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  1. Lets hope Salford can bring the old tin pot back. Great to see theirsuccess last season was not a flash in the pan. What a job ex Hornet Watson has done. Shows that you dont need an Aussie coach to have success. Shame that after all those years Salford fans dont have the opportunity to be at the game. Hope its not another 51 years to the next time.
  2. If you think they are bad try listening to Blocker.....he needs to go for a commentators HIA.
  3. Just had a couple at the storm v raiders prelim final ....goes down well at evening games with temperature above 20c
  4. Joining Just in time for Broncos open top bus ride thru Brissie with their wooden spoon. Appointing a coach before appointing CEO....organisation in disarray from top to bottom. Lack of spine was clear 2 years ago when Dragons demolished them at Lang Park in finals...nothing done to deal with the problem and the demolition jobs became more and more frequent.
  5. Certainly made a big impression and has got Titans playing very attractive rugby but you have to take into account the fixtures. Until the last round Titans were 0-9 against top 8 teams but 8-2 against bottom 8 teams. The NRL was a two division league in practice and Titans were the best of a bad bunch.
  6. Just suggesting that having a succesful team in Melbourne has not led (yet) to making big strides at junior level in that part of the world.
  7. Meanwhile the NRL arent bothering producing the weekly Big League programme even though there are fans and plenty of them. So you have to memorise the line ups.
  8. Beat me to it BR - that Leeds v Saints game was very similar to several I have watched at Lang Park this season.. Broncos conceding an average of 30 points per game and got by far the worst points difference in the comp..
  9. Opportunities for more ads on Channel 9. Amazing how all the attempts to speed the game up have led to it taking longer to play an entire game. These 'stoppages' for drop outs and kick offs after a score, and even for conversions lose the momentum of a game. I could shower and shave the time it takes Cam Smith to attempt a conversion, particularly since 9 times out of 10 it follows a referral to the bunker. The number of times you see the players and referee ready to (re) start play but having to wait for the OK from some TV bloke. Annoying. .
  10. Undoubtedly one of the greatest to play the game. But as any non Melbourne fan will tell you, he is the best at influencing referees as well.
  11. QRL generally number in the (high) 100s and occasionally more than 1000 ((my estimates, not official) at least for teams in SE Queensland (I have yet to go to games in Central and North Queensland). However it is difficult knowing how many are paying fans and how many players and officials from the lower grade games played reior to the QRL games. All teams have affiliations with NRL teams but with only the occasional game played as a warm up to an NRL fixture, they are played on 'original' QRL grounds with good local atmosphere (and leagues clubs on site usually with plenty of club history on the walls) and a full day of rugby with reserves, youth and womens games usually on the card. I like to think you can 'smell the history' on some of those grounds with the chook pen at Wynnum Manly and the Hill at Norths Albert Bishop Park as examples. I tend to think its rugby league 'as it used to be' before the corporatisation of the game.. And its usually no more than $10 entry with discounts galore (eg Burleigh and Tweed heads have free entry for Titans members) and reasonably priced beer and food. Its a great day out . Of course The PNG hunters will be a different kettle of fish altogether. I believe they get big crowds for their games..
  12. Well thats 5/13 of a starting line up produced over how many years? Quite a way off a pipeline.
  13. yes, the 21-2 season so i suppose if we still had winter seasons it would be the centenary of the cup winning season.....but we dont! Best hold off for a year and turn it into two years of celebrations!
  14. 2021 is both 150th season for Hornets as well as centenary of our greatest triumph the challenge cup win. I hope there will be events and activities to mark these two remarkable events.
  15. THanks, that was always my understanding and was surprised to find the different spelling in different places.
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