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  1. Looking at the title for this thread, I hope somebody knocks (hel)l out of him and replaces it with a 'k'!
  2. Its not a social media thing.
  3. How great does that look...a winning team in a winning strip
  4. Well free when accompanied by an adult . . .otherwise you could have some right tear aways coming in with little interest in watching the game and putting off paying customers from coming back.
  5. how about expecting stability but hoping for promotion?
  6. great article and great memories. Love the fact that there were only 2 subs per team and one of the hornets subs didnt play. Players played for 80 minutes in those days. All very positive for the start of a new season and a new era.
  7. Love them.....bringing back the tradition. Hopefully one day we will see fit to revert to the coat of arms emblem.
  8. Well there is an intelligent response....why are people allowed to get away with the offensive posting and personal abuse. It has nothing to do with different views on what different clubs offer to the game of RL. Isnt it time the moderator stepped in to stopthis nonsense?
  9. Did you get other kids to do your homework when you were in school? well if you want to start with today...how about matt ashton, championship team of the year....oh and check the champions St Helens.....let me know if you need further help. Id expect nothing else from someone with a white rose moniker (or is it blinkers)
  10. Not at all.....there are lots of things about Toronto I likeand if you had a rugby league team BASED there, instead of a british team with a few antipodeans that fly in occasionally to play when the weather suits, I would probably like that too.
  11. Ah....its that central funding argument he is on about. I wonder how much central funding Jamaica, Greece, Lebanon have received....they have all won the right to play at the next world cup. Meanwhile the only north american team in the super league ( or should that be the only Leigh based team in superleague) will have no interest in that tournament. Unlike Super League, you cannot simply buy a place in the world cup. They will all be watching ice hockey when the world cup is on.
  12. Oh yes that international expansion.....Done such wonderful things for the game....like for the first time in several years no north american representation in the forthcoming world cup. Shame you couldnt have cobbled a team together ...they could have held their training camp at leigh. Agent for change my ass!
  13. If the clubs approach to engaging with its supporters is to have them phone the club for information I think we can safely say it is the end of the club. I suggest on the tombstone you engrave “why didn’t they call?”
  14. Sarcasm or arrogance.....PR involves reaching out to your potential custom. If i follow your simple instructions ill get an answer macine because my waking hours are when club officials are in bed. Why cant they try another modern contraption ...the interweb! We could then give our money to the club without troubling those busy workers and volunteers. (good init)
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