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  1. It is not good Dale left for the Dust.
  2. I won't be surprised if Paul Sykes retires to become the assistant coach.
  3. Townie

    Craig Miles

    He is bit more front row now and is 37.
  4. I read you have a 94 years old supporter of the Hawks, does he attend most games.
  5. Townie

    Craig Miles

    Hunslet Parkside has a Craig Miles could it be the same player who played for Dewsbury.
  6. Rams need to keep the penalty count down to win this game and of course contain Aston and the centres.
  7. Happy days you have Tomlinson again.
  8. Tomorrow's game will show if a forward or a half back is needed.
  9. We have a good enough set of players to win with home advantage.
  10. He's good enough for League 1 no doubt about that, taking a step down.
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