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  1. Read my earlier post where I gave nothing but praise to TO for the way they’ve approached and played the game
  2. Against better opposition a number of Wakefield players have shown their age and/or limitations, with only Uele and Doyle showing up well
  3. 32 - 04 Embarrassing performance! Ollie Ashall-Bott has looked like Billy Slater, a try hat trick, 2 cut out passes leading to try’s and a try saving 1 v1 tackle
  4. Absolutely right, we’ve had field position with defenders backpedaling and instead of trusting in the next play we’ve thrown some crazy over the shoulder pass that costs us the ball, field position and a scoring opportunity. No excuses for that kind of rank bad decision making throughout the game! As you said earlier we have zero creativity in the team and have relied on pack dominance and full time fitness to win games. We’ve needed one maybe even two half backs since the pre season and that’s not hindsight or knee jerk reactions as it’s been said before the season kicked off.
  5. Awful performance from Trinity but credit to Toulouse they’ve turned up with their sleeves rolled up and a belief in themselves. Wakefield have been outplayed in every facet of the game but have also been their own worse enemy’s. Poor discipline, ball control and uncommitted defending have gifted TO all the field position they need to score points. Ollie Ashall-Bott’s footwork has left defenders grasping thin air and his cut out pass sent the winger in
  6. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=1103957421162080&set=a.733437168214109 Trinity setting off for France Oh how fast things have changed!
  7. Watson can’t have any complaints, he’s had the backing of the board, money, staff, facilities and he inherited a decent squad. His tenure has been marked by strange decisions, none more so than choosing Jake Bibby over Jake Wardle and pushing the best English Centre in the game, a home grown player out of the club. Matty English is another who would run his blood to water, another home grown player whom Watson seems intent on forcing from the club and there are many others, including the Senior twins and Owen Trout. The terrible style of play and unacceptable results throughout his 3 years and an inability to recruit top class players left the club with little choice
  8. Neil Fox is a big omission from the statue. He was the record points scorer in a Wembley Final (2 try’s & 7 goals) for many years until a one sided mismatch allowed someone to pip his points tally. He's graced the Wembley field a number of times for both Wakefield Trinity and Great Britain and always scored heavily and played well, winning the Lance Todd Trophy in 62 . Of course he’s the brother of the great Don Fox who arguably has the most iconic Rugby League drama at Wembley if not ever. Then there’s the fact that Neil is the World Record point scorer of all time, a total that will never be surpassed and which was achieved during the 3pt try era.
  9. Congratulations Wakefield Trinity Probably our best performance of the season in terms of control and discipline
  10. This is getting a bit ugly now! I can’t see Sheffield coping with the extra energy that Wakefield Trinity will have in the next 25 minutes
  11. Good solid 1st half from Sheffield but 2 errors have been punished by 12 points. Trinity are dominating but playing too narrow, maybe the plan is to take the energy from Sheffields middles so that they can exploit them late in the game. Personally I’d like to see Wakefield looking for faster play the balls and playing with more width.
  12. My prediction wasn’t far off Wakefield win Bradford 14 v 40 Wakefield Trinity (Tries: Ashurst 2, Rodwell, Hood, McGillvary, Atoni, Olpherts. Goals Jowitt 6)
  13. OH well in that case I was upset when Wally Lewis went home to Australia
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