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  1. Evalds, Makinson, Percival, Gildart, Johnston, Tomkins, Trueman, Walmsley, Clarke, Thompson, Whitehead, Bateman, Watts subs from: G Burgess, T Burgess, H Smith, Williams, Lomax, Shaul, Smithies, Currie, Greenwood, McMeekin etc Wont be everybody’s team but at least there’s genuine pace, everyone’s in their natural positions and they’re all British.
  2. Ausie commentators seemed completely dumbfounded that players from SL have actually improved over here! BMM, Hurrell, Lolehea
  3. Which will probably see him leaving Sydney Roosters after a disappointing time there.
  4. I set a challenge earlier, Name me a home grown GB available, Half Back, other than Williams, who has cemented his place in a Super League starting line up. with all respect to them Danny Brough and Richard Myler don’t count anymore
  5. But this is Wayne Bennett we’re talking about, he won’t have a clue who Grace is and would rather tempt Kerry Bousted out of retirement than pick a SL player!
  6. Whatever happens next week there needs to be major changes to both Coaching setup and selections. Bennetts got to go! Look for some new blood at Full Back where Nial Evalds has to be a consideration Hall & McGilvary haven’t done anything wrong but don’t offer any kind of threat anymore, I appreciate the hard yards they make but that should be a bonus not a main attribute. Makinson (obviously) and maybe a fit Tom Johnstone. At least we’d have threatening pace and proven finishers Hardaker isn’t an international centre and Conner is a half or nothing at Test level. Percival has to play and a fit Gildart with him Half Back is a real issue, we just don’t have any other than Williams. Here’s a challenge, name a home produced half back who has nailed down a starting place in the SL (other than Williams)? Graham isn’t the force he was, maybe this should be his swan song. Hill has been OK but is also past his best. George & Tom are still effective. Luke Thompson is the future & Walmsley has some mileage left in him. Watts could come in but I’m not sure about any others. Clarke needs to replace Hodgeson Bateman & Whitehead are still at the top of the game but outside those two we are a bit skinny. Greenwood, McMeekin, Ashurst, Curry O’Loughlins done so we need to look for a replacement if we don’t want to play a 3rd prop at Loose BIG rebuilding job to do.
  7. OK 1. The refs allowed NZ to lay all over the tackled player and frustration will eventually take hold 2. Its not the VRs place to tell the ref that players will be sat down next time, that’s the refs call
  8. Well I think we both know that Bennett would pick a full team of NRL based Brits complimented by Ausies who’ve switched allegiance if he could
  9. That doesn’t negate the fact that we aren’t producing quality players in enough quantity.
  10. You miss my point, without the large numbers of overseas players we might well produce more players with the quality of Williams and Clarke.
  11. Bennett is somewhat to blame for this uninspiring style but the bland, prescribed and regimented coaching that pervades SL is more so. Also the number of overseas or non Fed players in SL is narrowing the base of the GB/Eng pyramid.
  12. Still not showing any ability to create a break. We’re relying solely on NZ gassing and maybe finding a lazy or tired defender. Hodgesons insistence on stepping out from dummy half is killing his 1st receiver or one up runners
  13. Poor decision to kick for goal, GB have just edged the attrition battle, forced the Kiwis into giving back to back sets away via penalties.
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