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  1. He played 50 odd games over here before heading to the NRL.
  2. I've always enjoyed your posts, but this is just utter drivel. Pathetic, ignorant nonsense.
  3. I can't say I'd like it, but the English have never been subjugated or victimised in the way others have (I appreciate the Daily Telegraph will currently tell you otherwise). Therefore, the use of English as part of an insult doesn't have a negative historical context (perhaps it should, for a whole other reason, but that's another thing) and so is probably less offensive.
  4. I immediately thought of this thread, too. If only Clubb had read it, the mixed info about his birthplace may have given him second thoughts.
  5. If you can use words of two syllables in the heat of the match, let alone something like Polynesian, then you're not trying hard enough. Either way, because of his age, I suspect this is the last we'll see of Clubb. If he did say it, then I hope that's the case.
  6. If he signed for Bradford, I wouldn't have him in the best XVII of this century. Burgess, Peacock and Menzies would take the second row duties ahead of him. He needs to jump a couple of levels and then perform at that level for five or six years to pass any of these three.
  7. Peacock managed it at two clubs and in two positions. Suggests above all others that there was no element of luck - none of the Ryan Bailey about his achievements. That being said, the one I'd pay to watch above all others is Paul Newlove.
  8. Farnworth's flexibility stands him in good stead. Like Sutton, his career is on an upward trajectory and, with decent players around him, he could be a lot better. Sutton was an average player when he left these shores. He's putting in a lot of effort at Canberra and had stepped up a couple of levels in the close season. I think there are others better than him, but if he keeps progressing at the current rate, that list is going to get pretty short, pretty quickly. As for Thompson, a little while ago he made the World XIII. He struggled in his first few games for a terrible
  9. I'm surprised to have not seen Ratchford on any lists, so far. I'm not sure he'd be my first choice, but he's versatile and very talented. Certainly a better bet than Hardaker.
  10. He's been playing at international level for 15 years - and he's excelled at that. Whatever your views on the NRL/SL debate, internationals are obviously a couple of levels up.
  11. I assumed by the title they were moving in with FC.
  12. I made this comment in a recent thread... His wasn't a career with inspirational highs and moments that other players can't manage and he didn't win games on his own. His career was one of relentless consistency, performance and achievement. He didn't lift the spirits or inspire the fans, but I would be surprised if there is a player who has ever had a higher 'average rating' than Smith.
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