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  2. Thats true for non concessionary fares but for the generous discounts for kids and seniors you need the opal card. Using credit card will mean paying full fare.
  3. Canberra was a rare sunday evening game. Not sure what explains that kick off time (6.15pm) but rugby league doesnt do sunday evenings…..except the Grand Final…..and that is held on a holiday weekend. Next weekend will be interesting….broncos v raiders kick off at same time as Lions v Geelong in AFL. Why the AFL do this is a mystery….they announce their schedule several weeks after NRL.
  4. I think the Opal Card offers additional discounts to using credit card, but not 100% sure. You might need to check the transport NSW web site. You can get an opal card sent to you in the mail before arriving in NSW. Its the same for Queensland and Victoria. Also there are seniors travel cards (65 or over) in each state.
  5. Titans got red hot manly next week. Their two farm teams, ipswich and tweed heads have won one game each making the organisations record won 2 lost 11
  6. Tomorrow…Mayfield home to all conquering hunslet.
  7. Ike, all time great. One you didnt sign him from hornets!
  8. He got a try for Workington in their win at Newcastle….that squares the circle.
  9. No its a bit of banter….something other sports (and Martin Offiah) dont quite get.
  10. oops, me bad. There goes my theory Thanks for correction.
  11. Table lists him with 6 tries but 28 points. He doesnt kick goals so the difference maybe a try for Workington.
  12. It was watching one recent oldham game that put me in hospital!
  13. You missed my point…to me yorkie teams are foreign. Canberra or Castleford both foreign. Probably choose Castleford cos its nearer the beach.
  14. I didnt say that. Yes these groups need to eat and other groups need to plan their journeys to and from the game. So why not set kick off time as 19.55 instead of 19.45? I am guessing you dont use public transport to the game and hence dont risk missing your train if the game kicks off later than advertised. Or would advertising the actual KO time be pandering to others?
  15. Thats prime time 8pm time slot in Sydney. That is something that has to be addressed before a Perth franchise is awarded. reasonable kick off times in Perth are unlikely to be attractive to TV contractors. Just as warriors have plenty of friday games to fill that 6pm TV spot Perth would probably have lots of early saturday and sunday early afternoon games.
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