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  1. Read this in the League Express this morning, "Firstly congratulations to Featherstone Rovers for finishing top of the championship table at the end of the regular season.This is an achievment they should be proud of. However,when browsing their website,i noticed they are calling themselves " Champions 2010 " and are even selling merchandise to this effect. I thought to be champions you had to win the play offs.or have the goal posts been moved ? I belive that the Rugby League should intervene and ask Featherstone to remove their self proclaimed title and all associated merchandise until after the play off final. They should only be allowed to call themselves Champions and sell associated merchandise when and IF they win the Grand Final." What a load of rubbish we have won the Championship therfore we are Champions,if we win the Grand Final we will be Grand Final winners.
  2. Took my little lad to the playday at Purston park and he spotted a rugby ball and kicking tee and wanted to go over the players could see that he was a bit shy and before long he was showing Kyle how to kick and tackling Jonny Grayshon and Zac.Great to see the Rovers at such events spreading the word.
  3. Every Rovers game i have been to this season
  4. I think i shouted "get with him" once last night!
  5. Maybe been rested as well not a bad situation to be in Jonny G gets injured but Spears and Divorty are ben rested!
  6. If a club wants a player they can buy out the contract etc if the price is right.Hopefully this wont be the case.
  7. Signing a deal doesnt really mean much these days.
  8. I take it that Tim Spears was been rested last night.
  9. Condolences to Stu and his family, thought he was injured when he went after the final whistle yesterday.He did his Mum proud again!
  10. Didnt go to the Eagles game but im surprised that theres no images in the P&C or on the website.Anyone got a copy that they can scan and upload?
  11. Its old rover with his post Powell signs extension "well, not really an extension, more a conservatory, but he's signed it and it looks quite nice."
  12. Im sure was in the League Express when Haven had announced that they had realesed him.Loz hes had more clubs than Lee Westwood!
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