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  1. I think I watched a different match to most. I found that really boring bar the last 5 mins with a not much quality on show. Gutted we lost but mcshane looked like the only decent player on the pitch. What frustrates me is the Salford team of the last 2 seasons would have won that easily. Ah well I guess it was close which shows some improvement so let's hope this carries on as we need to pick up wins quickly.
  2. Just another post where we can turn on ourselves and be negative. I'm out
  3. Does anyone know which radio stations have this on as I don't have sky? Looking forward to it as should be a good match. Thank god rugby is back, am sick of football. Now its time for gods game
  4. Well lethal injection seems the only recompense
  5. On a serious note, will he move from Yorkshire to Lancashire? He seems a more Yorkshire based coach. Or maybe a swap with him taking on national duties and wane taking over at wire and Ford at Cas
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