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  1. A nice tribute to Norman on club website but no mention of Gerry as far as i can see. Very Odd.
  2. Wow, thats a large part of our history leaving this world together. What a tragic week for the club and the two legends’ families. I hope the club will mark their passing at the start of next season.
  3. For those with memories of 1950s and 60s Rochdale Hornets legendary winger Gerry Unsworth has passed away age 86. Played 11 seasons for hornets, a one club man scoring 83 tries for the club. Scored on his debut against 1955 kiwi tourists and again in his penultimate game v Wigan at Central Park…always saved his best for the bigger games. Would have made the team on far stronger clubs than Hornets but never strayed from Athletic Grounds. condolences to his family and friends.
  4. Diddy Dave just passed on the sad news that Gerry is no longer with us. Great winger who would have held his own with bigger teams than hornets butplayed all his career at Athletic Grounds. A leigh lad as was half the team in the 1960s. Near thetop of club records with 83 tries. His first try was in his firstgame v Kiwi tourists in 1955 and his last try was in his penultimate game v Wigan at central park. Condolences to his family and friend. He was a club legend. Nothing on club website yet as far as I can see.
  5. has been for years. The leaders of the game, and I use that term loosely, are only interested in superleague. They would be happy to see the rest of the clubs wither away to obscurity. Where did this attitude come from……a chap called Lindsay. Oh for the days of Bill Fallowfield or David Oxley running the game.
  6. And now they have cancelled the All Blacks game in Australia. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-08-20/all-blacks-not-travelling-to-perth-bledisloe-cup-cancelled/100394254 I suppose some will blame Vlandys for that too!
  7. Based on the result seems like thinks finally came together and Doncaster were the unfortunate opposition. looking good for a battle for third place.
  8. Did anyone go to the game and able to provide a report?
  9. i think her grandmother in law has been to more games than her. But i expect she has sky and its the highlight of her week watching Salford play Wakefield.
  10. Lockdown in Queensland extended to Sunday 4pm...not that it matters to NRL...however they might shift some of next weekends games to Monday in hope that lockdown ends and they can get paying customers
  11. WA and SA strongholds for AFL with long history of their own leagues that produced may top players who were snapped up by Victorian teams....hence the string hatred of Victoria.League dominates in NSW and Queensland. NT strong AFL tradition. While league is played there not much of a history/tradition. Tassie AFL thru and thru.
  12. As I have said on a different string, Vlandys is de facto premier of Queensland. 8.30am government official states categorically, no football, community or professional. Vlandys calls the premier and within hours NRL back on but not AFL or community footy.
  13. Vlandys is de facto premier of Queensland at the moment. Government official states categorically no football, community or professional, until end of current lockdown on Tuesday. No conditions, no qualifications. Vlandys calls up the premier and within hours the games are back on. Meanwhile the residents of SE Queensland are prisoners in their own homes.
  14. Thats assuming Aussies and kiwis dont pull out.
  15. Idont claim to know the details behind all the games called off but Rochdale v Workington off because 11 players and three staff in the Rochdale camp tested positive for covid. So that debunks your claim that its all about tracing and not infections. And if it was to be all a matter of tracing, as you wrongly suggest, are you thinking we wont bother with tracing at a world cup? Lets say half the squad of one team are exposed to an infectious person....never mind its the world cup so send them out there and hope for the best.
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