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  1. And after all the years of SL existence, you still needed to borrow our training facilities.... pity the fool...
  2. I have said, on numerous occasions, that we should get behind Mac until the season finishes, which it now has. Now is the time to judge, and I think that now is the time for him to go. If he had a scrap of dignity, he would resign, but we will see. He failed to achieve his goals, and as they say in sport, it's a results driven business. I would have rather he had achieved his goal, he hasn't and should go...
  3. This is what happens when you post on top of drinking beer....
  4. Well done Batley... the best team on the day won. Very good support and I hope you all enjoyed today, good luck next week.
  5. Championship Featherstone Rovers v Batley Bulldogs 25th September, KO: 16:00 M Com: S. Williams Referee: R. Hicks Reserve Referee: J. Vella Touch Judge 1: A. Smith Touch Judge 2: N. Horton Video Referee: J. Child Time Keeper: M. Hebblethwaite
  6. I retired at the end of June, while on holiday, although I am not 60 until October, but why retire in the winter. Nearly two months in I am not missing work one bit... haven't yet had chance to start on my 'Jobs' list.. for going out to English Heritage / Nation trust sites (sadly a member of both). Towards the end of my working life I realised that 'feelings of worth' and being 'wanted' were no more than shallow feelings to manipulate people into going far beyond what should have reasonably being expected, just to please people who would then blame others for their failures. Granted, having worked as an IT development manager, IT systems are an easy target... but will I miss it... NO. When I do get bored, which I am sure will take quite a while, I will either volunteer as a staff member at an EH / NT site, or maybe spend some time helping at a local food bank, in some capacity. So, keep on working until you drop... not for me thanks.
  7. With the playoff final 7 weeks today, like the current coach or not, it's not going to change. We need to get behind the team and see if we make it to 7 weeks today, when anything can happen.
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