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  1. http://www.oxfordrl.com/2016/10/oxford-rl-family-celebrate/ Great night at Oxford with the first team, Cavaliers and junior sections getting together for their awards night.
  2. Swindells retires

    Congrats BJ on a superb innings have a good rest now pal
  3. For a bit of balance it hasn't been the 100% the utopian dream at FCUM. The back end of last season saw big protests and mass resignations from the board. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/mar/31/fc-united-manchester-broadhurst-park Although they have worked through some of these and have developed a tremendous stadium based on grants, internal capital and utilising Northwich Victoria's demise to do a 'Featherstone' with their old stand. It is worth noting that the with the benefits of supporter ownership there is a note of caution when you hit a tipping point of 'owners'. No disagreement with the principle but for balances sake supporter ownership does have its own issues.
  4. Oxford in Abingdon

    Sorry IM2 yes fully agree with that in that they end up at Broncos because of a lot of hard work by other clubs - particularly yourselves and Hemel. Sorry oversight in the post - I suppose my point Is are the best athletes tempted enough by just the sport and many hard working clubs? And why London is so important to the future of Rugby League and why it need a strong Super League, Championship and League 1 infrastructure. Again apologies, Callum
  5. Oxford in Abingdon

    Sorry, can't work out how to quote on the phone! I think it comes down to a number of factors some around what you exist for and some around practicalities of life. In oxford's case the club was established to grow the game in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas with the first team being a focal point. This is very much a requirement in Oxfordshire as there is no real aspirational level for juniors outside of what the club does - to operate at that level means a level of cost so investment is always a positive thing. I take your point that when the money runs out what happens? I would say that depends on strength of board and direction of club. I don't doubt your model is correct for you as I'm aware of your credentials - however to say that the same model is correct for everyone is not right (I'm not suggesting you have said that) I would further argue supporter ownership has its positives and negatives - it has worked for some and doesn't for others. My experience with start up businesses (and I run one and have started others) is that sometimes you need the drive of individuals, less committee and more 'doing' particularly when starting a business in sport which a committee style can sometimes hamper. My main reason for getting involved in the topic was to dispel the doom and gloom around oxford as it is not correct. But the debate on attendances, supporters and ownership is a very real one. I think the big problem facing the south is selling the game and player production - I think there will be a london hangover soon due to relegation from super league and that aspirational level muted. Very interesting that a lot of Broncos / Harlequins products are playing their trade on L1 - the big question (and jury is out) is around this production line continuing as it has rid yes a lot of L1 quality players and are there enough to go around. All interesting stuff though.
  6. Oxford in Abingdon

    Thanks for this reply.Firstly to answer some of the questions posed by MancRL - firstly I am a huge fan of the Rangers project and was talking to one of your directors only yesterday (he alerted me to this thread actually) Tilsley Park is not the farmers field made out in this post, the place is actually owned by Abingdon School (look them - new markets) It is a handsome looking facility with ample parking, facilities and a place where the club can grow into a club, whilst also opening some new partnerships. Iffley Road is obviously a wonderful ground but please don't assume that oblivion follows leaving this place - I'm aware the club are staging games there next year and have access for bigger games if needs be. The question of attendances is the correct point to raise - look at SWales, Gloucester, Hemel, Skolars and Oxford and the attendances are all in the same bracket - this is worrying. Is it a question of price (£12) or is it sheer indifference to the sport. Obviously location is important but selling the sport so people 'want' to come and watch it is much more powerful. That is all the clubs challenge (not just in the south I hasten to add) Oxford are stronger at Tilsley as it allows the club to do more, have a base camp and yes do some work in Abingdon as well as continue to work in Oxford. The RFL funding is 75k (not 100k) and I would argue not many clubs (in any divisions) turn a profit - oxford have no debt and finished a very creditable 2nd of the southern clubs last season. Yes the club used Northern players but there has been no serious RL development or funded officers in Oxfordshire as opposed to some of the other areas. Our job is to grow the sport - you can do this bottom up or top down both have merits and both have problems - top down leaves a big gap between junior work and producing players - bottom up produces players with no aspirational level to play at (this is a topic all on its own!) Models are models and are great until the real world comes calling - pragmatism (and cash) generally rule. There are also a couple of other clubs playing at grounds with athletics tracks around and a lot with similar attendances. To answer a couple of other points the distance may be an issue for some supporters but as others have mentioned we pull slightly more from the outer areas so hopefully that will remain unaffected. This isn't an easy task and there are lots of questions to address and a greater role for the 'brands' of our sport to support its expansion but that is for another time. What I will say is that this is probably the best I have seen the club (office, community, team and off field staff) set up in its short history and far from the demise made out in this thread. To further summarise there will be lots of bumps on the road for Oxford (as with all clubs) but the club is very much alive and kicking. MancRL - I look forward to following the Rangers progress and I think you are right, there are all the qualities of a L1 club ready to go - good people, infrastructure and a great ground (with an athletics track as well!) However my personal argument would be oxford are grand - let's not bring a Canadian club in (my personal view) Edit - apologies for typos - on my iPhone and have thumbs too big!
  7. Oxford in Abingdon

    It's a bit of a leap to go from a club changing grounds to the demise of the club and eventual oblivion. Knowing the set up at Oxford pretty well this is a hugely positive move both fiscally and in terms of roots. Iffley Road is a beautiful ground and ideally located but that comes at a price. Their will be future games at iffley Road I am sure including the start of next season. The facts though are pretty robust - the club paid a huge amount and had to vacate for six weeks in the summer. Tilsley Park is more modest and it does have a track but it ensures the huge strides being made with the Sky Try programme have a solid home (oxford will smash their target in year 1 of their programme) Just as a final point - the club (as far as I am aware) do not have any tin pot millionaires but do have a growing bunch of volunteers delivering a club. Is there more to do? of course but the club is growing the game in Oxfordshire and has community coaches working across schools promoting our great game. I'm sure (but I can't speak for them) the board would love more input and any tin pot millionaires will be made most welcome. Edit - spelling error
  8. Oldham 64-0 Oxford

    Thanks again, the biscuits were very useful and my wife and I were especially appreciative of the fact that you had thought about children, toddlers and babies at games. Surprised and delighted. Very good customer service. Thanks again.
  9. Oldham 64-0 Oxford

    Just a quick note to say the staff at Whitebank at the weekend were superb. Roary the lion must have spent half an hour playing with my son and everyone from the man who helped us park the car to the ground safety guy who went over and above were a credit to your club. Great day ( result withstanding) I think for all our sakes this competition needs some tweaking for us, Oxford as a tool for us not to overspend just to compete and for Oldham to be generating revenue and getting the right level of competition. Good luck for rest of season.
  10. Parking tonight

    Firstly what a great spectacle tonight should be, well done to club, town and all concerned in putting this on. Club website says hopwood hall or golf club as best places to park, is there anywhere else walkable if they are full? Thanks a million.