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  1. Wow The new stand at Wakefield is paying dividends already
  2. From what I’ve read here it is quite possible that IMG could source big money, huge investors who are interested in buying into the/a sport then buy out an existing club owner with the goal of relocating that franchise to a bigger city. For example, Mr Billionaire from Birmingham pays over the odds to Carter at Wakefield to buy the club/franchise then moves it to a stadium in the midlands while committing to investing into the Academy, school & community links etc in both Wakefield and Birmingham
  3. Wasps just filed for Administration with £35 Million debt
  4. How many different players reached the grand Slam Finals over those 20 years?
  5. Who said the sport was suffering and who specifically mentioned Wakefield Why don’t you go on an F1 forum and tell them about your proclivities
  6. I’m going to really show my hatred of Rugby League now and be really negative! Equally, I’d love to see a smaller nation like Fiji or Tonga capture the imagination of the wider public and reach the Final of the World Cup instead of two of the three usual suspects Australia, New Zealand and England!
  7. More like a discussion seeking thread It was more a comment on the usual suspects that have reached the GF over the last 25 years Sts, Leeds, Wigan, Warrington with a sprinkle of Bradford early on As I said, Keep your knickers on, people are talking about it
  8. Keep your knickers on, Of course I’ll watch it, I might even go to Old Trafford Just a bit of a knee jerk reaction to the same teams reaching the Grand Final time after time
  9. Time after time we take what should have been a shining example of how sport should be played and we cover it in so much Referee controversy that it ridicules the contest. The Ref had just watched Bennison race through from nowhere to ground a ball right at the dead ball line. Why then does he seem to think it’s impossible for Lafai to do the same but for the professional foul? so now everyone is talking about Salford being robbed and the result being a travesty
  10. I meant Mark, let’s hope we don’t get to know
  11. If Mark Dunning becomes assistant coach I’m really going to worry about survival next year, no matter who we sign
  12. I know a lot actually if I were to say all the things I know (and can prove) it would totally destroy some of those characters at Belle. Vue
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