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  1. Castleford are punching above their weight and that's mainly due to Daryl and Shez. If they were to go, they'd find it incredibly difficult to replace them. Look at the state of Castleford before Daryl joined.
  2. Here's a scenario. Featherstone Rovers aren't allowed to play with crowds. However, Wakefield AFC can host 300 at the same venue. All in all, next year will be bleaker than this year in my opinion - I can't see a season start without crowds. If all teams manage to get up and running again, I think that will be a tremendous success.
  3. I think the big game breaker was the pass from Watkins to Williams. If it would have been a more accurate pass / caught the ball, then I think we'd have been congratulating Salford. This is the first final in a long time, that I've genuinely been excited by it, and it was a wonderful contest. Thank you for a wonderful spectacle.
  4. Joking aside - who is the highest place position should have the home fixture, just like Toronto got last year. That's fair.
  5. I imagine it's because they are focussed on the cup this week. I've genuinely lost track of time and when the next meeting / discussion is.
  6. When is the next meeting between the chairmen and Toronto? WIll it be next week?
  7. He has been announced as a Halifax player for next year: https://www.halifaxrlfc.co.uk/article/683?fbclid=IwAR1TTRtGXlMV37ztSF82iL_CkEK2wRk2vGmJCmff1RC9t3Ef-N7v-3nIZ4o No statement from the player or club about the fine from what I can see, maybe mistaken on this.
  8. Think we pay Leeds each year, so it won't make a difference.
  9. I assuming you are trying to compare Salford to York? If you are, transport logistics are different beasts between the two clubs.
  10. Huntington is about 2 miles away from the town centre, right next to the cities busiest retail park and somewhere that they played for years. They have crowds of over 3k before even at NL2 level (2003/04) at the old stadium. They'll be more than good IMO and a lot of teams can look at them and learn.
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