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  1. I don't watch much NRL but could Radley play as an 11 or 12 to accommodate Knowles?
  2. A lot of unforced errors to be fair. Not sure if anyone keeps track of the stats at this level but probably more than any other league game so far this season. Hurricanes were good though, would probably have won without the two pretty silly sin binnings. Can't even think which try you mean so can't have been that clear... I'll wait for the highlights.
  3. Spot on. Normally in these blowout games (and I've seen a few at cougar park over the last few years) it's a physical mismatch but that wasn't the case today. Most of the skolars team have the physical profiles to be very solid players, there's some real athletes there. In the 80th minute they didn't look exhausted like you'd expect of a team that had spent all game defending so they're clearly not unfit either. Their problem was simply that they looked like they've never done a defence drill in their lives. I've no idea how much coaching experience Joe Mbu had before this season but I get the feeling if you gave that team to someone like Cornwall's Neil Kelly for example he'd get a decent tune out of them.
  4. Well it's finally here... Not quite as offensive as previous offerings, but far from the traditional style shirt fans have been asking for. Also looks more like a training top than an actual shirt in my opinion. Also I should mention that the club have said they will be planting a tree for every shirt sold which I think should be applauded regardless of opinions on the design itself.
  5. Strange comment, compare Keighley 2/3 years ago to Keighley now and they are undeniably on an upwards trajectory, terrible kits or otherwise.
  6. Not quite, it's the old Ottawa account with a new username and picture.
  7. He did, nothing really bad to say about him and he always tried hard in a year when a lot of the team spent a lot of the time looking like it couldn't be bothered but I'd say we have two centres better than him now.
  8. You've got a good one in Jack Coventry, I was shocked to see we'd released him last week.
  9. Well done to Workington, I'm sure that I'm not the only fan of a league 1 side glad they're out of the picture for next season.
  10. I honestly think I'd be done with the sport, and I say that as someone who watches most of the games on sky without fail, and in a normal year would attend the challenge cup final, magic weekend and the grand final plus any home England games, on top of every Keighley home game and any away game that isn't so far away it would require an overnight stay.
  11. Too close to call. Having seen both up close and personal I believe Workington are a marginally better team, but Doncaster have individuals capable of creating a moment of magic that could settle a tight game.
  12. Not seen anything official about it yet so time will tell
  13. Went off holding his shoulder right at the end yesterday
  14. Maybe there was a knock on in the build up to our last try but to this obviously biased cougars fan the third town try looks suspiciously like a forward pass. (Maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see) Ultimately though I think whichever team had lost yesterday could have no real complaints, both sides made enough mistakes over the course of the game to lose it. You guys did a good job of exposing our young full back in the first half and I don't think it's outrageous to suggest that if QLT had been fit enough to play that could have tipped the game in our favour. IF we beat Doncaster next week I'm sure the final will be another close one and the winner will be whoever can cut the most of those errors out of their game. I'd definitely like to see that game again but with dry conditions. So all in all, hopefully see you again in a few weeks and if not I hope you go up because I think seeing Beharell and Peltier win promotion could break me.
  15. Yes mate, the replay is now available on ourleague and you can quite clearly see we don't. No clue what the referee saw there, I'd say he fell for some coordinated arm waving by your boys but hey ho. Didn't want to be sat around twiddling my thumbs next weekend anyway
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