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  1. I don't think the number of tackles is the issue. It could be the distance the defensive line is set. Is 10m too far back?
  2. Is a new logo worth the time, effort and money? Surely, that money would have been better invested in other areas.
  3. jack Johnson signed for Widnes.
  4. Seems like Wellington Albert is on his way (well according to Wiki)
  5. Watson Boas signed for Doncaster
  6. I thought Bradford are the biggest club in the Championship?
  7. I think the final was a fair reflection on the Championship season as a whole - Toronto just too good for everybody but they faced a very doggied and hardworking team. Toronto knew they were in for a very tough game, but also knew they had to be patient and they weren't going to score off every set. Although Featherstone were leading in the first half, the defensive efforts and pressure Toronto were building they were going to fade away at some point. A very good gameplan, which I wouldn't have expected anything less from Brian McDermott - who will respect Featherstone a lot from his time at Leeds. I don't think Toronto have to go out and get a lot of players either, I think the current team would stay up - but it would depend on how ambitious they are. They are good, progressive club - who I 'd love to see do well. They are a great story and talking point and should be proud of what they have achieved. As for Featherstone, what an amazing turnaround this season - it';s been a rollercoaster, but came strong at the right time. On another day, if they would have had less travel time in the last week, I reckon the game would have been much closer. A massive well done to Toronto, really looking forward to seeing their Super League adventure.
  8. 21 / 22 How could I forget about Crusaders.
  9. Not a dig at your word. Just a generalisation that a team had to be approved. Should never have come to that - if they are in the competition then they should be allowed to participate in any league.
  10. Do you have a source for this? If a team declines - what is the punishment for this?
  11. The beauty of our league is any of the top 6 / 7 can beat anyone.
  12. Are the floodlights coming to Featherstone (sort of a serious point too)
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