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Rugby League World Issue 402

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#2997130 21/09/14 - Hunslet Hawks v Gateshead Thunder KO 3pm

Posted by OMEGA on 17 September 2014 - 10:49 AM

I'd like to see Gateshead win through, they're a real success story this year

#2995823 Feature: A reason for Wakefield fans to be optimistic for 2015

Posted by OMEGA on 15 September 2014 - 11:44 AM

But nobody was doing this at one time GS this lead to a Great Britain side struggling for decent players in certain positions and the clubs shipping in loads of Australians. This led to SL clubs being forced into putting together academies which has been good for the game. It makes a difference. If it's left to Leeds and Wigan to produce the players that means they'll keep the best and just go on winning all the trophies.
Which it seems that is what they are doing. Schoey tips Leeds and Wigan to be grand finalists again. The way out of a two horse race and a malaise at lower SL clubs is for all pro- clubs to strive to develop young professionals.

Ignoring the predatory nature of Wigan and Leeds again!

Wakefield have had a young centre in their system for 3 years, he's an England International and regarded as a top prospect for the future. He's now 16 years old and Wigan have offered him far more money than Wakefield can afford so he's gone to Wigan, nothing wrong with that, it's his choice.

I will have a problem though, if/when he makes the grade and players Super League for Wigan and goes on to play as a full international, because everyone will say how great Wigans production line is and how the young kid is a Wigan produced player.

Now repeat for any number of players who get poached by 'bigger' clubs and repeat season after season ad infinitum and you get attitudes like yours where you deride Academy's like Wakefield's and Castlefords because you're ignorant of the facts

#2993737 Todd Carney - ready to go to france for 4 years

Posted by OMEGA on 12 September 2014 - 08:39 AM

Because Widnes never sign overseas players...

I can see VWs point though.
Catalans inclusion in SL was at least partly sold to us as a way of helping France develop more young talent in order to become more competitive.

I'd also hazard a guess that Widnes have a more English players on their books than Catalan have French

#2986782 Sinfield Quits International Rugby (Merged threads)

Posted by OMEGA on 01 September 2014 - 07:57 PM

Brough would have made that bloody tackle though

He would never have had to because he'd have kicked the ball out of play when England had their last possession leaving NZ with about 40 seconds to go 70 metres for a try.

#2985244 Wakefield Trinity Wildcats sign Lopini Paea

Posted by OMEGA on 29 August 2014 - 10:32 PM

Who's opened the purse strings down there?

The club is due to be debt free by the time we kick off next season, so for one thing not having to service the debts will release some money for players.

We've also seen off the last of the James Elston negotiated wages and the players we have now are on realistic money as opposed to the Peter Ridsdale inspired contracts handed out under the previous regime.

I also understand that during the season we've been paying a monthly salary/settlement to players who left the club 2/3 years ago e.g. Steve Southern.

Lastly, we'll run with a smaller but higher quality squad of players and promote from our Youth a System when required

#2985125 29/08/14 - Leeds Rhinos v St Helens KO 8pm (TV)

Posted by OMEGA on 29 August 2014 - 08:06 PM

I don't agree with the ban on shoulder charges, they're a spectacle and part of the game.
There was no medical, scientific or anecdotal evidence to support the ban either with any statistics available actually pointing out that there was no need for a ban.

The rules were already in place to protect players from an attack to the head!

Moons impact was directly to the head of Percival, he therefore pays the price for his poor technique.

#2969689 01/08/14 - Leeds Rhinos v Bradford Bulls KO 8pm

Posted by OMEGA on 02 August 2014 - 02:16 AM

"I know Leeds are missing a lot of players but lets not take anything away from Bradford"
(Eddie Hemmings)

You just did Eddie!

#2963208 Greg Johnson for England!

Posted by OMEGA on 21 July 2014 - 07:43 PM

No, but when you take into account he is scoring more than one try per game so far this season and scored 46 tries from 37 appearances last season it is certainly relevant.

But his defence has been awful leading to him being dropped at club level and even since his recall his decision making, tackling and positional sense are suspect.

#2962098 Marwan Koukash: I'll turn rugby league into a global sport

Posted by OMEGA on 20 July 2014 - 01:42 PM

I like Marwan, he is a breath of fresh air and I hope the small minded thinking that prevails in RL doesn't sicken him off!

I wish we had more like him, owners who are backing their own clubs AND THE WHOLE SPORT rather than the selfish self preservatory mindset that Chairman have historically had.

#2961752 Comical Cummings' Critical Commentary

Posted by OMEGA on 19 July 2014 - 04:26 PM

You're right, Eric Clay, Robin Whitfield and John Holdsworth were entirely ego-less and were never the focus of attention or complaint. Was it Holdsworth who used to run onto the pitch at Headingley, jog over to the South Stand, wave the ball at the fans and then head over to the centre spot for kick off?
Go back 20 years or 30 years and, surprise surprise, fans were saying the refereeing has never been worse, this bloke's bent, that bloke's got it in for my team and Karl Kirkpatrick's lucky that he is quick on his feet. Back in the early 90s it was the end result of some giant Maurice Lindsay/RFL conspiracy. Just because it feels like it's a new phenomenon it really isn't. The main problem is that in RL a referee has to make a decision whether to intervene on every single play; there is so much you could give but don't that there is a huge amount of interpretation. Muppets then watching in slo-mo after the event can easily pick up on something which has been overlooked or incorrectly called; but that doesn't mean there is any productive reason to do so. If a call goes against your team, unlucky. To be the best you need to overcome adversity, not wallow in it.

None of which is relevant to anything I posted
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#2961665 Comical Cummings' Critical Commentary

Posted by OMEGA on 19 July 2014 - 12:21 PM

Why have we made celebrities out of the match officials?


That's my question, years ago the officials (just 3 of them) would wait in the centre of the field for the teams to come out, now the teams come out and wait for the 3rd team, the officials, (all 6 of them) to trot out in their flashy sponsored kit, ref with ball tightly tucked under his arm at the front.


We've now gone further by having a referee in the commentary box and even further by having the video refs, in their smart tailored shirts and suits, being filmed as they fiddle with the touch screen.


Can we please get back to watching the two teams that we really pay to see playing Rugby league

#2952181 The RFL needs to do the same

Posted by OMEGA on 30 June 2014 - 08:17 AM

Let me offer a different take on why clubs should not be allowed to recruit from too far away,

Wigan have a great youth production system and probably have more home produced youngsters in their 1st team squad than anyone. However they do cast their net very wide as well and the Name often sways a kid or his parents to take up an offer from Wigan even though the practicalities are preventitive of their whole development.

For example, Wigans current U16 Scholarship squad includes 6 Boys from the Wakefield area, those boys are travelling and or staying over in Wigan from time to time. Thats a lot of journeys down the M62 and back after school, which in turn means a lot of tired late nights before school the next day. While I'm sure theyre getting a good standard of RL development how is that affecting their GCSEs. Some people won't care about the academic qualifications and I can tell you from experience that once on a Scholarship the young lads themselves often only see the Pro RL Player pathway to the detriment of their school studies. We can't on the one hand extoll the virtues of Academic achievement and pat our clubs on the back for setting up a classroom offering A Level courses in Sports related subjects while on the other hand we're knowingly and significantly affecting their chances of attaining the GCSE results they are/were capable of before starting a Scholarship.

There's a duty of care here for the clubs and the RFL, its no good leaving it in the hands of the players and parents as that just maintains the status quo. The RFL needs to take a lead on this and the clubs need to see a bigger picture for the young players, most of whom wont make it as a pro player and will need those qualifications from school.

Away from the academic issue there's and issue of evening out the competition somewhat. I've mentioned the 6 players from Wakefield and I'll stick with that example. By definition those lads are some of the best young talent of their age group which is why Wigan wanted them. Wakefield run a very good Scholarship and Academy system but have been denied the chance of developing their own as Wigan are doing with Wigan lads. As a result Wigan are likely to have a stronger Scholarship team than Wakefield and there's a greater chance that their system will produce more SL standard players than Wakefield's. That then has a two fold impact on Wakefield in the future, firstly the quality of the SL team is lower and there's less emotional buy in by the fans as they're watching imports and other clubs cast offs as opposed to local lads made good. Secondly, the next time Scholarships are on offer Wigan can sell the success of their Academy to prospective new players from outside their local area and the whole cycle starts again.

#2940406 Leeds v Leigh

Posted by OMEGA on 06 June 2014 - 08:51 PM

Final 10 minutes have hinged on a very poor option from Penkwich, instead of being 13-12 up they soon found themselves down 18-12 and that was it for an exhausted Leigh.

Great performance from them though and they are a superb team and advert for The Championship.

PS. Is it possible to ###### up Peacocks back anymore than the SKY team do.

#2936358 Taulima Tautai signs for Wigan

Posted by OMEGA on 29 May 2014 - 11:00 AM

He's had one bad game this year against Bradford but everyone on the pitch that night was awful including both teams the officials, water carriers, the lad that runs on with the kicking tee and those members of the SKY commentary team who report from pitch side.

He's missed a few through injury but he plays the game at 100% in both attack and defence so sometimes he gets broken but you wouldn't want to take that level of physical brutality away from his game.

For a big bloke he's got surprisingly good feet and speed, he also has a Solomonaesque offload game (though not as good as Solomona).

Sad to lose him from Wakefield but good luck to him at Wigan

Just to add, he endeared himself to Trinity fans when he picked up Rangi Chase with one hand, tucked him under his arm like a newspaper, ran the length of the field twice before offloading the ball for a try. He then gently put Chase down, patted him on the head, wiped his nose for him and ran off to continue playing.

#2927360 Albert Kelly tosses George Burgess off

Posted by OMEGA on 10 May 2014 - 01:36 PM

Fantastic commentary gaffe right up the with "The batsmanship Holding the bowlers Willey"

20 minutes into the GCT v Rabbitohs game we got this classic from the Ausie commentators,
"Albert Kelly tosses George Burgess off"

Can anyone remember any others