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#3060421 This piece doesn't reflect well on the RLIF and its new boss

Posted by OMEGA on 25 January 2015 - 09:04 AM

Sep Blatter could be available shortly!

The RLIF needs to become THE ruling body world wide and have the power to enforce their decisions.
The NRL and the SL must not be allowed to introduce rules and interpretations without sanction from the RLIF a and when introduced they should uniformly come into effect world wide.

The neutral refs debacle should never be allowed to happen again, the best NEUTRAL referee available should always be appointed irrespective of whether Australia think he's good enough.

I'm with Roughy on the Mascord article, Im no fan of Wood but Mascords writing is increasingly agenda driven and is typical of the arrogant attitude shown by many from the Southern Hemisphere towards the rest.

#3056438 The Allams flexing their muscles?

Posted by OMEGA on 16 January 2015 - 06:48 PM

The beer price and decision not to man the turn styles aren't the point really, it's the fact that the SMC a chose not to consult one of their two major tenants.

#3055200 cas ground

Posted by OMEGA on 13 January 2015 - 12:09 PM

they sold it back at a favourable price to the clubs: it was a figure of speech. Also they charged a how can I put it, highly favourable rent, which also included stadium and pitch maintenance.
does 'favourable price' do it? It was a good piece of social policy by the council. The council didn't have to buy PO ROAD.
Castleford RLFC didn't benefit from this largesse.
Do you not find it odd that this doesn't get mentioned by those currently slagging of the Tigers and Wakefield MDC  including the original poster?

No they didn't and that's the popular misconception.

They sold it back at full cost and landed Trinity with a hefty bill for health and safety work, Wakefield certainly benefited from the Council buying the ground at the time but they paid the price and then some when they got it back.

#3050471 Bulls Chairman responds to League Express accolade

Posted by OMEGA on 30 December 2014 - 10:09 PM

Absolutely. Good post.
Mr. Carter has steadied the ship slashing salaries on the pitch with the club now spending a "mile off" what other SL clubs are spending (source Mr. Webster) and on the terraces has resided over the lowest attendances at Belle Vue for over a decade (source Mr. Butcher).
Just my opinion like, but based on the above Mr. Sadler risks making the award to Mr. Carter blowing up in his face if Wakefield bomb next year, as so many posters have expressed here and on RL fans they will. 
The safer award can be made to a big club favourites to smash their way through the minnows to the top of the Championship.

Carter took a business that was hemoraging money and made the tough calls that were needed to prevent Administration. He worked hard at keeping the club going and by that I mean doing things like painting, serving coffees, labouring on those doing ground improvements etc...
He did that while also running the club as its Chairman, attending meetings, negotiating with creditors and forging relationships with suppliers old and new. He inspired his workforce to work harder, more conscientiously and for longer because that's what was needed to breath life back into the corpse he'd inherited.

While all that was happening in the background he engaged with the fan base in a brutally truthfull manner which frustrated a great many but fostered a genuine feeling of trust in him. Some said that Carters honesty about how threadbare and precarious the clubs position was actually damaged the clubs image even further and was hurting the efforts to rebuild.

The new Chairman had to dismantle the team, and let's not diminish the act of getting significant transfer fees for players in a system where transfer fees are very rare. The loss of so many significant players was always going to make selling season tickets a very tough job and so it proved. We were still searching for players 6 weeks into the season and kicked off our SL campeign with 4 players who'd only been in the country for 3 days.
Sponsorship and hospitality was also hit hard and then the hammer blow of having the stadium capacity cut by 65%.

That we survived at all is a minor miracle but wait. . .
We not only survived but flirted with the play offs until the penultimate game of the season.
We rebuilt the stadium with the help of dedicated and inspired supporters who believed in Michael Carter.
Today 30/12/14 we have sold 250% more season tickets than we did in the whole of last season.
Best of all under Michael Carters stewardship of the club has Posted a PROFIT OF £350,000 ! !

So the survival and resurgence of Wakefield a Trinity cannot just be put down to slashing salaries and spending less on players. What needed to be done was done no matter how hard the decisions but there's been some inspired leadership and old fashioned business sense coupled with hard graft and realism by loyal employees and volunteers.

No short cuts were sought or taken!

#3045713 RL Hard Men

Posted by OMEGA on 15 December 2014 - 09:56 PM

Well that explains that mystery; Now I've only got who killed Kennedy and why people like applauding kicks to solve! :D

Good luck with the JFK mystery, personally I think it was a conspiracy between disaffected Cuban dissidents, the mafia, various generals and admirals from the US military and a number of politicians including Lyndon Johnson the vice president, All wrapped up and packaged nicely by the CIA

You've got no chance with the other one that's an unsolvable mystery

#3044492 RL Hard Men

Posted by OMEGA on 13 December 2014 - 12:48 PM

What year was that  because I certainly missed it....

Boxing Day pre season game 2013

Poore was making his debut for Wakefield and Bailey obviously thought he was fresh meat!

When Ryan TMFMIRL tried to inflict his wind up act Justin Poore just smashed him all over the park leaving Bailey face down in the turf with blood pouring from various cuts about his face.

Poore was sent off so Leeds got the advantage from Baileys usual clown act but there was no doubt who the hard man was and he wasn't wearing a Leeds shirt. Interestingly, if I remember correctly, Bailey didn't play against Wakefield again that season.

Derek Turner
Mike Nicholas
Jim Mills
Vince Karalius
Len Casey
Bill Ashurst
John Burke
David Watkins
Mark Broadhurst

#3040157 Your team for next season

Posted by OMEGA on 02 December 2014 - 12:41 PM

What team do support?
Wakefield Trinity

Which of your teams new signings are you most looking forward to watching?
Craig Hall

Who do you think is your teams worst signing?
Richard Owen

Which young player in your squad do you think will break into the 1st team?
Tom Johnston

Predicted finish for your team?

Signing for any team you are most looking forward to seeing?
Adam Cuthbertson Rhinos

#3034804 Ref attacked in amateur rugby league game

Posted by OMEGA on 18 November 2014 - 08:59 PM

Sadly it was and still is only a matter of time.

Having coached junior rugby league for a number of years I have to say that I eventually walked away disgusted at the behaviour of parents, players and coaches during and after the games.

I've seen my 12 and 13 year old players regularly verbally threatened and on one occasion actualy grabbed hold of by the opposing coach for no other reason than he was a big lad.

I've seen a parent head butted by a 14 year old while in the clubhouse after a game, incidentally it was an East Leeds player.

I've witnessed bullying, racial and homophobic abuse by drunken open age players towards kids as young as 11 at a so called festival of rugby league laid on to showcase the game to kids who don't play regularly, worse still when reported the host club did nothing.

IMO Yorkshire Juniors need a complete clean sweep of their committee and a new board elected as those in place are entrenched in their ways, blind or intentionally looking the other way and in some cases downright biased towards their own clubs.

The standard of refereeing leaves a lot to be desired and some performances by officials can be frustrating to the extreme but in many cases they're just young kids gaining experience and there's no future for the game without their like.

#3033585 15/11/14 - 4N Final - New Zealand v Australia KO 7.45am (GMT)

Posted by OMEGA on 16 November 2014 - 11:45 AM

The Ausie media and experts are cranking up the excuses in an effort to protect their fragile psyche.

The Kiwi halfback’s performance against Australia on Saturday night shows he has the ability to be one of the best in the business. To turn in a game like that when there is silverware on the line is the sign of real talent — but with that compliment there is a caveat that he did it against a second-string Kangaroos side.

On the same site, Fox Sports use the following other excuses:
Missing players
Player burn out
Poor Referee
Only one Referee

That's rich given the decisions of the Sutton Brothers against both England and NZ in the Final

They're pathetic!

#3031625 Is it me ?

Posted by OMEGA on 12 November 2014 - 09:07 AM

It's in an on-line Blog....or has it appeared in the paper's hard copy too?
just be thankful Hodgson wasn't engaged to a Royal door at the time......then you'd have to find another imaginary bogie-man conspiracy. I believe the Mike Tindal (sic) kissing a woman in New Zealand was pretty much a Lead story on every media outlet in the UK for quite some time....even those cheeky sods at the Beeb covered it
Players on tour doing stupid things is news worthy. Drunken ruperts being complained about in the letter page of the Guardian isn't......

Yeah but even Union is trumped by Royals at the BBC, what a dilemma though, I suspect the whole BBC News department had a collective lie down afterward

#3031361 'Well Run' clubs

Posted by OMEGA on 11 November 2014 - 04:34 PM

It'd be more impressive if they hadn't done that by just getting creditors to agree to write off their debts.
Any fool make money by buying goods and services and not paying for them.

No creditors have written off any debts, where've you got that from?

Creditors agreed to back off on WUPs and took the option of payment over a 15 month period instead, Wakefield have honoured those agreements and are set to be debt free within months.

Sounds like petty rivalry or an inbred dislike of Trinity is preventing you from just saying "well done"

#3029635 Has England improved since 2008? Can we win the next World Cup?

Posted by OMEGA on 08 November 2014 - 04:23 PM

You missed off the Exiles games and the loss to Italy

#3029607 England V New Zealand

Posted by OMEGA on 08 November 2014 - 03:30 PM

I've sat down open minded and with some degree of interest in this game based mainly on the pre-match hype about Julian Savea and the appearance of Kyle Eastmond for England.

The studio analysts have waxed lyrical about the handling ability of Sonny Bill Williams and the running ability of Eastmond, Rockadaguna and co. Unfortunately all I've seen is a kick fest and poor defence.
There has been a try scored which looked something like you might see tomorrow morning in an under 11's game where the defence was absolutely abysmal.

I'm doing my best to continue watching the game but unfortunately my Sky+ has now caught up with the actual program itself so I am unable to fast forward through the boring bits which account for around 70% of the game.

Poor old Sam Burgess I'm not sure any amount of money will compensate him!

#3028804 International Game Should Dump Australia & move on

Posted by OMEGA on 07 November 2014 - 07:51 PM

The RUWC is not the third largest World Sporting event it comes after the Commonwealth Games and the Gay Games to name but two.

Don't fall for the Union rhetoric and propaganda!

#3027434 MacNamara supping in the Last Chance Saloon

Posted by OMEGA on 05 November 2014 - 09:05 AM

Sheens' introduction of Hunt was very unorthodox and was remarked on at the time as being unusual, seeing as it involved a reshuffle in a match the team was losing at the time. Hindsight's great, but if we'd replaced a forward with a halfback, the internet would have melted with 'McBanana' comments.
McNamara wasn't an obvious choice and I wondered at it when the decision was made, but we've had big-name coaches guide GB or England to embarrassingly half-assed performances in the last 20 years and what he's achieved is remarkable by comparison.
He got England to what was actually a draw (and a fairly easy Widdop conversion away from a win) against Australia. In Australia. Against Australian match officials. In a match which would have knocked Australia out of the competition. Okay, it wasn't perfect in the second half, but we were continually kept in our own half as much by dodgy refereeing as by Kangaroos play.
So, a 'top' coach, then. Tony Smith, anyone? I think what he's done at Warrington is impressive, but when he got the England job, they had more preparation than any national team in recent memory and sweated to get past a schism-riven Papua New Guinea that were beaten by a big margin in their other matches.

There was an obvious tactic in play for Australia which you didn't need to be Jack Gibson to work out even before the Ausie team was named. Super fast play the balls for Aus, slow play the balls for us, put our big men on the ground no matter what, lots of early lateral movement when they attacked us and a long kicking game.

They knew they couldn't compete for size and power so not only did they not even try they actualy accentuated the negative by going the other way. In the latter stages of the game, when they introduced Hunt, they went into overdrive with footwork, increased tempo of play and going wide early. That was preplanned and designed to wring out any last energy resources our big fellas had after 60 minutes of their earlier tactics.
We didn't cope with it, but almost snatched a result anyway.

Putting aside the ref controversy, McNamara was Outcoached in this game.