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  1. That logic says you are massive fan of a certain German leader of the 1930s an 40s.
  2. You consistently prove you know nothing on the subject or chose to pretend you don't.
  3. Just got back from holiday, a few budgies in Crete. Griffin Vultures actually.
  4. Stop talking in riddles, what do you mean?
  5. You can be a fan of how people achieve things without liking what it is they achieve.
  6. Wiganers walk when they are winning but that's a story for another time.
  7. They will say FO, you have a deal on the table, take it or leave it. Gfs some people really do still believe in rainbow coloured unicorns.
  8. Are we going to start lists, I never had FC fans down as sensitive souls, aww bless.
  9. Watch Mel Brookes film The Producers if you want to see a really offensive joke. Hilarious but outrageous.
  10. From what I have read it was far from pointless, it showed up the Tory party in its true pathetic state. That has to be good for the nation.
  11. And a little light hearted, I know you lot think his piles shine like the sun but ffs what's the big deal here.
  12. He probably didn't get any points because he's a little £h!thouse.
  13. The President of the RFL cannot change anything it is an honorary badge.
  14. You don't seem to understand what.believing someone has a valid point actually means. If someone said RL should be paid more by sky I could say they have a valid point, it does not mean I know the exact true value of the TV rights RL should be getting. I am merely passing on the.view of an outsider looking in, and I can see the point she is making.
  15. I wasn't suggesting anything, i was relaying an observation from a total outsider. Others on here have said that the local bowling club, wouldn't change its constitution on such slim majority, take it up with them.
  16. Couldn't care less about the cesspit at Elland Road, you were making a claim that was a nonsense.
  17. President is an honorary position with no admin purpose at all other than attending some nice functions.
  18. So they know what to do and it is therefore.fair. Your logic says the challenge cup is unfair because some get an easy draw and some don't.
  19. All clubs know what they have to do. Perfectly fair, now if they didn't tell someone what they have to do that would be unfair.
  20. A Greek woman on Crete has just said to me that we must be crazy to allow brexit on such a slim majority, how did we allow this to happen. All changes in how we are governed should be by an overwhelming majority. She has a very valid point.
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