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#2980102 Aus v NZ

Posted by dude02 on 19 August 2014 - 05:48 PM

Not sure what your point is there WM.  You seem to be suggesting that, even though the blow out scores in union are often worse than those in League, they are only a problem in League because, in union, they have reduced from mega-blow outs to mere massive blow outs.

The point here is that the RU types are being honest about where their international game is rather than hiding away the weaker sides in their own groups like we do in order for us to be able to pretend our international game is more competitive than it really is.

You can't expect to grow a game when the game doesn't even have the dignity of being honest to itself and to its existing fans.

#2979926 Aus v NZ

Posted by dude02 on 19 August 2014 - 10:41 AM

You've just more or less described the last RLWC - now that was a fantastic competition.  I hope you caught some of it, you would have been impressed.


I have loved some parts of it. The problem is the RLWC hid away the weaker sides in a poor attempt to artificially create competitiveness in the group stages, which then resulted in blowouts in the quarters stage which has clearly showed how pathetic that format is.

#2971115 The Daily Mash on RL

Posted by dude02 on 04 August 2014 - 12:23 PM

Their normal offerings are so much better....but given what they had to work with I thought it a reasonable attempt  ;)

Well TBF the article was only a few phrases short of causing a series of best selling books being published about it, so they stopped just in time.

#2949094 England Tour of NZ

Posted by dude02 on 24 June 2014 - 01:27 PM

Knocking your opponents' ball out of his hand with your knee isn't exactly legal either.

#2944849 10 years from now

Posted by dude02 on 15 June 2014 - 01:35 PM

SKY will get bored with an atrophied SL and dump them causing the game in Europe to turn part time. The game in the SH will continue to be strong.

#2900006 if Brian O'Driscoll had been a league player...

Posted by dude02 on 16 March 2014 - 11:16 AM

We can dream.  Then again, after yesterdays blow out scores, clearly there are not enough competitive teams in Europe and I think the time is now right to reduce the six nations to four nations and perhaps play it just every two years to reduce the tedium. 

Yes, they should kill their cash cow because that would be good for them.

#2899885 First they came for our players, then they came for our fans

Posted by dude02 on 15 March 2014 - 10:13 PM

Couldn't be bothered to look it up. Sorry should have said no-marks.

No worries... Italy's group was only settled today, when Georgia beat Romania. Romania will play in Italy's group.

#2889556 Ideas for International game

Posted by dude02 on 27 February 2014 - 12:58 PM

European 4N with England, France, Wales and (probably) Italy.

Oceania 4N with Aus, NZ, PNG and probably Fiji.

North American 3N with USA, Canada and Jamaica.


Followed by a global 4N with the first 2 teams of the Oceania 4N, the winner of the European 4N, and a qualifier.

The 3rd Oceanian side would play against the winner of the North American 3N, and the winner of this match would play against the 2nd placed in the European 4N for the final spot in the Global 4N.


Or, alternatively, we can continue to not give the weaker nations any games outside the RLWC against the best sides and then wonder why we don't have a competitive RLWC.

#2889444 Ivan Cleary: "We're playing too many International Matches"

Posted by dude02 on 27 February 2014 - 09:27 AM

So, Oikee's argument was correct, because everything is Chinese or will be  :D

#2889267 Ivan Cleary: "We're playing too many International Matches"

Posted by dude02 on 26 February 2014 - 09:40 PM

There is a lot more going on than what you read in the papers. 

As i made mention, the NRL has won praise for a bullying program they are running, plus they also run a eat well stay well program and a good food program and 'violence against women' program. On top of all the indigence work they do from jobs to diabetes. 

Sam Friday is involved in the diabetes work and the Queensland rugby league run the jobs for indigenous program. . 

Plus i also mentioned the Australian Government now sinking money into PNG schools thanks to the work rugby league is doing in this country with school kids. . 

This is a slow process that has been built over more than a decade. 

These are things you dont read about in the daily rags. 

Just reading papers wont learn you much. 


Every Island nation also has a academy set up on the mainland Australia, from Fiji and Samoa to Tonga and Cook Islands. Plus the Solomons and Vanautu are now involved in rugby league and have started comps on their islands.. 

A lot is happening all around the pacific as well as in NZ where the NRL is keen now to grow the code. 

There are up to 8 expansion teams all wanting and all capable of entering the NRL, from Wellington (2bidders) to Perth and all along the east coast. 


The game is on the verge of massive growth. 

Happy days. 

You are much more optimistic than I am. Again, take the American football example... their league is richer and has been rich for a longer time than the NRL, yet where is their growth on the international scene? It's not really big anywhere else, except maybe Canada. The AFL is rich in Australia too, how much is that code growing?

Cricket is rich too in a few countries... has it become popular in any other places than it was say, 20 years ago?

Baseball is rich too, yet it's still only popular in the countries it has been played in for 150 years or more. Where is their growth?

#2888829 Ivan Cleary: "We're playing too many International Matches"

Posted by dude02 on 26 February 2014 - 11:22 AM

Well the facts are laid out on the table. I dont know what more i can add except common sense. 
Look, the facts are the NRL are investing the whole 1.2 billion back into the code over the next 4 years. 
That is fact, the CEO said this in the annual report out 2 days ago. 
They make around 500 million over 4 years selling merchandise finals origins and sponsorship money along with membership cash etc. That pays for all the bills, eg, wages (refs,grass-roots development officers and new CEO wages), grounds, insurance etc.
So the whole 1.2 billion is put back into the game.
200 million of that is going to be leftover cash for expansion and growth and a war-chest. that figure could rise easily with new growth.
Lets not forget that 50 million was only the first year  profit, and they also added a 10 million loss to that they made last year, so their is 60 million, plus they now have nines to sell and all-stars which they did not play this year. 
It is only common sense what i write, and i made the same predictions 5-7 years ago to where we are now. 
Back then i also said cash is the only thing holding rugby league back. 
They have introduced a range of world-class measures, spend a lot on fixing the game, integrity unit, a seven team administrator group which is not part of the Commission, they are involved in Membership growth, Digital and eg; phone app growth,internet, community growth along with salary cap and other issues. 
This mob have been brought in to improve every area of the game. 
No, these are facts, and the superstars that most know in rugby union are ex-league players. Unless you want to call Macaw a superstar. ?
Sonny Bill, Israel Falou, Benji Marshal and soon to be Sam Burgess are all NRL superstars, not Union. 
Rugby Union will never have the amount of superstars that rugby league can produce, never. Their code is not designed for superstars unless they are league converts, then people know them. 
I honestly cant tell you one French Union player, not one. Yet they were in the World Cup final just a few year ago. ?
Anyhow, the NRL will be growing into not only the other Auistralian states, they have the Pacific and NZ as well. PNG has now got the Australian government on board with Rugby League and the NRL into schools with programs to improve the nation. 
This is real, these are facts, but dont let the truth sway you. 
The AFL loves facts and figures, yet the support on the ground in their growth areas dont match the figures reported. 
If you went by their figures in Queensland, they have nearly the same numbers playing their game as the NRL. ?
Yet nobody is watching them on TV because all the expats are at the game trying to keep these teams afloat. 
Look, with the new numbers for the NRL, which includes Touch footy and oz-tag soon, it will be well over 1 million playing rugby league. 
That makes a huge difference for stadium deals, expansion plans and sponsorships. The Government is starting to understand the community value that rugby league can provide, and has also been mentioned world wide by the united nations. 
They picked up a award just recently. I could find the page for you, but i know this is fact. 
Anyhow. Come 2018 we will all see if the NRL has achieved all it has set out over the next 4 years. 
2018 they will have a new tv deal in place, probably two new expansion teams, plus a world cup just finished. 
I dont think any prediction is over-stated by me. It is just common sense, same as nines is more exciting to watch than sevens. Simple common sense.

You seem to think one big league in a country is enough for a sport to grow internationally, but what are the examples of other sports managing to achieve that? American football is huge in the US, is it big anywhere else? Well, maybe Canada because they also have a similar sport. AFL is the same. Huge in one country but that hasn't made it big in other places.

Meanwhile sports like ice hockey or handball have managed to expand quite a bit due to their internatio.al scene.

#2888331 Ivan Cleary: "We're playing too many International Matches"

Posted by dude02 on 25 February 2014 - 06:45 PM

France are constantly proving that they are only at the level of Wales, Ireland and Scotland, and rightly are now playing in the European Qualifiers to earn the right to play in the 4N.


Keep getting battered by England in front of 7k wont make them suddenly better - they have to step up a bit themselves.


BTW, Super League won't be shortened.

Didn't France sell about 20k tickets for a home test they had against England a couple of years ago? Also, playing against better sides does improve a nation's team.

#2887685 Ukraine

Posted by dude02 on 24 February 2014 - 08:19 PM

Come, come, just because communism led to the deaths of tens of millions of people in the USSR and China and elsewhere doesn't mean we shouldn't try it again. Consider just how dreadful capitalism is, I mean zero hours contracts, well there's just no comparison, is there?

Well, TBF, what was tried in the USSR and China wasn't really communism, because the workers didn't really own the means of production... the state did, and with the state being a autocracy the workers didn't actually had any influence over how things were run.

#2884907 Sierra Leone Rugby League (Merged threads)

Posted by dude02 on 20 February 2014 - 09:39 PM

Let's hope something comes of this.

#2883589 The NRL has banked almost $50m thanks to an improved TV deal and sponsor...

Posted by dude02 on 19 February 2014 - 09:35 AM

Next World Cup in Australia will be huge, as will the growth of the nines, as will the commonwealth games on the Gold Coast if they enter the nines into the games. 

Rugby League is booming and every city will want to be part of the nines action. It is now up to Dave Smith and Jim Doyle to grow that after this nines event was nothing short of spectacular without our superstars or super league  teams and even pacific teams involved,. 

Crack the champas. 

The nines was a one time event so far. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.