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  1. greavesy

    Here's something for you all to think about.

    Also the ground improvements are still continuing. We also continue to thrive in the championship despite poor gates. .
  2. greavesy

    Why did we spend £10k......

    One place that is not the best is it's present position where if you are in the seated area it is impossible to read. To me and a lot of others it has been a waste of money if used as it is at the moment.
  3. greavesy

    Dogs v Rams Heavy woollen derby Part 4

    If it is as I have heard no Walker or Scott and Dews on the up this is the one when they will be favourites, but it is a Derby and pride must come into it for our team so providing we can find a kicker to kick the extras I predict a close win 22- 20 . Just hope the second half fade out at Fev last week does not strike again.
  4. greavesy

    Fev v Dogs

    If we are to keep up our marked improvement we will have to match Featherstone's intensity they play from quick play the balls and move up fast when defending. I see a close hard fought match and if we can get the points here then we are definitely on the way back after the disappointing start to the season. I predict a narrow win for the home side 26 -22 but hoping for that to be reversed. Will be there with the Woodman lads to cheer them on.
  5. greavesy

    Great Get Together

    Yes Kevin they very nearly and probably deserved the points that day but the team performed a what I would term as the impossible and won the match. The Rochdale team that day was bolstered by 3 Warrington first team players who all shone for them. But that is what D/R produces. The week after they had none of those players.. Am well up for Sunday and hope we reproduce some of Sundays heroics. Team of the week by the way in the Leaguer.
  6. greavesy

    Great Get Together

    Superb day from start to finish. Even the sun shone for the event. One of my most enjoyable visits to the mount in many a year. Lets hope some of the new visitors come back for more .
  7. greavesy

    Today's game

    What a magnificent day for the Bulldogs. Don't know where to start. Brilliant team performance cannot remember a better first half up the hill. Superb initiative from the board to have a open day tremendous attendance. Sun shining . Great rock band Plenty of mums and children. Looked around about 30 mins after the game finished and people were still queing for a beer. I think that now the team have finally turned the corner and have taken on board the new coach and his ideas. Early doors I know but things today definitely took a turn for the better . More please. Praise to the board and the team for today . One of the best.
  8. greavesy

    MOM Batley v Sheffield

    1 Walker (magnificent performance) 2 Rettie 3 Scott. To the rest of the team thanks for that on a great day for the BULLDOGS.
  9. greavesy

    swinton v dogs match thread

    Great win today Swinton are no mugs with the ball in hand it shows defensively we are definitely improving and No D/R (loans ) from Cas. In my view Walker must stay in the team when Dom returns. If Southernwood is in then it has to be at loose forward. Well done to the boys today lets hope the improvement continues . It is the Shams again soon and the prospect of 0-4 does not sit well with me. But first it's the rejuvenated Eagles bring it on.
  10. greavesy

    Don`t go Browny

    Sorry mate no evidence just rumours from a third party but a good source.
  11. greavesy

    toulouse prediction

    Oh dear on present form I think if we keep them down to under 40 it will be a achievement I go Bulldogs 14 Toulouse 46 it gives me no satisfaction to predict such a heavy caning But on present form ????.
  12. greavesy

    Don`t go Browny

    I have thought for a while that Brown has been tapped up and I did suspect Featherstone as the guilty party. To be fair if a player wants away there is nothing the club or coach can do. The said player has had off field problems and heard some rumours of a bust up with the coach in Toulouse 1st match up. If we can get a decent fee and free up some contract money it will be a decent move for both parties IMO. We need an influx of at least a couple of good players to maybe halt the alarming slide in playing standards if this season is not to end in complete disaster . Just trying to put some positives into the mix.
  13. greavesy


    Very few bulldogs fans at the game most knew how dire we are and not worth the cost of a Blackpool weekend. So I admit yes our support was poor and going to get worse after that showing. I predict a gate below 500 v Toulouse who will do a London, HKR on us .
  14. greavesy


    Yeah and I noticed the minibus load of Dewsbury fans the camera kept flashing on LOL
  15. greavesy


    There will be no relegation the league structure will be changed once again. No one will go down and Toronto +1 will be promoted to even out the numbers in the lower leagues. Plus the RL do not want the Bulls in Championship 1.