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  1. I'm not dismissing your post, because it's all sensible and rational. But until we know what and when the end of this is, I don't think there's a lot to be gained from second guessing the lay of the land.
  2. I think the Bradford packs of the late 90s were quite something. McDermott, Lowes, Vagana, Peacock, Gartner, Forshaw. It's not just that, though, it's the fact that Fielden, Anderson and, say, Radford would be coming from the bench. For impact across 80 minutes it's hard to beat.
  3. The one where Adam Fogharty headbutts Neil Cowie.
  4. I think it would be better to pick players for State of Origin who aren't quite good enough for test football. To be fair, you could stick 17 sheep in blue and the Sydney media would get excited.
  5. Not if Hull KR make it. They'll take double that.
  6. I don't think I have ever seen an England Knights squad with the range and depth of promise that the current one has. When I looked through the names I was astonished at how many good, young players are out there.
  7. Chris Joynt has clearly dived at the defenders' feet and surrendered...
  8. It's difficult to argue with that. But I'm also quite uneasy about judging each case on its merits - especially when the cases and judges are different. I'd worry that we'd get inconsistencies. This leads me to think perhaps the best course of action is for clubs not to be involved at all - just check they've not broken rules related to the game. But this is a case where I'd be uneasy about that. Crass.
  9. I think he did for a while - whomever it was, it was dreadful. Calmed down a bit, now.
  10. I think he's a terrific player. I'm not sure he's international class, but I am surprised we haven't put that to the test.
  11. I think it's a fine line. Howling at or cheering a 50/50 decision is part of the fun, but you have to divorce it from the person making that call. If you can't do that, sport probably isn't for you. I once heard Stuart Cummings called a 'great Mary-Ellen' at Odsal. Even if I ever wanted to shout at a ref, it not worth it - I'd be forever in the shadow of that insult. For what it's worth, I think the standard of officiating in the game is incredible. I was worried that James Child wouldn't make it when he first came through - but like a player, he has matured and is now top drawer.
  12. I think there's a bit of the traditional RL anti-power thing going on, here. The Sydney clubs represent a system that is fairly parochial, backed up by a sycophantic and obsessive media. I get that Australia is a big place and media can be self-sustaining in a local area - but to us over here, you're all a long way away and so we see the game as national, rather than based around two localities with a couple of outliers. Because of all this, it's easy to see Sydney as dominant and we all love an underdog to beat that. I know the reality is different. Brisbane and Melbourne are part of the corporate machine and some of the Sydney clubs traditional, worthy, working class areas - but from a distance, it's easy to buy into a narrative of Sydney = establishment and let's support the others against that.
  13. Exactly. The fact there is no consensus on who's missing and who's in but shouldn't be means he's got it about right. I'm surprised about Connor and Hastings missing out that's Hill's still in and that Sutton's made the cut. I'm a little disappointed about Trueman and Smithies. But none of these are a wrong call - just different to how I would have it.
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