’s one who’s been let down and he’s never fulfilled his potential but maybe it’s not too late for him. Good signing for Bradford, John Kear knows how to get the best from his pivots so it could be a great move for Patton.
  5. The blokes got no fat on him so don’t know what you’re looking at! Take a closer look, he’s a big lad but he’s fitter than I’ve ever seen him at the moment
  6. Jordan Abdul & Mikey Lewis we’re both outstanding and are possibly the best England qualified half back pairing in the League. Williams was anonymous throughout the game, Ratchford had a mare and Widdop was marked out of the match.
  7. We’ve got one for sure but I think the Australians have disbanded theirs
  8. Tom Burgess has really kicked on in the absence of his brothers. He’s now playing at a level that I believe is above that of which George was playing when he was at his best. In Walmsley and Tom Burgess we have two of the best Prop forwards in the world complimented further by Thompson and quite possibly joined by Matty Lees or Mikalai Oledski. Thats not a bad front row rotation for an international team!
  9. I think he’s a great signing for Huddersfield, he brings exactly what the Giants have been missing all season. I don’t understand this decision from Powell but then I don’t understand his decision on Minikin or Matautia either. Both are primarily centres and Warrington aren’t bad off in that department even with the departure of Mamo. Back to Chris Hill, my own club Wakefield keeps bemoaning the lack of available Prop Forwards yet it seems they weren’t even in the mix for Hill which is very disappointing
  10. So you’re advocating a split between the two! Why do the current top clubs get to control the major decisions, they’re there due to a quirk of fate and timing! Had SKY pumped their money in a few decades earlier many of today’s top clubs would have been left out in favour of Swinton, Halifax & Featherstone!
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