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  1. Vossy knows https://twitter.com/AndrewVossy/status/1418552001332334592?s=19
  2. https://www.nrl.com/contact-us "The NRL and its partners welcome comments, questions and feedback from all Rugby League fans and interested community members." I'd encourage everyone here to let the NRL know your thoughts.
  3. Scarily good for his age isn't he? There's a Midlands connection with him if you weren't aware, we signed him up from Leicester Tigers academy. I hope that even if we can't keep him at Keighley he stays a league player and doesn't switch back to the dark side.
  4. I'm going to stick up for my fellow Keighley fans here, I think it's perfectly reasonable to be disappointed at going from battering the league leaders to being outplayed by the team in 8th in the space of a week. Of course it's possible to say that without coming across as patronising or sore losers but emotions run high after a loss.
  5. Not a chance on today, would have to be a massive improvement.
  6. Expecting the Coventry game to be much closer than a lot of these predictions. For those who don't know we've got 5 players self isolating after a positive covid test last week.
  7. Sure they might lose a few along the way but I'm pretty confident they'll be top come the end of the season. If I'm proven wrong so be it. If I'm proven wrong by my own team I'll be delighted
  8. Today's results just go to show that behind Barrow this league is absolutely wide open
  9. Barrow's pack just a bit too strong today, if anyone finishes above the raiders I'll be surprised. Cougars definitely not helped by losing QLT inside the first 5 minutes and the resulting reshuffle.
  10. Playing every other team 3 times would give 27 games, almost perfectly in line with the rest of the pyramid. Most league 1 fans would agree loop fixtures are preferable to such a short season.
  11. So there it is. 9 home games for league 1 teams, some of which could well be behind closed doors. Thanks RFL
  12. Don't meet the criteria of having a top 4 finish in the last 2 seasons. Should be either Barrow or Newcastle in my opinion anyway
  13. Not sure if this is the answer but with only 10 clubs in league 1 next year as things stand something needs to be done as 9 home games isn't enough. Might just be as simple as everyone playing everyone 3 times.
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