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  1. richie keay


    44.0 what a disaster feel sorry for all the fans that made the journey
  2. Did anyone read PGs article in the mail tonight. He mentions a vision of his about a hospitality facility the length of one of the try lines. Wow that's some vision. Keep up the good work you are doing an excellent job.
  3. Apart from Duffy who got injured on Sunday, I know we still have 4 or 5 injuries from the start of the season
  4. I've now got a tattoo of the flaming ball on my calf. Does anyone know how to upload an image?
  5. This came from Steve Andrews last year. We last won at Mount Pleasant on 18th February 2001, just over 17 years ago. Heres the match details. Batley 10 Barrow 18 Attendance 518 Barrow team 1 Chris Massey 2 Glenn Hutton 3 Phil Atkinson 4 Darren Wilson 5 Ade Gardner 1 try 6 Brett McDermott 7 Darren Holt 3 goals 8 Tau Liku 9 Anthony Murray 10 Willie Burns 11 Geoff Luxon 12 Mike Whitehead 13 Matt Leigh 1 try 14 Ian Rawlinson 15 Damian Whitter 16 Gary Charlton 1 try 17 Mike Kavanagh
  6. Yes mate your more than welcome Ged
  7. Cheers brother what are you doing on Sat 5th Oct, my 50th and a match against Roose for Willie Rich in the afternoon followed by copious amounts of drink, then back to my house for more then down town???
  8. Isn't it great that this getting used more.?
  9. Brilliant result for the Woolybacks what was the attendance and how much did they charge to get in. Wouldn't it be nice if they drew Barrow later on in the comp.
  10. Hows Stargroth he had to come off early in the match look like a shoulder injury.
  11. Where do the club train now I hope they don't use CP,
  12. Me and my lad thoroughly enjoyed the game, old style game played in typical winter condtions, thought our pack was immense esp Walker, Riley Jono and the PNG hooker Puara all ran the ball in all day and tackled there hearts out, against a much bigger Wigan pack who were to a man much bigger than ours. I remember playing every week in condions like that when rugby was played in the winter couldn't tell who was who in the end. Well done to both clubs for a great day especially the Chairman PG. Hope the pitch recovers quickly such a shame so early in the season.
  13. 100 in the Raiders bar isnt possible is it
  14. A debate started today at work about the Kilone have the club approached them about using the function room on Match days, tomorrow for example at one o'clock there are supposed to be a load of Wigan 1st teamers going to be there to sigh autographs including coach Lam and O'louglin, unfortunately you can't swing a mouse in there, imagine if we could hold it at the Kilone.
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