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  1. Welsby's having a shocker. His place in the imaginary England team looks under threat.
  2. Hmmm. VR looking as hard as he can to support the on field call. Not sure that's the correct approach.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live-guide Hmmm. Hopefully, it will get updated.
  4. I agree. The OTR games could be an opportunity. There was an indication that games at Ebbsfleet represented a 'Kent strategy' but that has been kiboshed. Stoop is likely a one off so no value to it.
  5. Yes, they have a couple of home fixtures in June/July to re-home every year. One of those is at the Stoop this year.
  6. https://www.totalrl.com/super-league-given-major-boost-with-revelation-of-viewing-figures-and-attendances-from-early-season-start/ sheds some light. It's hard to parse in places but I think that 6 live games on Sky are getting 15-20% more viewers (in the aggregate) than 2 live games - e.g. 6 games in 2024 get ~300k total, 2 games in 2023 got ~250k. But it is unclear because the quoted rise might include all of SS/BBC2/iPlayer/SL+ numbers for 2024 vs. SS/C4 for 2023. Who knows. We do know that the two early BBC2 games pulled in ~350k compared to (I think) C4 getting 200-300k across 2023. RLonTV is saying that Saturday's Catalan-Saints game achieved: BBC3 110k, SSME 112k, SSA unknown. I think that's impressive for the channels it was on but what a shame it couldn't have been shown on BBC2 and perhaps got a 1/4m more pairs of eyes. More broadly, as per attendances, we are being fed limited scraps this year in terms of published viewing figures and SL+ subscribers. It's hard to say whether we are moving up, down or flatlining.
  7. Ebbsfleet isn't up to SL standards so something must have changed.
  8. Broadly, the story it tells is the gradual decline of the club!
  9. Yes. The score for TV viewership is now obviously a farce.
  10. No need to wait until June. London are offering me free tickets for the forthcoming Salford game. Now, if a win there would catapult them into a 3-way relegation battle, I just might be interested in getting a posse together. As things stand - absolutely zero riding on the game, probably played in front of hundreds - I'll stay at home and do some gardening.
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