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  1. Superb news. The guys been a revelation this year
  2. Can't see how a guy who comes off the pitch with his hair still perfectly styled after each match, for the last 10 years. Will all of a sudden make it in SL?
  3. It's just a shirt for a rugby team, not a political stance. Why go off on a tangent about humans rights and what's going on in the world Cup? Just release it, say your proud of it and say your looking forward to showing the rugby World what a good team you are. It's going over the top imo
  4. What the hell is that statement about??? Pointless and went off in all directions. Don't apologies for your kit, it's not a bad one so just stand by it and get on with. Such a snowflake statement and one I would expect from a football club. Jeez get a grip
  5. Bigger squad this year so would fancy Salford for top 6 again. But on a whole the league looks a lot tighter
  6. Who cares? Why should this guy have a thread and all the other off season signings not?
  7. Yep, not an easy task, but should be the focus for the long term future of the game. Too many years of letting both go to rot is now having a detrimental affect across the board. Yet we're still focusing on quick short term marketing fixes
  8. Agreed,needs to be a 50% reduction in overseas players allowed. I'd also include coaches in this cap. We need to strengthen acadamy and amateur links into the game as will only benefit the sport in the long term from a player pool and financial perspective. That's the real win for all
  9. You watch that back and he got busted a lot. Not only are they running through him but there also picking him and knackering him out. Radley needs to go there. He's just not controlling it
  10. Dear God get mcolorum off. He's having a mare, missing tackles left right and centre. Didn't even got acting half until last tackle on that last set. I know he's wane's love child, but he's gonna cost us the match
  11. I'm genuinely baffled that the saints fans on their forum believe justice has prevailed. It was horrendous to watch and deliberate, thank god atkin was ok
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