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  1. As a RL fan I really hope the Bradford club rise from this latest debacle but not owning you own Stadia creates huge shortfalls in income streams. I remember the club folding in1963 and reforming a year later and if it happens again let us hope for the sake of the Bradford club that responsible and patient owners come forth to right all the mistakes made in the last few years. The game needs clubs like Bradford who have the crowd potential to put money into the coffers of other clubs on game day. They need to lose the little big man chip though and build with a purpose not spending money they do not have. Reaching super league is not the be all and end all as we at The Mount well know.
  2. Have to say I loved to watch Stan Gittings he was very good. Storey was good on defence but lacked pace and Lingard was a top line breaker who scored sensational tries but not the best position wise in defence.And as for Scott he was one of our best signings last season and is very very consistant. My vote for the best would have to go to Stan Gittings.
  3. What about John Carroll He was a really good ball playing forward for us.
  4. 14 tries conceded and London have passed the 70 mark. 2nd half worse than first. All our improvement this season disappearing down the pan. What on earth has happened to the team ?.
  5. 32 -0 and humiliation. It,s one thing getting a tonking from a super league side but no excuses for this one. Come on boys it is half time at least restore some pride and confidence with a good second half display.
  6. Today was the day that decided if this seasons Bulldogs had what it takes and boy did they show it. The whole team were magnificent I cannot praise them enough for the effort put in today. That is the third full time team we have beaten this season and dousn,t it feel good .We cannot go out and recruit a player of the calibre of Jamie Soward a proven performer in the much vaunted NRL but what we do have is guts, determination , team spirit and a will to succeed. I cannot pick a man of the match as the whole team are deserving of the accolade. I am one proud BULLDOG lets finish the job at Swinton. What a season .
  7. I suggest that the next time you go to a game try using both eyes to view the match. The Halifax one never sees actual events only blue and white.
  8. More good news from our great club. We are not one of the more prosperous clubs but one that commands loyalty and spirit in abundance . Plenty to play for in 2016 and the future is looking great too. Am very pleased to hear that two of the championships best forwards have committed to the mighty Bulldogs. Now we just need to convince the people of Batley to get there butts up the hill and give added support the team. Well done to the board and Bissa for their efforts in building a strong and improving squad.
  9. Oh no Leigh are in the lead Smith a chip and kick. and another try to clinch it but well done for a top effort.
  10. We are in the lead Harrison scores unbelievable.
  11. wow these guys never cease to amaze me 1 point in it 10 mins to go. A patched up side performing once more showing true Bulldog spirit. 25 - 24
  12. If we keep them below 35 playing as we are and with the injury situation thrown in I will be happy. Our early season expectations seem to be evaporating and these are worrying times. All seems to have gone pear shaped since Kear announced he was off to Wakey or maybe it is just a coincidence. The Fev game apart our defence has been blown apart so here,s hoping for a quick improvement. Big games coming up with Catalans, Halifax and Bradford looming we need to get the Bulldog spirit back and fast.
  13. Swinton were by far the better team today. We were found wanting in so many areas and by the time we realised we were in trouble the game was out of reach. This is a very competitive division and if you are off your game you will get beat. Poor defensive options and a lack of creativity especially downhill in the first 40 cost us dear. We need Ulugia back pretty sharpish the centres looked very predictable and sluggish. Back on the horse pretty quick or Leigh will demolish us next Sunday. Again well done to Swinton worthy winners.
  14. Then we will agree to differ on this one BSJ. There is no arrogance at the Batley Bulldogs only a club always striving to improve on and off the field.