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  1. I know Shaun Edwards was in the Twitter thread. I'd take Brad Mackay out. I still have fond memories of him - he was immense for one season. Perhaps we could bring in Harvey Howard or Ryan Hudson?
  2. Give me Kikau in the opposition all day long. Run at him a bit and he starts falling off tackles. He's a weapon at club level, but that's his limit. Without even thinking about SL, the two English lads at Canberra are a level up from him in their overall game.
  3. If you'd been around here long enough to remember when he was a member you'd understand. He was also very disruptive on the other place when Bradford were last in trouble, meddling and trying to promote one of the dodgy dealers trying to get the club. It got really quite unpleasant.
  4. He's brilliant everywhere except Batley.
  5. This is a man who played the hardest team sport there is for years and played it as well as anyone who's ever played the game. He also turned around a life that was not destined for good things. He was a triumph as a player and a man. But I've never seen a worse outfit than that pink jacket with the zipped shirt.
  6. I don't think the world's best hooker will be switching to Fiji.
  7. Are you trying to be funny or just ruin it for everyone else?
  8. The NRL isn't perfect at this. Don't forget they have Braith Anasta, who would lose a battle of wits with my labrador.
  9. Looks like Phil has hit the sweet spot between smart and smart-casual.
  10. I think, on form, Tom Burgess and Walmsley should both be in the seventeen, but I wouldn't necessarily want them on the pitch at the same time.
  11. It's back to the 'usual' three per week. That was always going to happen when Super League restarted.
  12. Possibly the opposite. Small, medium and even many large businesses will be priced out of a relationship with LUFC. There's an opportunity to embrace that and offer a counterpoint to the corporate internationalism of the Premier League.
  13. I agree, but this kind of thing has been around for yonks. It's nice that we seem to have a team that know where the quick and easy wins are. It bodes well.
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