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  1. There are a couple of threads on the Rochdale hornets page that has covered memorobilia held by hornets fans.
  2. Mick Nolan played stand off in that game but Billy Price was the regular stand off that season.
  3. On the old message board that existed prior to coming under the TRL banner someone posted a link to the Hornets song recorded by the players in the Frank Myler era. Would anybody on here have the link to that? With the new ownership maybe its time we got back to playing that.
  4. Crowds up to 2000 back at NRL games this weekend. Look out for the Hornets shirt at Lang Park for the Titans v Dragons game.
  5. I think the broncos had their cardboard cut outs on the field last week. Hope for a better performance tonight
  6. Hynes got sent off in the Leigh v Leeds final.the year before. guess who was the opposition half.....off course it was the (s)Murph! He had a game plan and followed through on it. Yes it was hornets Kel Earl on the saints bench.
  7. It had to happen. Matty Johns superimposed a photo of Hitler onto one of them for his TV show....believing it to be funny. I suppose he could use it as part of a future application to join the Minnesota PD. He would be among friends there. Clearly given the number of these things purchased the Covid inspired economic depression cant be hitting too hard in some parts.
  8. I have sent you a personal message with my list. Let me have your address so i can post the programme. Probably best to wait until lockdown lifted. I am based in Australia and I am finding that international post is talking months to arrive, if it does at all.
  9. Only thing I have from your list is Oldham at home 63-4 24 August (division 2). You are welcome to it. Ill list my needs later in case you can help me with any.
  10. Nice stuff. Ray Ashby playing for Liverpool City prior to moving to Wigan. Ray was picked for GB while still at Liverpool. Not sure if they had any other full internationals. He has the (almost) unique distinction of sharing the Lance Todd trophy with Hunslet's Brian Gabbitas at the 1965 final. He finished his career at Blackpool Borough. The Liverpool team get the prize for the nicest handwriting alongside Hornet's Trevor Simms. Looks like they didn't do handwriting in Warrington schools at that time!
  11. NRL first round was with normal crowds.Townsville opened its new stadium to a full capacity. Only Round 2 was in closed stadiums and it was awful.
  12. Apologies...i missed posting these
  13. Another photo of the NU cup team, but in the green and black hoops which was used as a change strip in 1921-2 season. Hornets changed to red white and blue hoops at the start of that season. The other photo cards are all from the 1922-3 season. If you sent off 25 of the small cards you got a big card of the playerof your choice. You often see these on ebay. The two Corsis were two of four Corsi brothers who played for Hornets in the 1920s, pictured are Joe and Jack. Joe was in the cup winning team playing Centre. Others who were on the cup winning team were Heaton (half back) Bennett (hooker) Edwards and Paddon (second row forwards), Wild and Kynan (wings) and woods (forward). Paddon got Hornets 2 goals in the final. Fitton (not pictured) got the two tries. Jones and Carter (together with Prince, not pictured) were also awarded cup winners medals for playing in earlier rounds. Powell was a Wales rugby union international signed from Cardiff. A half back who broke his collar bone in the tour game against Australia in 1921. Bowers and Jones were both tourists to Australia in 1920 and Bennett toured Australia in 1924. Harris was a hooker and was sent off (alongside three Australians) in the 1921 game against the touring kangaroos, a game Hornets lost 16-2. Wild was a local lad in the Cup winning team.
  14. More stuff the first photo has three of the Baines football cards produced in Bradford from the 1890s to 1920s. The Rochdale Hornets card is from 1918. The Rochdale Rangers card is from 1912 while theRochdale Albion card is from 1919. I know nothing about Albion. Rochdale Rangers played games at the Athletic Grounds from 1906. Hornets drew rangers in the Northern Union Cup beating them 8-0 on 17 Feb 1906 The Vic Armbruster cigarette card is a reproduction. Vic was an Australian international second row forward who signed for Hornets in 1931 and later coached Hornets. He was a Queenslander who joined Hornets from Wally Lewis’ old club, Valleys. He played 8 tests all v GB including all three tests on the 1929-30 tour to GB. He was born in NSw but after playing 1 game for the blues he moved to Toowoomba in Queensland and played his representative games for Queensland in the days before State of Origin. In the Centenary Year of league in Australia he was voted no 85 in the top 100 Australian players and is in the Hall of Fame. He played 36 games and scored 4 tries for Hornets. Chadwick was a rochdale lad who played centre and the #### half from 1924-30. The green and black hooped hornets player is printed on a handkerchief from the early part of the last century. Hornets changed colours to red white and blue hoops in 1921. The team photo is from 1897-98, not a great year...won 7 lost 20.
  15. Always plenty available on e bay and very little demand for most so you can usually get them at the opening price. I put my spares on e bay from time to time in order to generate funds for my purchases. if you post your list of wanted programmes i can take a look if I have any of them.
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