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  1. I think they’ve got the stadium building bug, there’s been an undercurrent of frustration in some stadium press statements revealing a real desire to get on with the other parts of the stadium build, especially from John Minards the Chairman. Unsurprisingly Money is the limiting factor so why not try to bring some fast money in vis shareholdings at both the lower and higher levels.
  2. Last time Queensland came over here they couldn’t beat Hull KR
  3. It’s a shame someone didn’t have the foresight to ask the PDRL team to be there as well great scenes all the same and it’s indicative of the wider appeal and reach that this World Cup has brought to the game
  4. He’s been rank bad bloody awful in this match! He’ll be playing at Salford in 3 years time
  5. Sutton certainly showed his bias and his brother was the accomplice (VR)
  6. Milford been awful but he’s on the downside of his career while Lua’i is supposed to be one of the NRLs gun half’s yet he’s been worse than Milford
  7. They are but it’s like comparing the English Premier League with Australias Soccer league! They are in 1st place as far as sport go’s they have the money, the sponsorships, the profile, first pick of the athletes etc and they don’t have to cope with a GIANT sporting competitor like our Premier League, Championship, Rugby Union, Cricket & athletics. Rugby League is probably 6th or 7th in the sporting pecking order in this country
  8. That last Try has killed the atmosphere in the stadium, unless Samoa can have some resurgent play and some luck this is set to be a pretty sterile last quarter
  9. If that were Adrian Morley and Steve Ganson it’d be a RED card
  10. Based on that half, the Samoan Penrith players were riding on the coat tails of the Australian Penrith players
  11. My respect for Suali’i has grown throughout the tournament, he’s going to be a superstar as he matures and learns from experiences like this
  12. Jerome Lu’ai is playing like Jack Welsby from last Saturday
  13. England Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup is trending at Nō1 & Nō3 on Twitter
  14. Why on earth would any NRL club want Bentley
  15. Welsby completely switched off and didn't even know Sao had jumped out to the blind side at first because he was facing infield. Watkins has to go on the open side or the numbers are wrong and he has to do it quick because they were only a few metres from our try line. It’s the markers job to watch the dummy half and Welsby didn't square up at marker he just turned his hips and looked infield obviously expecting Samoa to go that way.
  16. So he dropped 1 high ball in 5 games and nothing came of it, what’s your point?
  17. In the final 23 minutes we actually woke up and started to play, during that time it was 14 - 6 to England with Samoas only Try coming from an intercept against the run of play.
  18. This is a forum mate, it’s not the official England Rugby League website
  19. This World Cup is over for England We’ve seen plenty of debate about Wane’s selections both before and after the Tournament, some of his players won’t be available next time we play in a World Cup Who do we have with the quality to come into the line up and improve us, what will our team line up look like 1. Welsby/Price 2. Young/Murphy 3. Wardle/Newman 4. Farnworth/Percival 5. Makinson/Johnstone 6. Dodd/Williams 7. Smith/Lewis 8. Burgess/Havard/English 9. Ackers/Leeming 10. Walmsley/Oledski/Thompson 11. McMeekin/Batchelor 12. Gannon/Lees 13. Radley/Knowles Will we be better or worse by the time the next World Cup comes around
  20. Absolutely brilliant to see that, no one could begrudge them as much celebration as they can muster.
  21. Are you a 7 year old? England will have one less ‘L’ than Samoa
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