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  1. Dons will be hard to beat.
  2. Stick with Kain and Speakman for half backs.
  3. I was never like that in the past decade.
  4. He has a bit of a face like Danny Brough.
  5. Rams to show they are the better team yet again, Dews 32 Bulldust 14.
  6. Leigh 36 - Dews 14 MOM for Dews Delaney Atten: 1566.
  7. Dews Rams 28 Workington 14 Atten 683. MOM Fieldhouse.
  8. Spicer then Thackeray would be how i would start my team sheet.
  9. Spring bash.
  10. Glen is the best coach the Rams have had in 14 years and the club would be a lesser one without him long may he stay with the club.
  11. A holler trolling again.
  12. I am considering going.
  13. It shows no faith in Byron bringing this veteran in.
  14. Granted not up to Super League class now but still a good back rower is Fox.