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  1. This aged well to be honest a lot of post on here haven’t aged well
  2. Take that. A wins a win. Not impressed by the commentary on 5 live though.
  3. You misread the post, the words “too many” mean not everyone
  4. Off the top of my head how about : evalds johnstone griffin Newman makinson/manfredi connor williams Lees mcshane watts currie ashurst whitehead subs powell oledzski walmsley Hughes
  5. Lot of people picking too many players who have failed on the world stage previously. Needs a big revamp with more new players for me
  6. One of the most emotional things I've ever heard on the radio today. This man is a true hero and as a Salford fan and part of the rugby league family I want to help and support in anyway I/we can #realhero
  7. For me the centenary season brought out all the best shirts. Would love to all go back to using those shirt as I can’t think of a bad one. As a Salford fan it was my fav ( probably coincidentally because it was a good season:)) . Brought out a real feel of the history of all our clubs and am sure reminded the older fans of great times.
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