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  1. Cam King going before the end of the season?
  2. There is no way that Wigan, Saints and Wire will allow their teams to be singled out for merger, so watch out Wakefield / Cas, Hull / Hull KR.
  3. 5 years down the line maybe, try selling that to the 2 Hull clubs who may be ask to accept merger when you have 4 north American / Canadian clubs knocking on the door
  4. Okay then, lets say not all away followed by all home. Stop being pedantic, you knew what I meant.
  5. All depends whether they are allowed to play all their away games first, then a run in of all home games, Should be made to play home then away, and forfeit home advantage where they can't because of the weather, there should be no special treatment.
  6. Much rather see a 4-2, with good defence, rather than a 42 - 40 with none.
  7. London, in their various guises, have been around for nearly 40 years. There is a strong amateur and junior structure under pinning them and deserve respect. As a 'traditionalist' I only ask that the structures are there to underpin any club. At the end of the day RL is slowly dying, as both the amateur and junior game is on it's ar*e, but London can't be accused 'buying' a place in super league. Good look for next season, hope you do well.
  8. The trans atlantic super league will never be, it was never there, nor I hope, without a structure beneath that will grow home grown players, will there ever be. You can't just buy a team and expect to be accepted onto the top table. ?
  9. They have been no higher than the championship, the middle 8's isn't a league.
  10. No, just one who believes that the way rugby will survive in England is to grow from the bottom up, not the top down!!!! Still funny, just goes to show money can't buy everything ?
  11. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, so funny, looks like the trans atlantic super league is down the pan. Well done London
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