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  1. Can anyone actually provide stats on the Fijian populations of London and Rochdale?
  2. I wish it was down! Instead, they leave it up in an embarrassing state.
  3. Given this week's events, it's not a good look having Catalans, drawn at home, playing in the UK.
  4. Was the decision based on a vote of Championship clubs? Or an RFL decision?
  5. The club *did* concede the issue. They grumbled, moaned and objected but agreed to go until this week. If they'd refused to go back in March, they'd have been in a much stronger position. Who could have argued with them? So if they were always going to refuse, why wait until now when it looks opportunistic? My reading between the lines is that they want to focus on the Oldham game given that they are looking like a shambles. On the core issue of is this fair? Of course not. It's therefore wholly unclear why London changed its position from a grumbling acceptance - they were advertisi
  6. The RFL shouldn't have put the Broncos in this position. But London shouldn't have agreed to the conditions 4 weeks ago only to now do a damaging about-turn. The time to make this stand was not yesterday.
  7. I think they are allowed to stay/train in the team bubble and play the next game based on returning a negative PCR test. Someone may correct me. I am equally interested in how TOXIII go about this every fortnight. They are allowed to fly in and out within a short window, I presume. No quarantine. Does anyone know?
  8. The club statement doesn't mention player safety. I wish it did.
  9. The club statement is a rambling affair, containing too much supposition about p/t players and their employers. Whatever the strength of the argument, a position should have been taken before the season started. It would have been a strong argument then; right now it looks opportunistic.
  10. Went to check out the Broncos website ... down. Taken together with the forfeit, not a good look.
  11. Indeed. It's also the case that you still can't buy a membership via the Broncos website. Or even know that they exist. I had been thinking that this was the usual ineptitude but I am now beginning to think that this is an unmanaged decline (collapse), of which onfield performances are also a part. To me, it seems as if the club is being dumped on the AFCW doorstep with a brown envelope containing Hughes's final contribution. If we announce the signings of Ray Nasso and Liam Foran, I will know this for sure.
  12. BOSG was set up specifically to not be the LBSA. So far as I can tell, continuing LBSA efforts to collaborate have been regularly rebuffed. I am sure that the LBSA is already doing whatever it can but they need the club's blessing if they are to move from outsider to insider.
  13. One problem with mixing new and old terminology is that you end up with middles and centres and it confuses.
  14. Be fair. It's Plough Lane and not the Broncos that will attract over 2k AFCW fans to pay to attend whenever the ground is opened for any sporting activity whatsoever.
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