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  1. Does Super League know which way it wants to turn? That's not to rock the boat or be a dig - a genuine question.
  2. That ended 7 years ago, but explain why they were turned down.
  3. Any team can run an academy, most teams just don't because of the finances. Aka, they'd spend it all on the first team and not think about the long term future of the club / game.
  4. We have that now, It's called Super League and Championship.
  5. Source > https://www.totalrl.com/the-financial-predicament-of-running-a-super-league-club-in-2020-told-in-depth-by-michael-carter/ Just been reading this honest article by Michael Carter, courtesy of Martyn Sadler. Thanks for putting this together, Martyn it's a fascinating read. I've not seen a topic about this article on here and I hope you don't miss it, I think it's quite fascinating and I dread to think how many other key individuals are in the same position.
  6. Give it a week and Hull will announce him as coach.
  7. Stuart Dickens 2006, when he went to Salford for a couple of months and returned. When he returned, you realised what he brought to the team. Is it also fair to include Daryl Powell in this (albeit coaching), took us a fair while to settle back down.
  8. I'd take a look at the season so far, in particular the last game and question whether yo'd want any of those players in your squad. They couldn't be bothered at all.
  9. Will probably be good for Hull, him moving on. Big wage, new coach coming in - can easily get an upgrade.
  10. Maxime was well loved in his small time at Featherstone, he was a very talented player and I'm sure the club tried to resign him multiple times. Glad to hear he is still in the game.
  11. Will crowds be back? If you don't have a season ticket, do you have the disposable income to go watch a game? There a lot of people who have lost their job recently or may do once they are back from furlough. It's going to be tough, especially going into the world cup year too.
  12. Is Mamine Greseque involved in the club at all? A wonderful talent in the 00's - be nice to hear if he is coaching?
  13. Looks like you had double vision Colin! Take care young man!
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