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  1. Played more times for Keighley then any other club if Wikipedia is correct.
  2. Presumably Fev and Newcastle won't have made the cut either? Hopefully the rejected clubs can put together their own mini league.
  3. No one is pretending Keighley reserves will be producing a boat load of future England internationals but what they are and would continue to provide is a pathway into the semi professional game for ambitious youngsters overlooked by super league academies. Why does it matter whether they contribute more or less to the game then NCL clubs? With the ever shrinking player pool in this country the RFL should be begging more clubs to start up a reserve teams, not slamming the door shut on clubs who actually want to run one.
  4. No official reason yet but my first thought was that the super league clubs (who didn't want to run reserve teams in the first place) don't fancy the extra couple of games a season against "less worthy" lower league opposition. If I remember correctly the last time Wigan ran a reserve team a few years back they refused to play against Keighley or Fax.
  5. What's Paul Rowley up to these days?
  6. Don't think anyone saw this coming, the guy was well liked and working minor miracles to make us as competitive as we have been after all that went on in the off season. I can only think we must have a relatively big name lined up as a replacement for Craig to be rushed out of the door seemingly out of nowhere.
  7. 13 games left to close the 8 point gap to 5th place. It's doable but not much room for dropped points. The next three games of Newcastle away, Oldham at home and Hunslet away could make or break our chances.
  8. The draw down there felt like a bad result at the time but looks better every time you pull of a result like today. Fair to say both teams have only improved since that game.
  9. Without the points deduction cougars would be sat joint top of the table after today's results, which is nothing short of amazing when you think how close we came to not being in the league at all.
  10. A few refereeing decisions going our way, a few less mistakes in possession and we'd be talking about a huge shock at Cougar Park. Proud to be a cougar nonetheless. To finish up losing by 2 to full time opponents after everything that's gone on is remarkable really.
  11. 7800 officially but I can't imagine it would be very comfortable.
  12. Keighley Vs North Wales is quickly becoming the fixture for late drama. Crusaders looked the better side for most of the game but were let down by their try line defence allowing us to sneak a win with a poor performance. On to Bradford!
  13. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/paper-talk-rfl-wanted-1895-cup-final-curtain-raiser-professional-blackpool-proposal-williams-transfer-fee Professional Blackpool team back on the agenda A meeting will take place in Blackpool on Tuesday which will determine the next moves to try and reinstate professional rugby league in the seaside town, report League Weekly. The former supporters club of Blackpool Borough and Blackpool Gladiators has remained in place and with fundraisers, they have continued to sponsor National Conference League clubs and professional clubs over the past decade. League Weekly claim they have already informed RFL chief executive Ralph Rimmer of their plans to rejuvenate rugby league in Blackpool. Not quite as glamorous or headline grabbing as New York but an interesting development nonetheless. Could a semi professional team succeed in Blackpool at the third attempt?
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