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  1. Think we have a good mix with Scott Moore , Howarth, Ainscough, Flynn and Forster having super league experience they will give us the leadership and guile we having been missing Morris , Jenkins ,Weldon come from Super League academy. Gillam and Abram all got good reports last season for their performances . Lets be positive and get behind the team.
  2. Not heard anything re our continuing links with Warrington assume with using their training facility it is confirmed for next season. It seems a couple of clubs are using DR as an opportunity to sign players on season long loans , sure if possible that would be attractive to us.
  3. Thought we showed great spirit , the commentator said a few times these are not the worst team to visit by any stretch In the end their forwards were to big and strong for us and we gifted them a few tries. If we show this spirit in the 8's we will be very competitive. Well done lads
  4. Don't forget Premier are showing Hornets game live tonight -i have just subscribed £9.99 for a month so will get a least another 2 games in.
  5. I feel we should applaud the players in the way they have handled the current financial situation. This coming so close to the start of the season could have had a major impact , it seems they have acted in a terrific spirit responding to a situation which was not of their making and come out of this with great credit I wonder if the players have signed 'revised' contracts which tie's them for the season or on short term basis? Thank's again to the players for their support Lets hope for a a great season
  6. See Danny Bridge back from Aussie and signed for Oldham , pity he has performed well for us historically and would have been a good addition
  7. IanC


    Superb -get my season ticket tomorrow now
  8. IanC


    Been away for a few weeks -hoping to see if Joe signed on my return cannot see anything ? Also Jack Holmes not mentioned in any way -useful utility back to have around
  9. going back to the sixties Bill and Joe Mcfarlane -think we signed them from Wigan , made Alan Hodgkinson look like a saint
  10. Season tickets on sale -not sure who we will be watching in the red white and blue ,signings seem to have stalled
  11. Are there any Photographs to buy of the lad's after they had been presented the trophy on the field in Toulouse?
  12. I believe a mention should be made for the departing players and their contribution and helping getting to the Championship Wayne- What can be said the man has been Magnificent since the first day he put the hornets shirt on , i hope he is asked to become a match day Ambassador for the club -to see him drift away would be sad. Crooky- What an excellent player he has been for us 100% - not since Martin Strett have we been confident that 4 point would become 6 ,last season we were a better side with him than without him, a real shame he could not achieve the Club Points record. Alex Trumper/ Bloomers- Trumper always gave his full commitment and filled in well as back or a forward . Bloomers a top player who was deceptive reader of the game and always knew his way to the line. James Tilley- Had his best season last year a grafter who tackling was his strong point. To those and the others released thank you for you efforts you played a major part in elevating the club to the higher ranking. I think the signings and re-signing look good and 'on paper ' looks impressive, we now need to get behind the lads and the coaching staff in making next season one to remember
  13. I believe credit should be given to how this has developed this season , I enjoy the pre and post match interviews. The club are doing their best to keep these lines of communication going and i think this should be applauded. The weekly interviews are a good build up to the games, and the interview with Ryan was interesting used as a different perspective. Lets get behind the lads starting on sunday , least this year the players have shown a pride in wearing the Red, White and Blue.
  14. Not featured for a few weeks , is he injured ???- adds a bit of power when coming off bench
  15. I did not want to include the club nominated players -like Alan Hodgkinson /Frank myler etc
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