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  1. Sad news - Terry Newton

    Sad news, R.I.P. Thoughts are with his friends and family.
  2. bbc sports news

    Just been on the Radio 1's news bulletin, complete with a chat with Tony Smith, so it's not a total blackout...
  3. The Photography Thread

    I'm looking for my next buy, I need a flash for my EOS450d... As I start looking I realise just how little I know -_- My main driver is cheap, but not that cheap that you shouldn't bother. What the hell should I looking for in a flash???
  4. The Photography Thread

    Figured you'd like it Seriously it's a good picture, interesting to the eye. I like the way the girl in the background looks like she's at acting half ready to pass the ball!
  5. The Photography Thread

    A few shots from my Edinburgh trip...
  6. The Photography Thread

    Really nice, I like the building shots they look good, and the sky... what's going on, it's blue ;-)
  7. The Photography Thread

    Faces?... where?
  8. The Photography Thread

    Love that one... I had a bit of a play early this year with macro's etc. and had the following... I kept this uncropped as I was using it as my desktop for a while and it looked better to me that way... One for GJ
  9. The Photography Thread

    I thought it would be a good addition, and a task has cropped up where it may be handy... It's a Canon brand lens and is going to be paired with a EOS450d
  10. The Photography Thread

    Just acquired a 50mm f1.8 lens, well I will have tomorrow when it gets delivered, I'll just need some subjects now
  11. The Photography Thread

    EOS450d is great... Even I've impressed myself with some shots... just waiting for Father Christmas to bring me a good lens and hopefully I'll be knocking some good piccies out... need to make some quality time for me and the beast though
  12. The Photography Thread

    Great timing, great hit
  13. The Photography Thread

    Cheers Ed, I don't mind at all, I'm still very new to this. I was concious of the middley aspect, but I was a bit unsure whether to crop that way or not, given that there is not a great amount of detail in the rest of the picture ... plus I was getting a little bit too into it (i.e. it was past 1am on a school night ) I was a little concious of cropping too much as this is effectively a digital zoom and you can start losing the quality That crop looks very good it's fascinating how little things make a big difference.
  14. The Photography Thread

    Thanks. I was initially after a panning shot and a trip to Santa Pod the other weekend was as good an opportunity as any I was going to get. The colours of the car have only had the saturation played with a bit. In the colour shot though, as the car is primarily grey on a grey road and with a lot of colour in the background, it was looking a bit cluttered/lost so I tried the black n white approach. I'd already decided that I need a longer zoom, this was just the kit lens at a full 55m, but I suppose I could have run a tighter crop as there's a lot of wasted space at the bottom... hmmm, when do you know you've finished