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  1. Selby isn't the only area that York could target, it's such an accessible area. Tadcaster and Sherburn are ever growing areas that would be great areas to target. I'm sure York has a strategy to cover these 3 areas.
  2. This chap - https://www.saintsrlfc.com/teams/under-19s/warren-smith/ ?
  3. Sheffield Toulouse Toronto Leigh *Could go either way with Barrows form. York Bradford Widnes
  4. Does it take into account bots and fake accounts that could easily be generated?
  5. Isn't it just. The losses to Dewsbury and Barrow could still prove very costly. Next week will be very tough.
  6. Maybe why we made an announcement about Ryan Carr work with Leeds more closely....
  7. Sheffield Toronto Toulouse Barrow Leigh Swinton Widnes
  8. That 10k would have come in handy right now.
  9. They don't count, no-one likes Fev. Plus i seem to remember week in, week out we were lucky and the team wasn't that good.
  10. What about France? With having a good domestic competition and 2 sides in the English league it would be a great option for them and the growth of the game in France.
  11. No Paul, I mentioned it on a previous page. The same topic will also apply to Leigh.
  12. We might be on a good run, but Leigh are signing strong and must now be second favourites? There's really not much in the top teams. Interestingly Toulouse have their main players back now, so the game Vs Toronto will be much closer.
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