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  1. What's the best way to get to Cbus Stadium on game day? Thanks
  2. England's 17

    Apologies if someone else has posted: Tomkins Charnley Watkins Cudjoe Hall Chase Sinfield Hill Roby George Burgess Ferres Westwood Sam Burgess Widdop Ablett Tom Burgess Mossop
  3. Mike Cooper

    He's arrived in Oz and the Dragons have uploaded this interview. I think that he comes across really well. http://www.dragons.com.au/news-display/Dragons-TV-Mike-Cooper/86364
  4. Scotland name World Cup squad

    It's a shame that James McManus is injured. A SOO player and he was actually born in Scotland. Before the cynics go into overdrive, he did miss the last couple of games of Newcastle's season.
  5. Burgess brothers set to rewrite history

    I appreciate your point, assuming that you're referring to Luke and (perhaps) Tom. As you say, they add competition - at the very least.
  6. Burgess brothers set to rewrite history

    Perhaps I'm getting 'carried away' but it's reached a point where I'd put all four of them in the England squad. James Graham and these four monsters, added to the mid-season squad, offer more than a little bit of extra fire power. Graham and George are particularly highly regarded and many (not all) regard Sam as the best forward in the game. Additionally, Widdop is allegedly closing in on match fitness too.
  7. Burgess brothers set to rewrite history

    It's a good article - particularly for a national newspaper.
  8. What can we do for terrys family?

    How about a fundraiser at Goose Green Labour Club? Two reasons: 1. It's nearby to Terry's family's pub 2. They've held big fundraisers there before
  9. Sad news - Terry Newton

    I'd like to believe that anybody not paying their respects would be part of an extremely small minority.
  10. England 17 for the opening game

    Tomkins S. Cudjoe Atkins Gleeson Hall Sinfield Myler (Eastmond, if fit) Graham Roby Morley Ellis Burgess O'Loughlin Crabtree Fielden Tomkins J. Westwood I'm not saying the team above is ideal and one potential problem is that Roby would probably have to do the full 80. However, I would always go with four forwards on the bench against Aus and NZ. Additionally, I've picked three quarters that are amongst the biggest in the British game.
  11. Sad news - Terry Newton

    As with (I presume) many/most others on the site, I have thought about Terry all day. As others have said he was a fierce competitor on the field. I know that I was disappointed when he left Wigan. He was also a player that I saw out and about quite a few times over the years and, the scariest thing is, the last time I saw him he was pushing a buggy. In fact I think that he was with his family the last couple of times that I saw him around town. For me, obviously, that's what makes it worst of all. To echo the thoughts of the overwhelming majority of the posters in this thread, at sad times like this we get to see just what a huge family all the fans of TGG really are. Rest in Peace Terry.
  12. Trains to Old Trafford

    Ok, cheers mate. I typed in St Peter's Square and as a result I've found a map. It looks very straight forward now. Cheers
  13. I've travelled in the car on previous trips to Old Trafford. This time, I thought that the train might prove to be a better option. Presumably the train to Old Trafford only runs on match days? (The national rail website isn't proving too helpful at the moment.) Has anyone used the train to OT on Grand Final day?