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  1. 100% It was "contag" a hybrid of tag and contact. Formed by supporters of a lot of clubs. At the same time tag rugby wasn't even affiliated with the RFL. There were some amazing people involved at the time, one is now associated with Devon Sharks - whilst the other a few years ago was Chairman of Rochdale Hornets. I believe this group started in 99'.
  2. You couldn't make this up. There was actually a competitive league of this in 2007, in which the RFL pulled the plug saying it was too dangerous.
  3. Cheers. Not sure Toulouse will come top, I think it'll be v.close with 4 teams.
  4. Too early to stay. I do think York are in a very good position though. Built a good team and gone under the radar (best way). P.s is Jonny Presley associated with the club still?
  5. This (And no conspiracy from me)
  6. Did the club come out with any official reason as to why not? If Featherstone knew this would be an issue months ago - then why is only be discussed now? Seems a bit funny.
  7. @marklaspalmas - Are you aware of any data sets that shows the entire list of Fev players from 2000 - I made a start but this is tough.
  8. Mark will have something up his sleeve.
  9. London - Are they as strong as they were the year they were up? Featherstone - How impact will the new coach have on the team? Is James Webster the coach to lead them to promotion? Leigh - Have they signed the right players to push on? Is James Duffy the right coach - or is he a yes man? York - Can James Ford carry on his superb job with the astute signings he's made? Toulouse - Will injuries effect them again? Is this year there year? What impact will the new stadium have on performances? Halifax - Will they hit the ground running? Or will they be hit and miss? Bradford - Are they a surprise package now they have new owners and only just missed out on play off rugby last year? Sheffield - Big loss losing Pat Walker, have they replaced him well? Widnes - Year re-building - but you'd think that they will be there or there abouts Batley - Start of the divide in the league. Made a great signing recently, but what else have they got in store? New coach - new ideas? Dewsbury - Similar story to Batley - are they play off contenders or relegation survivors? Oldham - Hard to decide between the three teams below. Swinton Whitehaven Just a few thoughts / discussion points above
  10. This was the game that got me hooked.
  11. Are you still challenging for a first-team spot with Leeds on dual registration?
  12. I don't think the number of tackles is the issue. It could be the distance the defensive line is set. Is 10m too far back?
  13. Is a new logo worth the time, effort and money? Surely, that money would have been better invested in other areas.
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