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  1. I did tell you I was going before I booked it, I assumed if you wanted to come you would have said. Anyway, I will bring thee a stick of rock back....
  2. Starting to get giddy now, flying out tomorrow. Really looking forward to a good, close game. Like I have said earlier, Fev by 8.
  3. Last time we played Holmes, having not played for 5 weeks, looked rusty to say the least. We are in a different place now, so roll on Sunday, and lets right the wrongs from from 25 years ago.
  4. For most sides, the support needed is financial. As no money goes to grass roots anymore, it just gets swallowed up by supergreed clubs. Possibly the development area's outside of the heartlands get some support, but if we continue to concentrate on top down development and leave the foundations to crumble, there will be no game in 20 years.
  5. Does anyone know where people are sitting in the ground?
  6. I don't know if this has been mentioned already, so apologies if it has, but when Featherstone went to Toronto in 2019, the RFL stated that whichever side won, met minimum criteria and would be promoted. My guess is this hasn't changed.
  7. As the lowest placed team, they cannot host the final
  8. He had been playing at York, and I'm not sure that once he gets a few games under his belt he will go back out on loan.
  9. Brown Gale Davies Hardy and Harrison pushing them close, great team performance.
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