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  1. Saints to win by golden point - oh hang on SL has its own rules and thinks it a poor way to decide the winner. ok ill go for Cunningham to plough over for the winner, the script is written. they must of learnt summut by now loosing for the last 3 years, oni thing is Rhinos are not there this year so they have a chance. Saints 26 - 16 Pies
  2. It's here folks. The boys have done brilliant all year Now it's our turn to raise our voices and do our bit Good luck to all at featherstone rovers See you in Warrington
  3. http://www.sportinglife.com/rugbyleague/ne..._Wakefield.html Its now Official, but we knew this months ago, good luck Jessie, hope you know what your doing and letting your self in for...... You could of been playing at Warrington at the weekend..... your loss, Wakie wont give you a grand final.
  4. what a load of old ######. be better with them out of our league, take them now put them in SL next season and have done with it. why wait and have a pointless season next year.
  5. wasnt tonight so nobody has missed owt, guess its a 50/50 chance now, thur or fri, lol
  6. get that feeling its getting closer.....starting to feel it now, well said Tommy im sure you will do everyody proud go get them mate and bring home the jewels
  7. bet they didnt know you ran out of beer at the last game, well done matey, you are Rovers throu and throu, keep up the good work
  8. Hi All, My mate has been to the Awards Night in Manchester (free tickets with work) Player of the Year : Liam Finn (could of gone to either one of them) Young player of the Year: Zac Hardacker and Moore from Batley (shared it) Coach of the Year: one Mr Powell from Fev Rovers (of course never in doubt) Team of the Year : Batley (maybe this award has come a week early, lol) Im sure these will be comfirmed in due course Liam Finn made a moving speech about Swifty too Well done Fev Rovers - Lets show the selectors they have got the team award wrong (but well done Batley for NRC win)
  9. Book the Bus and lets have a jolly without worry of parking
  10. 2- If a season ticket holder can't get to a home game, does the club still count them in the attendance figure, as they have already paid? (If so, two extra kids for
  11. we had 2 adult season tickets this year, we are going to get a family ticket for next season and bring the 2 kids with us. i quite like paying now, you forget about it then all next year you get in for nowt (well it seems like it) Just wish they would do a deal with other clubs, people with season tickets can go to away games for
  12. got our T shirts and caps tonight too, will look awesome if there is loads of us with them on
  13. SEASON TICKETS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED http://www.featherstonerovers.net/article.php?id=2689 We all need to support this as much as possible in order for us to keep the talent on the pitch.
  14. enjoyed the interviews with them both, they seem up for the Final and are expecting the Fax machine to be making the trip to Warrington a week on Sunday, guess we will find out on thursday.
  15. 6 of us going, is there any buses going from ponte at all???, im going to book with the rovers but got to get to/from ground so if there is any picking up in ponte let me know
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