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28 January 2015 - 11:00 AM

Rugby League and gridiron have a shared history both are the next step up from union. But evolved in isolation. It is most likely League copied early forms of gridiron. The 6 tackle /play the ball rule probably came from rugby league people visiting north america. Rugby League is well received in the america's by gridiron communities who see it as amateur form of gridiron. But it does serve as a warning for us with superleague/nrl as we upsize and concentrate on physicality and de-skill our players.


Gridiron had limited the number of tackles / play a long time before league did.

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28 January 2015 - 10:46 AM

Google the NFRL . This summer , rugby is about to go massive in the USA. Rumour has it that NFL scouts in Australia were hugely Impressed by the State of Origin and decided it ticked all the box's. They decided to begin a national franchise system based on the NFL . Somehow somebody didn't tell them there are two codes of rugby and Union has jumped on the Idea and made it their own. If that's true then Rugby league has missed out on a massive opportunity.


It was meant to be a union competition from the very beginning and the NFL is in no way involved.

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28 January 2015 - 10:42 AM

Fair do's D Collins but, heritage players aside, Baldrick has singularly failed to ever say anything positive about Rugby since he began posting on this forum.  That, despite the fact that he claims Rugby is "his game"!

Would me going to some thread and posting some positive things to show you really change anything? <_<


P.S. and yes, I actually did say plenty of positive things about rugby

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27 January 2015 - 06:53 PM

Pountney isn't from the Channel Islands. His grandmother was. Personally I don't mind about this, but surely under baldrick's and d collins definition its a farce

Firstly I am not baldrick.

Secondly my issue is with entire teams made almost completely out of heritage players

In Topic: This piece doesn't reflect well on the RLIF and its new boss

25 January 2015 - 08:19 PM

Sep Blatter could be available shortly!

The RLIF needs to become THE ruling body world wide and have the power to enforce their decisions.
The NRL and the SL must not be allowed to introduce rules and interpretations without sanction from the RLIF a and when introduced they should uniformly come into effect world wide.

The neutral refs debacle should never be allowed to happen again, the best NEUTRAL referee available should always be appointed irrespective of whether Australia think he's good enough.

I'm with Roughy on the Mascord article, Im no fan of Wood but Mascords writing is increasingly agenda driven and is typical of the arrogant attitude shown by many from the Southern Hemisphere towards the rest.


Realistically, how could the NRL be prevented to do whatever they want to regarding the rules they play under?