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  1. Bump - let's make this happen...
  2. £10 from me and tweeted the link....
  3. At the risk of breaking the Internet and causing a TRL meltdown, the first time I had draught Blue Moon was in the original Beavertown brewery pub in east London, and they served it with a slice of orange. I know how bad that sounds, but trust me, it works.
  4. Not a bad idea. The Hope on a Saturday afternoon isn't usually busy, so if they can probably put a Wembley final on the screen. Over the years they've been happy oblige. Don't forget that they are usually happy to put it on upstairs as well, if that helps - and the upstairs bar will be totally empty.
  5. That chevron's not going to do any Saints fan with a pot belly any favours. Or the fellas...
  6. An even more frightening thought...
  7. Not something I ever thought I'd say - but this thread's been taken over by Hackney Wick hipsters. I'll see your 'pre-match pint at the Crate Brewery', and raise you with a 'pre-pint French Toast, fried banana, almonds and berries brunch at the Counter Café - sitting on the pontoon!!'...
  8. The heart sinks at the thought of yet another 12 months of Stevo telling me, at least three dozen times during every single sodding match, that: "Shaun Wane, the Wigan coach, won't be happy with that." Or Tony Smith, of Paul Anderson, or whoever.
  9. Just to add to the options, for anyone arriving at Euston or Kings Cross, you can take a fast Victoria line Tube to Highbury & Islington (5 or 3 mins), then change on to the London Overground train to either Stratford or even better, Hackney Wick. You can use an Oyster card all the way, it's quick, and cheap. And you can have a beer in Hackney Wick before and after the game.
  10. Might check that out at the weekend, looks good. I know the pub it used to be based in - The Cock on Mare Street. Great pub if you're out and about in Hackney.
  11. Two possible options for those who don't feel at home in a Yates's: The Crate Brewery, 2 mins from the stadium. Good beer, cracking pizzas, and a waterside seat - what's not to love. Given the number of hipsters in Hackney Wick, even Padge's Beard would fit in. And next the stadium, in the basement of Westfields (ignore the location, it's not as horrendous as it sounds), there's an excellent bar called Tap East - great selection of beer.
  12. Oh... and I see you've edited your previous post to change your claim about 'Tony Blair' to one about 'Labour' in general. So it's not 'like I said' - because you've gone back and edited your comment, because you were incorrect. That's naughty.
  13. No, it's not like Blair did, as you claimed. Cameron's won his very first Commons majority, and his party is already the single largest party in the Lords - this was not the situation Under Blair. And Cameron's barely a few months into his first majority premiership, and he's already increasing the size of his majority over Labour in the Lords, in order to head off any problems given that he has such a slender Commons majority. Blair won a stonking majority in '97, but Labour still didn't become the largest party in the Lords - let alone increase it's size - until he'd won a further two general elections. So it's not the same at all - the majority of Blair's premiership operated with the Tories the biggest party in the Lords, whereas Cameron has never faced this situation as a majority premier.