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  1. Wakefield’s nine lives are all used up I’m afraid
  2. Like I said, shook it up A LITTLE!!!! Heaven forbid you might just have an idea yourselves, I know let’s talk about RFL number plates again eh?
  3. Just musing over how the National side could look if it were shook up a little. Any other players from left field? Evalds Makinson Percival Gildart Nualago Connor Trueman Watts Clarke Thompson Greenwood Whitehead Bateman Subs: Roby, Walmsley, Graham,
  4. Martyn Offiah Jonathan Davies Garry Schofield Andy Gregory Andy Currier Gary Connolly Ellery Hanley Joe Lydon Jack Reed Gareth Widdop Paul Bishop To name but a few . . .
  5. Turns mouth down, shakes head & rides away on pushbike bedecked by strings of onions
  6. Born in the British Isles, have a British parent or lived in Great Britain longer than any other nation! id do away with the grandparent eligibility and the 3 year residency eligibility!
  7. Hanley, a “glorified second row” ?? Did he ever play second row?? He was a three quarter or half in his younger days then a perfect fit as an elusive line breaking loose forward as he got older! He scored 40, 50 and I think even reached 60 tries a season during his career and he did that playing for different clubs. He was a thorn in the side of the Australians both for Great Britain, Balmain & Western Supburbs. Are you sure you’re not mixing him up with Sonny Nickle Im not dismissing your claims that Karalius, Whiteley & Reilly we’re better career Loose Forwards by the way, I’d even throw in Turner & Norton as other great 13s.
  8. Not in my opinion, great as he was he remains a level below for me. He certainly splits opinions as there are many who see him as the greatest ever while others recognise his talent but can’t elevate him to the group of greatest ever players. He spent a large part of his rep career playing out of position due to Brett Kimmorley being a better scrum half. He didn’t regularly have the influence in big games that Lewis, Murphy, Hanley etc had. I’d have Lockyer, Steve Walters, Slater, Daley, Fitler to name just a few on a par or better than Johns. Ive no axe to grind with Johns just don’t subscribe to the love affair that others have about him.
  9. The best Hooker I’ve seen in the game! IMO he’s one of the greatest players ever but NOT the best, that’s very hard to award to him. is he better than Wally Lewis, Alex Murphy, Jim Sullivan, Neil Fox, Mal Meninga, Jonathan Thurston, Ellery Hanley etc..?
  10. Great win for Cas Ladies but then again not! Cas Academy have been producing great girls teams for many years and Cas Ladies are reaping those rewards, as such they’re streets ahead of most other teams. The Ladies game is so fledgling that wide disparities in quality between teams is prevalent making results like this inevitable. We should stick with it and allow it to grow and improve eventually making results like this less likely. During that process we should rightly recognise the achievements of quality teams but let’s be careful not to measure those achievements with the same barometer we use for the men’s game.
  11. For me, everything about an international set up should be indigenous to that nation, this includes the coach, support staff, physio & kit man. If that proves to be not good enough then that’s an accurate measure of where our game is at that time and we’d know we need to improve. It’s our best against their best no matter who we’re playing. Anything less is a corner cut, a crutch, a work around and a dilution of anything that team achieves. e.g. If we win an Ashes Series with Wayne Bennett as Coach there’s a percentage of that victory attributable to Australia and therefore not a complete victory for the U.K. game. Some might be happy with that but I’m not!
  12. Correct been a left winger for Leeds but both sides at international level incorrect, the ref was Sutton and his brother was the video ref. Biggest stitch up at international level I’ve ever seen!
  13. This is not my area of expertise so I might be wildly out on the wrong tangent here, correct me if I am. If I were an investment company looking to buy into a sports club right now I’d be looking at Leeds Utd for all the obvious reasons summed up by the words huge financial potential. A relatively small investment might get Leeds Utd into the Premier League, another maybe larger investment might make the Premiership contenders maybe get into Europe. At this point I’ll float them on the stock market or look for a Middle Eastern buyer and cash out. If I were to switch from club to sport and from football to Rugby League, would it be possible to invest in the brand, build the profile, increase the value enormously then either float the sport or sell it to a big multinational broadcaster. Consider the interest in Canada and America at the moment, if that were to be invested in and a pan American/European competition were to be founded, invested in, produced, packaged and broadcast in the slickest most professional manner possible. The growth in value would be huge. For an investor worth multiples of £Billions the cost to do this with Rugby League would be pocket change.
  14. London have done it before and are capable of doing it again especially if they hold onto Danny Ward Hull KR similarly have been there n done that recently, I think Tony Smith would be up for the challenge & Hudgell will bankroll the campaign Leeds would ensure it was no more than one season outside the top tier by running a SL quality squad and would storm the Championship Huddersfield would retain most of their squad but cut out some deadwood high earners, Ken Davy would ensure they bounced straight back Salford would struggle financially, their attendance would fall and under a fans cooperative I’m not sure where they’d find the finances to compete at the top of the Championship Wakefield like Salford, don’t have the fan base to fund a top Championship squad, Carter has already stated he’d walk if they go down and he hasn’t got the money anyway. They’d be competitive might flirt with the top of the table but wouldn’t challenge for promotion.
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