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  1. Best team won, but my God they made it difficult for themselves. Am sure as fitness levels increase both teams will be come better and salford especially will become a bit more fluid. Especially with a few more mid season additions
  2. Good game that, by two equally matched teams. If that match is at salford I think they win and I think at leeds, leeds win and so it transpired. Good contest against two different styles and I think both will improve so am looking forward to the rematch
  3. I disagree that the the pun wasn't intended. Seemed pretty blatant to me
  4. Hang on, I've just come across some photos. Is it just a new stand they've built? I thought they built a new stadium on the site or something?
  5. A lot more to it than just going to a stag do during pre season.
  6. Not been confirmed by the club that he's left yet. Am hoping we can ar least get a full week in before he leaves the following week Joking aside, we've still got a bit of recruitment to do and a quotaspot to fill now ,so am excited/intrigued to see what magic mr blease can do
  7. Salford- we haven't lost any players this week , yet
  8. Salford have turned out probably the best SL kits over the past few years so am really intrigued
  9. Brierley Sio Mcdonald Lafai Burgess Cust Sneyd Vuniywawa Atkin Singleton Wright Watkins Partington Ormondroyd Stone Gerrard Borough
  10. https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/why-newcastle-knights-have-no-right-to-be-mad-at-wigan-warriors-85070/ Phenomenal peice of unbiased journalism from the gutter website that is SARL ( obviously not serious about journalism) I've not axe to grind with either party, to be honest I couldn't care less. But the dross that comes from this site is unbelievable
  11. Didn't realize people still used this saying. Thought only my dad said it and that it had died out years ago. Apparently not Cowabunga dude
  12. Let's not get too carried away. The NRL is a far better comp that SL, no matter how much we want to think it isn't.
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