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  1. Where do we go from here?

    Not to sure where you get the peanuts from, the sum was not to shabby considering the land was being used for no more than a dump by some parties and a dog toilet by others.
  2. Attendances

    Did not want you turning up on the wrong day...
  3. Attendances

    Wont be that big a crowd on Sunday matey, in fact it will be much worse than last Sunday, game on Saturday this week that may not be to bad......
  4. Leigh Puppets

    Now there is a proper comedian on there that would not pay £25.00 a year as it is to expensive, but would be happy to pay £2.50 a month Direct Debit, obviously now becoming apparent why they have had problems in the fiscal department down Dopelands number one under could not make it
  5. Leigh Puppets

    Albright and Wilson..............
  6. Leigh Puppets

    Does not appear that this DR jobby with Leigh is meeting with much approval over on and on another note they are now asking for opinions on weather they should charge for using the forum,maybe 'trouble at mill' .com before long.
  7. Welcome to Town Kieran

    Watched the DVD of both the Whitehaven maulings and actually wondered why he had not been signed up yet, so well done all, another good addition.
  8. Thunder away

    Nil 14 now Callum 16 now Chamberlain kicking
  9. Thunder away

    Doran 1st score, Hambley just scored as well, Thunder 0 Town 10 ktc Huh
  10. Thunder away

    Thunder 0 Town 6
  11. Thunder away

    My spelling is ship!
  12. Thunder away thiis is the wirless link
  13. 19 man squad for tomorrow

    Just a laal rib tickler or three from, (the gift that keeps on giving) on there 'league one cup' thread, a quote by Cumbrian Boy, on Dec 20th, ' the way things are going it will be a walk over, Town wont have a team to put out', right o! Obviously had too many pre Christmas wine gums......... another on the 20th was gmc66 also after having to many sniffs from a barmaids apron, 'Great stuff, .....but to be expected, lets hope they have 17 signed on by then....followed by 2 laughing faces....... then on Dec 29, obviously still high on grandma's Christmas cake we had this gem from WHITEHAVEN RLFC 4 EVA....'Think we have a great shot at both league and cup this year, with our squad, which is quality for this league and i believe its better than last years squad imo.........Christ......dont you just love an optimist, so to all our mates in Dopeland
  14. 19 man squad for tomorrow
  15. 19 man squad for tomorrow

    After somebody called Hewervieverscharlton as coach now.......i think they need him if he can be found, some folks even considering asking for season ticket money back, joy oh joy after all the bloody incoming we have had to