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  1. more forward thinking by a club going in the right direction
  2. they may need to share as its a bit colder than port moresby here
  3. after the last team Toulouse were effectively imposed on us,we now have a choice,vote to accept New south wales 2 or show some spine and say NO .Havent we taken enough ###### off the rulers of this game,say no or we can look forward to the Welsh derby games in 2012,a real treat for all us lovers of all things super league
  4. before too much longer there will not be sufficient teams to have 2 leagues outside of super league.Our game is dying and the people who run our game dont seem too concerned.There will be no need for expansion in a few years time as no teams will be left to bring in.Well done to the RFL, you are killing our sport single handedly
  5. seems like scoring an own goal to me.When people are short of money and reluctant to spend , an extra 10 pounds on a shirt you only get 1 years wear out of will mean fewer shirt sales.Short term gain but fewer shirts sold in my opinion
  6. 1001 hopefully if not more