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  1. Townie

    Sheffield Eagles Game

    Rams need to keep the penalty count down to win this game and of course contain Aston and the centres.
  2. Townie

    Batley v Leigh

    Happy days you have Tomlinson again.
  3. Townie

    2018 Squad confirmed

    Tomorrow's game will show if a forward or a half back is needed.
  4. Townie

    Game Day Sunday 21st January v Bradford Bulls

    I can't find them on youtube.
  5. Townie

    Boxing Day - any hope?

    What was the score?
  6. Townie

    Boxing Day - any hope?

    We have a good enough set of players to win with home advantage.
  7. Townie

    Look who has gone to the Bulls

    He's good enough for League 1 no doubt about that, taking a step down.
  8. Townie

    Rochdale predictions

    Potts not past it yet.
  9. Townie

    Player of the season (regular season)

    For me it has to be Aaron brown and i wished Tom Hemingway would have played more games.
  10. Townie

    MOM London Broncos V Batley Bulldogs

    When you lose by over 50 MOM you are kidding.
  11. Townie

    Sheffield Eagles

    No Squires and i take it, it wasn't Potts fault the 2 Lo tries.
  12. Townie

    Super Eights Fixtures Revealed

    4 very winnable 1 a maybe and 2 won't win.
  13. Townie

    Macauley Hallett

    It seems if Sheffield defend like they did a The Mount then the rams will get over 40 again, but on Sheffield's last performance they seem to have learn't to defend.
  14. Townie

    Second Half Show Seals Cougars Victory

    A real good win now to climb the table.