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  1. Just a laal rib tickler or three from, (the gift that keeps on giving) on there 'league one cup' thread, a quote by Cumbrian Boy, on Dec 20th, ' the way things are going it will be a walk over, Town wont have a team to put out', right o! Obviously had too many pre Christmas wine gums......... another on the 20th was gmc66 also after having to many sniffs from a barmaids apron, 'Great stuff, .....but to be expected, lets hope they have 17 signed on by then....followed by 2 laughing faces....... then on Dec 29, obviously still high on grandma's Christmas cake we had this gem from WHITEHAVEN RLFC 4 EVA....'Think we have a great shot at both league and cup this year, with our squad, which is quality for this league and i believe its better than last years squad imo.........Christ......dont you just love an optimist, so to all our mates in Dopeland
  3. After somebody called Hewervieverscharlton as coach now.......i think they need him if he can be found, some folks even considering asking for season ticket money back, joy oh joy after all the bloody incoming we have had to
  4. Just had a look on the dark side and they still seem hopeful of Dion turning up, they reckon he will turn there season around, but, and a big but this, its all in his hands now, so less than 50/50 i would say, on another note, for those of you not brave enough to go to the dark side, there is another true gem from Booga20 about Connor Holiday getting a one match holiday for his cowardly attack at Barrow where he ran in, threw a couple of punches, then disappeared, i will quote it verbatim for all to read, so there can be no confusion, even from the dark side, 'He would have got 2 games but an early guilty plea gave him one' , then it says, 'Also to clear things up He's frustrated that the teams not creating any attacking options' 'I could say a few more thing but I'll refrain.' That must rate of the excuse of the year and its only Feb, cannot see this being gift that keeps on giving, lol
  5. I do also have a friend or two, although they were poisened and misguided at an early age and now follow haven, actually said to me before the game we would win it, called getting the excuses in early, yep about the banter, its great to see them squirming.....
  6. Feel like haircut 100 with the amount of posts i am
  7. I have a turn coat who likes to give it to me when possible, they are very quite at the moment though, cannot stand turn coats though at any cost, i know its only a game but come on, once you get past puberty you stick with your choices come what may........
  8. The first was the sage, a optmist no less that goes by the name of Steven DeMont, the second was from that that great wise person named just me, there was some greater posts then these on the 'town' thread that got deleted after 'willy gate'when they entered into there big willy contest about who signed the most this the most that etc, they just cannot help themselves lol.......there was a post i think by davo5, i think the 5 denotes his IQ, that absolutely trashed town with snide remarks and innuendo although he never mentioned town, he said something to the effect of we will be better than a team that only has nine players and they are kids, well matey, you wave that WILLY in the air, we know who laughing at the moment, i look forward to Phil Joseph punching some holes at the wreck in a few days time, him and Stevie Scholey backed by Chris Coward should have a field day against the deluded.
  9. Spoke to Dave Farrel after the game and he was shell shocked and said they had spent so much money he was not sure what they could do.
  10. There is currently a BIG WILLY CONTEST going on over there about who said this, and who said that, who has the most locals, most youngsters etc. got to see how long it taken gruppenfuhrer Mrs haven warrior step in and send them all to bed, lol
  11. No it does not, as its a friendly all have to pay, sure the club will need the money too
  12. Ah, Gruppenfuhrer Mrs Haven Warrior now steps in to restore order and send the children to bed early, after all readers, even in Dopeland Monday is still a school night, lol Note to self........get a life Tadji.
  13. They are also now calling for travellers, pack not good enough,sack the coach, attitude not good enough, and that they should be in every night this week for a flogging, so in summary, ' floggings will continue until morale improves' you could not make it up, but no matter, one optimist reckons they will beat the kids from down the road by 30 and all will be forgotten, and if they do another die hard(no pun intended) will run naked around DP.....Perish the thought
  14. That word ##### arrange the letters.....PRCIK
  15. Well, where do you want to begin, haircut is bigging up the coach and players for paying up for the supporters that went to Newcastle, and has declared from his lofty perch to decree that the monies should go towards the South wales coach trip and some beers, to which some are objecting as they went and dont see why they should pay for the jollies of others, he is also slagging some who have dared to have an opinion about how they have played who have not been to every second of rugby league played by the greatest squad ever assembled in the cause of a reason to buy a trophy cabinet, he has then PMd a fella acusing him of being a #####, so the guy has put the PM on the forum, they have been giving Haircut stick for being King of the free ticket handout, then he wriggling out of stuff he said previously, and saying he rode bare arsed to Newcastle and spent days there and crawled to the ground, not really but pleading a bit, great fun, what do they call it when like turns on like?