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  1. tango

    I'll ask again

    It was your number 9 Not sure of the name
  2. tango

    Come on someone cheer me up

    I thought barrow in the first half were poor the amount of forward passes were unbelievable. Think we need another prop joe can't do it by himself. Batley were the better side but some we managed to win Massive 2 points
  3. tango

    Double Standards

    Barrow have not lost at home in 2 years.
  4. tango


    Confirmed 3 matches.
  5. Barrow vs Dewsbury is off after a 9 o'cock pitch inspection
  6. tango


    Swings and roundabouts as our last try was off the back of 2 forward passes. But think at that stage we deserved a bit of luck.
  7. We are a good team who will run through brick walls for each other. One thing money can't buy is team spirit and cresta has that In this team
  8. Pitch? Nothing wrong with that pitch today. Leigh were very poor only attaked down the left once barrow got to grips with that leigh had no idea what to do. Scoreline flattered leigh
  9. I'm with you there at the barrow Oldham game today cold wet good game both sets of players were a credit to there clubs. Would of been twice the game on a dry track.
  10. Did not realse Toronto were already in the top 4 slightly arrogant to say that
  11. been many a player like that. played with a few like that all the talent but not interested. hopefully he can settle down as what I saw of him I was impressed.
  12. can only say what I saw last week against barrow he is a very good player first touch made a break and ran 40 yards with it. Barrow learnt quickly not to kick the ball to him. but every time he got the ball looked like he was going to do something with it. would not mind him at barrow much improvement on Fieldhouse who I don't rate at all far to slow. who did he play for before Doncaster?
  13. tango

    Toronto Trip Funding

    I tried to get back to topic on that thread waste of time. Thread should of been locked by the mods
  14. tango

    Barrow raising money for Toronto trip

    my issue is that we have gone completely off topic which is barrow supporters raising money for there team. just because the T word was mentioned again a thread gets blown completely out of proportion .
  15. tango

    Barrow raising money for Toronto trip

    because the same woman who started the just giving page is organizing other events also. all they are doing is raising money for the club they support. so if you don't want to donate any money don't comment on the tread as it has nothing to do with you.