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  1. Here here !!! Whos guna come and watch that poop and pay
  2. He was at home shining his pieces of eight Andy
  3. Bosman ...No... Fee ..No , Superleague ... No Andy -_-
  4. I think you should get Mr Taylor doing it again ,he was class but very byass toward Fev BRING MR TAYLOR BACK !!!! Bluebeard
  5. Hmmm mi hearty that sounds like a good idea ...But !!! come game time is the pitch going to be frozen because by my reckoning it aint gona be above freezing Sunday morning .. I do love all your enthuiasm though to try and get the game on mi heartys NEVER SAY NEVER Bluebeard ... Refrigeration Engineer / Best mascot in R.L
  6. Ha .... Ya all guna work very hard to clear the snow ,then when Sunday comes it will be too hard to play because youve lifted the fields blanket of protection ... The game will be off Bluebeard -_- Refrigeration Engineer