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  1. Damn you and your Vulcan logic Wilsden Ram.
  2. Admirable sentiment but I didn't hear him making these comments last season. This also suggests that he doesn't feel lower league teams are worthy of a full time career.
  3. Thank God that was a brief response.
  4. FREE THE BATLEY 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. unless of course your business is tagging people?
  6. I know its not my business, and im pretty sure its not yours either.
  7. Great coverage as always. Would be nice to see try/goal stats for the players who score.
  8. I Don't see any value or point to those comments!
  9. I suggest the police raid PiggysMates Caravan and reclaim the missing pieces.
  10. Sounds like we finally found our kicking game. Something we will need in spades for Monday. Well Done the Rams.
  11. Done.
  12. You must drink BITTER cookie?
  13. Thank God coolie won't be there. I hate seeing him go back on his promise to never go to another rams game.
  14. Served me well for many years, don't knock it.
  15. Wouldn't surprise me. Plays right in to Workingtons hands if true.