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  1. This quote!
  2. That's the kind of positive message the club should be putting out regularly, great to hear a little snippet from behind the scenes. Looking forward to Batley!
  3. Cheers as always Steve! - Much appreciated!
  4. Thanks for this Steve and I hope Joe has recovered! - must have been a tough one to type out, but very much appreciated by us Fev fans overseas Cheers Cliff
  5. Not sure if anyone is aware of this but Stuart56 is currently working as a volunteer teacher in a small village in the north of Tanzania. He's been there for 3 and a half weeks and is having an absolute blast, and loving every minute of it, I think he is out there for 3 months in total. If you are interested in his exploits, he is recording his experiences on a blog: cheers Cliff
  6. Saw this in the Letters Section of Private Eye today, thought it might appeal to some..... "Sir, So Rupert Murdoch is claiming that he owns the "SKY" in "SKYPE". One wonders whether he is preparing a similar claim of ownership over the relevant section of the word "Scunthorpe". I was dying to try this out with the people behind the Sky stand in the Arndale, but failed to attract their attention.
  7. Fev 68 Barra 6 MOM ZAK (4 tries) Att 2022
  8. I watched the Leigh game on t
  9. I'm pretty sure the FEV PUNKS graffiti is viewable on the Google Earth Street view, if anyone wants to see it before it was 'vandalized'!
  10. Just watched the game, oh the joys of the internet. Made my week, what a fantastic display. What incredible defence, superb attack and a 100% from every player. I wonder if there is anyone out there still thinking that we are lucky to be top of the table..... We are top of the league, we are top of the league!
  11. FEV 40 - FAX 26 MOM - STU!!! 1st TRY - ZAK ATT - 2418 A good rest, some tactical training and a cracking atmosphere gives Fev the boost they need to get back in form!
  12. Fev 24 Toulouse 12 Attendance 1983 MOM - JJP Last game of the season for me, lets hope the lads give me a night to remember.....
  13. I remember being a small boy at rovers having sandwiches after the game in the
  14. Fev 60 - Widnes 10 Att: 2326 Mom- JJP Can't believe I'm actually going to see this game! I can't even begin to imagine what the atmosphere in the changing room will be before the game, and I think the players will be happy to just get this over and done with, though I can see them putting their all in and coming up with a mighty victory.
  15. 70 mins - Rovers 64 Keighley 12!