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In Topic: Aus v NZ

Today, 10:30 AM

The test to whether someone is blinkered about RU is if they can agree to this statement:


"In the global scale of sports rugby union ranks well behind basketball, volleyball and handball.  It's probably on about a level with baseball and hockey."


If they can then they are a functioning human being.  If they can't then we have a problem.

I agree about handball and basketball, I have no idea how big volleyball is though.

What RU has in its favor is the vast amounts of money they make with their international game and increasingly with their domestic championships compared to those sports.

Handball is pretty big in France, yet their local league's TV deal is only worth 1.2m euro / year: http://www.asoif.com...le.aspx?ID=4191

In Topic: Rugby League to pay its respects to war heroes

Yesterday, 02:00 PM

They could have done it by playing some RL instead of going to the ceremony.

In Topic: Aus v NZ

Yesterday, 01:14 PM

Apologies for bringing it up.  Perhaps, as it was just an anomaly, we should expunge NZ's success from the history books - a la union

What does that even mean?

In Topic: Aus v NZ

19 August 2014 - 08:14 PM

I am actually quite incredulous at your comments above.  Nobody in League is under any illusions about the limitations of the international scene.  Yes, union is far bigger internationally, but still a relative minnow - although nobody in union would ever accept that.  I thought the RLWC format was excellent.  Yes, it led to a few mismatches but, so what.  The authorities were using the tournament as a vehicle to expand the game.  The tournament was a resounding success, so why are you trying to detract from that good work

Oh come on man, there are loads of delusional comments on this forum alone about RL's international scene being practically the same as RU's international scene.


Union, on the other hand, is very full of its own self-importance and many in union have an extremely highly inflated and egotistical union- centric view of the world order.  Some in union believe that it is a serious threat to soccer internationally! Ah, ignorance is bliss.   It is union that is not being honest and we in League are only too aware of the lies and propaganda endemic within union and how this can manifest itself. 

You are vastly exaggerating here. You may find some trolls claiming this or that but I've never seen any RU fans making such comments seriously about their sport.

In Topic: Aus v NZ

19 August 2014 - 05:48 PM

Not sure what your point is there WM.  You seem to be suggesting that, even though the blow out scores in union are often worse than those in League, they are only a problem in League because, in union, they have reduced from mega-blow outs to mere massive blow outs.

The point here is that the RU types are being honest about where their international game is rather than hiding away the weaker sides in their own groups like we do in order for us to be able to pretend our international game is more competitive than it really is.

You can't expect to grow a game when the game doesn't even have the dignity of being honest to itself and to its existing fans.