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  1. 4 very winnable 1 a maybe and 2 won't win.
  2. It seems if Sheffield defend like they did a The Mount then the rams will get over 40 again, but on Sheffield's last performance they seem to have learn't to defend.
  3. A real good win now to climb the table.
  4. Just need to shut out Saltonstall and could be Rams 14 Fax 6.
  5. Cup tied due Reg player shame he won't be in the team for the Rams.
  6. It wouldn't be the first Briggs to play under Neil Kelly for the Rams if this supposed half back came to the Rams.
  7. I have been to Belle view once 25 years ago i bet it can't have changed much since then.
  8. They do need Coe back
  9. No new guy today and competed for less than an hr then bulls powered away.
  10. Rams v Bulldust.
  11. The Hull KR -32 was a given.
  12. A week off for Oldham and a frustrating draw.
  13. Dons will be hard to beat.
  14. Stick with Kain and Speakman for half backs.