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In Topic: One every year...

Today, 09:56 PM

Are you serious?



Why would you want to?

Because you appreciate the person you costume like


What do black people actually look like?

One of them looks like that the way that player was customed like


Is it ok to dress up as the stereotype of a Jew?

What would not be ok about dressing up like that?

In Topic: One every year...

Today, 09:18 PM

I'm not sure what the issue is with dressing up as a black person for a costume party.

In Topic: How much do you pay to play?

17 December 2014 - 06:47 PM

Never say never thats what the RFU said in 1895 when the Northern clubs threatened a breakaway.

I suppose it depends how much the clubs ,especially the lower ones, are p&&&ed of with the Bond.

Dwingaloo have actually been a league playing club in the 80's when the first RL was played in the Netherlands and they are one club that are saying no more.

Their chairman played for the Dutch in the Student World cup in England.

It could be the smaller clubs up north (yes serious up north...ring any bells?) like Leeuwarden,Gronningen,Dwingaloo,Feanster that move over no matter which way the vote goes.They are the ones with small set ups that are being penalised for the Bonds over spending more than the bigger Ranstad based clubs.


Dutch RL has more money than the Dutch Rugby union (-1.2m).

They have a six man board,4 clubs registered (legal),no debt, a growing cross border competition with the Belgiums.A growing womens set up.


IF the union bond goes under then competetive organised union goes with it and I would think a lot of clubs would fold also.

Well in reality ALL would go as they could not play


The cost of playing 16 games of union at senior level over 300 euro...the cost of playing 16 games of League if some clubs switched 35 euro.


If I was the Dutch RL I would be making offers to clubs NOW so they have some fall back if they dont want to continue under the NRLB.


If the vote goes NO then its the end of union over here for a long time..what other choice do they have.?

One senior union official is saying it would take a minimum of three years to get a new Bond registered and recognised and up to ten years to get back to standard they are at.

How many clubs would go under with no income..how many players would look at other sports rather than sit around waiting ?How many clubs could wait three to ten years ?



With no official union board to run the game I wonder what the IRB stance would be ???



As daft as it sounds I have just hard that certain TOP clubs want the vote to go NO so they can reform with a set of volunteers ready to take over the running of the game the way they want.Sounds like a dangerous path to go down.Phewwwww


You previously said the Dutch clubs wouldn't lose anything if their union went under. Now you're claiming if the union did go under the clubs wouldn't have any revenues.

In Topic: How much do you pay to play?

16 December 2014 - 05:16 PM

Maybe they are not happy at the way the game has been run for a long time and see this as a way of kicking out the dead wood and starting afresh.


A new group is ready to step up...but not until the old group has gone.


What have the clubs got to lose???

Most run their own clubs with tight budgets and are solvent.

The stadium is a white elephant so the clubs dont want or need it.Plenty of decent grounds to hold internationl matches on.

The NRB give the clubs nothing ...its all pay pay pay.Remember we are talking about Holland here not Wales or France.

Volunteers are the back bone of the game now and always will be.


NOC NSF funding will be lost but that goes to a very small elite group any way and does'nt benefit the majority of the union.


In reality the clubs are losing NOTHING and the game will continue albeit on a lower level for a few years.



So, after they payed payed payed for decades to build some infrastructure, the clubs are going to be happy to let it be lost. At they'll also be happy to lose the money from the "NOC NSF".


In Topic: How much do you pay to play?

16 December 2014 - 03:26 PM

Womens sevens is covered by the NOC NSF so they should not be spending that amount outside their Olympic committe grant.

So you spend 600-700 over budget on what is looking like a failed Olympic bid then expect the grassroots players to pay for it.


NOC NSF pulled them out of the ###### once before.


You can see why the clubs are not happy and why they reckon the vote on saturday will go against the Bond.


Still waiting for some figures of what the cost of club fees in junior rugby are in the UK.

I can see why the clubs would not be happy, but I can also see why they would not want to lose everything they own via their union and loose the affiliation you were mentioning.