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  1. As things stand Dewsbury have only won 2 games this season . They are only scoring just above 8pts a league game and after beating us in the league they went to Sheffield and took another pounding before meeting us again lo and behold another win Both games scoring over 20 pts. We are in rut and people burying their heads in the sand saying all will be ok need a reality check. Something is obviously nor right within the camp . Sort it out spring to mind .
  2. As for London being the real deal do not forget we even managed to make a injury ravaged Dewsbury look good. Something is clearly not right and not just the results. I do agree Lillycrop gives maximum effort every match and IMO was our MOM today. The defence has gone AWOL as has the team spirit. Even the warm up looked lacklustre to me today. The most glaring component missing from the side though is pace . We are positively pedestrian. Today we simply ran out of backs once again and the Squires fallout came back to bite us . Sorry, reliable as Bretherton is nowadays he is not a threequarter no offence intended to him. Quite simply we are being taken apart too easily. I believe that is 6 times we have gone for over 40pts in a match. Now is the time for unity I would say and Mr Diskin needs to sort things quickly or we will not even make the top 6 never mind the 4. Halifax (a) H.K.R. (h) in our present form makes me fear th
  3. We beat Rochdale and I still do not know how .We have been put to the sword too easily this term too many points in the against column . 6th is not a improvement and a lot of money has gone into this squad. Can you honestly say that Dewsbury with a severely weakened team would defeat us. Sorry I am not of the Diskin out crew he is new to the job but playing Ostrich and pretending all is well will not win games. One of my main points is you keep the spine of the team together barring injuries Do not keep changing 6,7,9, & 13. My points are meant to be constructive not negative. Do you want a message board like a left wing student conference where everyone follows the same theme.
  4. You do not have to be a Diskin downbeat to know that constantly changing your pivotal players will not help the team win matches neither will pretending everything in the garden is rosy when it obviously is not. Bad results keep coming and this squad is better than that. You know it as do I and a lot of concerned Bulldog supporters. Let us all hope for a better performance on Monday. As for his supposed poor performance against Rochdale He was a well marked man the defence stormed into tackle him every time he received the ball . He was poor with the boot but again tinkering with the team meant our No1 kicker was indeed kicking his heels for the 3rd time this season. Lets play our best team and go from there.
  5. IT DID !!.
  6. Most of the posts on the match seem to be saying we won so all in the garden is rosy. I have seen our points against column and we have the fourth largest at 250 in the championship which equates to over 27 pts a game far too many to finish in the top 4. The defence on Sunday was poor and that is being kind. We are simply not moving up and are waiting after a couple of steps forward. Also the constant tinkering with our line up is not helping 3 times this season Patch Walker has not made the team He is our No1 kicker he wins matches. Scott was outstanding at H.K.R then left out. Hayward was ordinary and kept his place. No place for Manning one of our top defenders No Farrell or Gledhill. Just to put things in perspective I thought the fight shown by the team was excellent they fought to the end and got the rewards Well done on that score. We need to improve if we are to get into that top 4 which must be our aim with the added expenditure on the squad otherwise we are going backwards.
  7. All the talk on here has been about lack of creativity. That in my opinion was not the case at HKR . We made half openings but did not have the pace to go through them. I would say the loss of Keegan Hirst has had more of a effect on the team as our front row is not making the inroads we were last season. Good to see Brown back he has the mischief and strength to cause problems.
  8. 1 Walker 2 Haywood 3 Farrell
  9. You always have the faith Ernie. I think if we played Wigan away you would predict a win . Hats off to you.
  10. Wow where did that come from ?. Obviously the team meeting sorted out what was amiss and produced a terrific result . Now lets take that form into the league games and reach for the top four. Well done to the team on a top performance.
  11. Johnathon Ford has heard about our tackling recently so he is playing in a white tuxedo. just kidding people, tin hat at the ready. seriously I cannot see anything other than a cup exit here I predict Toulouse 42 Bulldogs 10.
  12. Add the loss of Brown and our formidable array of good prop forwards is halved. Our forwards are going backwards this season.
  13. !st trip of the season for me and Kev as Nick says always a top day out win or lose. Also a good base at the Woodman with landlord John Foulston .
  14. Have spoken about this one before and do not want to sound negative after such a top performance but something needs to be done about the positioning of the new scoreboard. The score is totally hidden from view of all the spectators in the seated stand ( old long stand). There has to be a better place to put it other than tucked into that corner. Over a third of todays gate had restricted viewing. Thoughts please.
  15. 1 Manning 2 Maher 3 Lillycrop Brilliant performance in terrible conditions.