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  1. Because they were league matches, not friendlies?
  2. Surprised at this, as Featherstone look to have a very decent squad on paper. They've also spent hundreds of thousands developing their youth set-up, and as a result have some very promising young players on their books who need game-time in order to fulfil their potential. Isn't there a huge paradox in them engaging with a system which is primarily aimed at developing players for another club?
  3. Our squad looks much better all-round this season. I can see a real fight for a shirt in all positions. Last year we were padded out with too many average journeymen - Grayston being a prime example. All of this years bunch are capable Championship players who can step up to the plate.
  4. I'm not sure why you've listed about 10 ex-players who are still well-known, high-profile figures in either RL or RU. The point of interest around these 'where are they now?' articles is when you find out that a beloved former player owns a string of sex shops, or is banged up in a Thai jail for acting as a drugs mule.
  5. Fitness and the fact he appeared to be...well...a little bit of a dumbo on the pitch. Cognitive skills definitely lacking.
  6. 2016 will either make or break Rowley as a coach. The combination of personalities in that dressing room is a potential Chernobyl.
  7. Wow, look at the beautiful, flowing locks he had as a kid.
  8. Good for him. He didn't look out of place when I saw him play for Salford and deserved more opportunities in their first team.
  9. I guess one of the issues around free highlights is that it would probably hit BISSA's match DVD sales. I gather that they're one of their biggest earners.
  10. Not forgetting the 7 British players they've signed for 2016....
  11. I note that Chris has a slightly older cousin who was on the books at North Queensland Cowboys and had a short stint at Hull KR a few years back. He's currently playing in the lower grades back in Oz. Wonder if he could be tempted over to join his relative?
  12. One thing's for sure - if they don't go up this season then Beaumont himself might end up turning out for them at prop in 2017. He's got a real whiff of Des Johnston aabout him.
  13. Is Lee Smith really that bad? He did a decent job for Wakefield at the back end of last season and offers good cover in all the backline positions. Admittedly, his career has taken a downturn since leaving Leeds, but he's surely worth a years contract as a squad player.
  14. Let's hope it's not. An absolute abomination. I have a feeling that it's actually the Kirklees College kit. I'm not certain, but I believe we still have a link to them.
  15. I'll reserve my judgement on their stadium arrangements until they make the improvements promised in their press release. If the ground is brought up to spec - fine. If not, then any criticism is absolutely warranted.