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  1. Let's hope that the team is promoted (whomever) it may be this year.
  2. Missed this - that is a crying shame. Ben is a cracking person, who was never the greatest but you knew you'd get 100% out of him each week. I'll miss his celebrations after a good tackle or try. Shame there's not more characters like him.
  3. He was at the Featherstone Vs Toulouse match, I've heard a rumour he's coming back. Good player, think he's got another year or two left in him.
  4. I'm sure this will be part of the clubs marketing strategy that they will be building up to know what works, where fans come from, general feedback, etc. Maybe the clubs brand has been damaged in the last 12 months which put's people off? Supporters maybe down, but how does this compare with the commercial side of things? Are there more sponsors? Are they paying more?
  5. I didn't realise Toulouse had beaten York at York - fair play, no mean feat. that. Before the match on Saturday afternoon I said to my dad - we are watching the team that will go up - meaning Toulouse. Real big set of lads.
  6. You know it! I don't any team would have a fancied a trip to York in the play offs to be fair.
  7. Do ref's not speak to touch judges anymore? He was in a much better position. The point of this post - was firstly to say the game was outstanding, could have gone either way. Toulouse are a brilliant attacking team, and for 50 minutes made Featherstone struggle to even score a point. Secondly, this disallowed try, along with the one at full time has had a huge baring on final league standings.
  8. Can't wait for the play offs to start, it's mouthwatering. Any team can beat each other. Fascinating clip of 1/2 decisions that didn't quite go Featherstone's way. Thought Toulouse played really well to get back in and dominate the match from 18 down. They are a good team that play some lovely rugby.
  9. York deserve all the plaudits they are getting. Great club.
  10. Featherstone Rovers Toronto Wolfpack Barrow Raiders Dewsbury Ram York City Knights Bradford Bulls RLFC Sheffield Eagles
  11. Abuse will not be tolerated in Rugby league, whether its players, match officials or staff. Matchday accreditation are not given out lightly and strict rules and regulations are provided at the beginning of each season. What Mick has said should not be taken lightly. Whether he is a good / bad bloke or done a lot for the game - that is irrelevant.
  12. It's his opinion and I agree with him. Onto the Mick Gledhill video, I'm sure he'll release another video apologising to the individuals concerned or meet them face to face. He's in touch with the RFL daily, right....
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