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  1. I'm not denying fryston are a good team, they can obviously only beat the teams infront of them, I'm just saying they haven't beat siddal's ncl team
  2. Which 10 are you classing as first team players????
  3. Fryston beat Siddal's winter team in the Yorkshire cup, who was in pennine division 4, you certainly didn't beat the ncl team
  4. Awful Pete when I see you I will tell you all about the game, some awful bad language was heard from the siddal fans, there cup final, they wanted it more, move on and bring on Oxford next week, strongest 17 for that game is a must, players in correct positions is a must, we won't play that badly again, also stood behind the goal second half ref missed a few punches in most of siddal tackle's on our players, couldn't believe what I seen behind the goal, 3 of there guys would tackle one of our lads then punches would be thrown in the tackle, disgusting, bring on Oxford, like I said siddal wanted it alot more and we shouldn't of rested players. What a load of rubbish, Siddal dominated Newcastle, not by punching them or being dirty, but by being a far better team, for you to claim that they was acting like thugs is embarrassing, especially after the cowardly punch on our centre, when he wasn't looking, playing your joke club is definitely not our cup final, not one of your players would get in our team,
  5. Tough to call the winner for me, miners and Siddal go into the playoffs in great form, mayfield can score a lot of points against anybody, wath brow have a quality team, if dockers can get there best 17 out for the rest of the season they have a good chance of winning it from 6th,
  6. Wath brow x2, miners away and Siddal away, tough run in for west hull, be a shame if they got relegated when they play Siddal
  7. It will take a massive effort for them to stay up this season IMO, what a fall from grace, less than 12 months ago they was TMT, now they are useless
  8. if there was still money left, they would have kept the better players from last year, instead they are left with a few decent players but too many kids, Paying players in the amature game may bring you short term success, but it seems to destroy the core of a club,
  9. Best players have gone, no more money, brilliant to see though, #giveusagamewesthull
  10. Great to see west hull falling to bits, all the Keyboard warriors on this forum from there club who have spent 2 years gloating are all very quiet now,
  11. thats what happens when you pay, no loyalty towards the club, be tough in division 1 for them next year
  12. Great to see the west hull bubble has burst!!!! Has the money run out, or have all the best players gone
  13. I think the premier is wide open, very tough at this point to say who will finish top, one of miners, dockers or Siddal Div 1- Kells Div 2- fev lions Div 3- old boys