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  1. Not much about Rugby League in the article at all Hadley alleges that steroids were rife in League but not in Union, he preferred playing League and watches more League than Union, that’s it! on a side note, are all these newspaper websites absolutely ######! Constant flicking, reloading, ads popping up etc they become almost unreadable!
  2. I can’t see Robinson getting the big chair yet! He hasn’t had a long coaching apprenticeship, maybe just 3 years with some of that being at Senior Academy level. I can see the club insisting that he stays as an assistant to whoever does get the job and maybe next time it’s available he’ll be fully ready. Huddersfield won’t re employ Thorman for the very reason they let him go!
  3. HKR though, haven’t come out of the changing rooms yet, some awful defence
  4. Surprise surprise same situation but Leeds get the penalty! Its the correct decision but highlights how inexperienced refs are influenced by the bigger named clubs
  5. 2nd try I agree but the 1st try they shouldn’t have even been defending it was a penalty to KR
  6. That was a joke decision by the ref, the Leeds player clearly raked the ball out of the KR players hands and it results in 6 points to Leeds Thats just pathetic officiating and undermines the game
  7. Joe Lydon and Jonathan Davis at Full Back must be in contention also Graham Steadman! Lee Jackson is just edged out by Daryl Clarke as the fastest Hooker
  8. Micheal Jackson at Wakefield was the fastest second Row I’ve seen, very closely followed by Rod Reddy the original ‘Rocket’ Bob Lindner at 13
  9. Not a chance! Offiah had a Full next gear that Addo Carr hasn’t got and of course an Ausie would pick another Ausie, they hate the fact that they don’t own every record in Rugby League.
  10. Bit harsh on Leeds that last penalty Lots of teams, in fact nearly all teams don’t put 2 markers in when inside their own 10 metres. It’s not for the ref to tell them they must have 2 markers there.
  11. Jowitt BJB Lyne Tupou Senior/ Johnstone Bailey/ Miller dropped? He’s in terrible form! Hampshire Kopczak Crowther/ K Wood King/ Navarette Pitts Tanginoa Westerman J Wood Green Gwaze/ Arona Aydin/ Kirmond I count 5 changes through unavailability Don't throw in Ashurst because Tanginoa was the best Trinity player on the park Fifita has been stood down by the club, their choice! Im not sure who the 14 missing could be unless you’re stretching the truth beyond breaking point or making some very weak cases for players not selected. Everybody is dealing with the virus in some way or another, everyone’s preparation is being disrupted.
  12. I admire your positivity WCL but we just got beat by a busted Hull FC who had a number of young kids in the team themselves. Not only that but they haven’t been able to buy a win apart from beating Huddersfield’s Academy team last week. Seriously The Giants literally had 15 fit players for that match and 2 players who’d been ruled out through injury bravely put their hands up to play in that game. Well done Hull FC but Trinity need a new coach and support staff!
  13. Ryan Sutton was the standout Englishman this morning IMO. Williams was great with the boot but between them none of the Canberra playmakers could open the Roosters defence which was just too well organised and committed. Whitehead was solid and looked likely a couple of times without actually ever breaking the line. Bateman was good in defence and kept Cordner in check but he never troubled the Roosters line with his trademark footwork and odd style. The Roosters still look a cut above everyone when the big games come, if they continue in this mood and form they’ll win it for a 3rd time.
  14. Ref going back about 8m and allowing Sts to be a yard offside! Sts are way too good for a very young Giants already but that’s killing any chance of Huddersfield making progress
  15. No try, double movement! no momentum, ball carrying arm hits the ground then lifted and promoted over the line WTF!!
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