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  1. Ive got a three day ticket....looking forward to it, though i hope there are a few more close games than we have seen in recent weeks. A constant stream of blow outs does do the game good. They have been hawking discounted single day tickets so I dont think sales have been what they were hoping for.
  2. Do those regulations cover random calls of Gerrumonside...thrall offside
  3. Come on ‘ornets......its been a long wait. Good start required before the spring road trip.
  4. I wouldnt bet against them...particularly the way sam walker has started. Another brilliant young player that the Broncos let go... Watching NRL highlights is a constant stream of ex Broncos (seniors or juniors) who would walk into the current side.
  5. In queensland all major stadia across all sports are part of state governments Stadium QueenslandCorporation. This includes Lang Park, the Gabba, CBUS, Metricon and Sunshine Coast and the new Townsville stadium
  6. And well done from a Hornet...you have to stay up in the championship...we want to playing you next year!
  7. Only in SE Queensland. broncos averaging 27 point a game conceded and titans 24. It was guaranteed to be a try-fest
  8. Another high quality game. Hunters came back strongly and looked like they might snatch it until Bears scored a late try. Having been at this game, and the Titans v Bunnies game on Friday, the game is in great shape at both levels.
  9. Yes I saw them demolish Easts (sorry I refuse to use the new name), a couple of weeks ago. Lost count but think it was something like 68-0. Seems like they have half the NZ national team playing for them.
  10. I wouldn’t say there were any stand out players. They looked to be a well rounded team with great team spirit. They are limited to a 24 man squad because of them having relocated and two players left the game with injuries. Going to their Anzac Day game at Burleigh which is always a test, even though the bears havent started the season well.
  11. I was at the game. Great to see a large crowd (for QRL games) and the passion of the hunters supporters. Made for a great atmosphere. Impressive performance against the ‘baby storm’ that featured Cooper Johns. Hunters have a limited squad so need to avoid injuries if they are to maintain this early season form. Good luck to them.
  12. Any pre season warm ups happening or are we going into the season ‘cold’? many of our opponents will already have had run outs in the challenge cup.
  13. Its in the Titans wins that he has been most impressive. In their losses he was arguably anonymous (though he had been bed ridden in the week leading up to their loss to warriors). The Titans have been a winning team (in terms of won loss record) since midway through last season so you could say he left a losing team to join a winning team.
  14. I think there might be a fair number of canberra fans living in sydney and brisbane....they had a substantial following at Gold Coast last season when anybody entering Queensland had to go in 14 day hotel quarantine at $2800 each so I dont think any of them had travelled from Canberra.
  15. What about Bramley and liverpool city? Always loved trips to their grounds ..... Barley Mow and Knotty Ash ....names to remember
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