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  1. Not a lot to dislike, there. I'd have had a couple differently, but I don't think there's anything 'wrong'.
  2. Me, too. I'm just so, so, so angry. I'm not going to watch the World Cup, now.
  3. Especially when you consider he had 50-odd games for Bradford, too.
  4. Thank you for your sacrifice. You're doing well for someone who's been dead for 80 years.
  5. About the same as Huddersfield. Anyway, eight teams opens up some questions... Wigan Saints Leeds Bradford Humberside Cheshire Cumbria Calder No place for Wakefield metropolitan teams, but bring it on.
  6. Easy. Half a right, isn't right. If something isn't right, it's also wrong. So, two half-rights (or two wrongs) do make a right.
  7. It's almost as if Australia hasn't had 20+ foreign born players represent them.
  8. This is a top tier player, in his prime, legitimately qualifying (and comfortably, not even through a grandparent) choosing to play for England and sacrificing plenty to do that. Welcome aboard, Victor. I hope it turns out to be worth it. FWIW, there are probably ten positions a player of his quality walks into in this England side. Unfortunately, for him, loose forward probably isn't one of them. He's a must for the seventeen, though, and his ability to cover hooker gives us flexibility - especially if a big-minute player like Roby or Leeming plays.
  9. I imagine Gallen would be as far ahead of Burgess in the ring as Burgess was ahead of Gallen on the rugby pitch.
  10. Not in RL, but in football, I grew up supporting a glory team in the early 80s - my Dad used to take me. When I was old enough, I started going with my mates to watch my local team. We all claimed that was our second team and there was an eclectic mix of 'first' teams. Really, we all supported the Posh and most of us are still regulars. I can live with my move - or divorce and second marriage - because I moved down and not up in search of glory.
  11. Whitehead has been a busted flush for the Raiders this year.
  12. I love this. Such is the parochial nature of the sport that twenty miles away is a million miles away. (no criticism).
  13. He can from an eligibility point of view. Origin is a state level competition that has no bearing on internationals. Except Australia won't allow anyone to be picked for Origin who haven't committed to Australia.
  14. I think the US is the dominant political country in the Pacific. What are their chances of winning?
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