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  1. Martin Overton

    john hills make me laugh everytime ' the iraqis mignt have the scud missile but featherstone rovers have got supersonic simpson'
  2. Kirk Netherton

    he must be a superstar if he plays for cas not suprised he cant get a game there with all the world class talent theyve got
  3. best team in how many years ?

    weve won nothing yet
  4. best team in how many years ?

    the line speed of the defence is outstanding at the miniute and the support play also , we look like a super fit team
  5. Stu Dickens

    rovers legend westgate legend top bloke peace and love stu!
  6. Barrow V Featherstone

    I know il be in the minority but after watching tonights entertainment im so glad fev are not part of superleague theres no passion when the games played between 2 expansion clubs no history and who cares who wins total rubbish
  7. Barrow V Featherstone

    rovers 36 barrow 12 you have my word
  8. Matt James

    notsour grapes but i would love 2 know how barrow can keep paying players more than any 1 else
  9. Atmosphere at away matches...

    think the away support at any team is better behind the lads than at home because only the die hards travel shame but i defo enjoy the away games better than at home!
  10. jessie joe

    i would say theres a lot more 2 come from jjp watch this space !
  11. 95 season

    mark aston must be worst signing in our history closely followed by currier although didnt currier play super league the season after with warrington?
  12. 95 season

    what ever happend to danny divet?
  13. 95 season

    he scores some good trys on it does old freddy but mark aston looks half decent as well so the video prob lies
  14. 95 season

    just watched the review of the season and was wondering why owen simpson only pops up towards the end of the season?
  15. Warrington

    ill still be expecting a win no matter who where playing