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  1. There is no need whatsoever to have smart focused ideas like this ! There are so many simple easy fixes out there if the people in power could be bothered to think
  2. To be honest I can’t see the chips too ! It seems like we have the scraps/ bits
  3. There are lots of interesting people , Tony Adams for one ; it’s about engaging fans with key decisions on a regular basis . this is just a poor decision to go with a host of others that makes our game look 2nd rate
  4. Bernard Cribbins is a man of yesteryear and our game shows it’s stuck in the past ! The Rfl need to engage a new audience to take the game forward (no offence to Mr Cribbins)
  5. For many years I have been thinking about how poor Tv coverage is of RL and I have been thinking of ways to make the game a better spectacle for the arm chair viewer , maybe a few ideas that we generate on here may make an impact for the upcoming World Cup ? firstly I’ve always felt there should be a review of current practices, what we are doing well and what we are potentially missing in a game; one disadvantage of our game is generally it’s so fast it needs miracle workers to get the best shots and moments! I must admit I’ve screamed at the tv a thousand times as we have seen astonishing pieces of skill followed by a fumble at the next play of the ball, of course the easy replay is the fumble and that’s what we get every time! No focus on the positive at all!. when the NFL came to our TV screens the one thing that grasped my attention was the microphones capturing the intensity of the hits , I like when the bbc have used player Mic in the past. im watching the cricket World Cup and seeing the use of graphics of the players positions on the pitch , it’s also used in NASCAR ; I feel it’s a useable tool in RL too as it can show things like overlaps , attack and defence line speed and the speed of the ball things like player cams , overhead wire cameras and some decent music for breaks will all add to the coverage in and out of the stadium. we have to move forward and quickly as a game and keep with the sporting entertainment been offered otherwise we will end up sliding further down the sporting spectrum.
  6. RIP Maurice remember a funny after dinner speech he gave at Staincliffe arl many years ago
  7. Organise magic weekend for 3 years in advance and implement something that’s rare in RL ..A Marketing Plan? Make it the must attend fixture of a lifetime and we might surprise ourselves
  8. I’m sure this will be removed, but one of the best rugby players on earth is up for grabs ; is today’s society too afraid too scared to accept his views in a professional sport ? My personal belief is that his beliefs that he learned from the teachings of the bible are far better beliefs than most of us practice or preach ! he simply makes top quality rugby players local ordinary and I hope he comes back to RL
  9. I see many people like your post , you pulled the negative out of my post rather than concentrate on the overall context ; you ought to get into marketing the game to watch it go further down the pan
  10. What about a kids zone , passing a few balls around ; that’s so difficult I know! what about opening a few local craft brewery stalls? Way too hard I know! what about come and meet the players past and present , off the scale of difficult I know engage a few local restaurants to sell their food , maybe in 2050 eh small time thinking brings small time results
  11. There are very simple things that can b achieved, because the vast majority of fans accept rubbish marketing and promotion you think it’s ok, when you actually wake up and see how easy it is to engage supporters you might be surprised. ive worked at many companies where they say well we have always done it this way ! What they are actually saying is “ we have always done it wrong so we shall continue that way”
  12. This just sums up Rugby league , a game stuck in the past and so out of date it’s quite unbelievable! There is so many examples out there of how to this correctly and people wonder why the game is stagnating and retracting. tolerating this type of thing will only hasten the downfall of the game , hopefully Elstone and his team can drag the game up from its dreadful situation! I had the opportunity to go to my first ever premiership football game 2 weeks ago to watch Leicester v Arsenal , what a great experience it was ; kids zones, fan zones , great build up to the game, great sound system to play music that created a party atmosphere! Amazing big screen experience showing goals from the past 20 years on the screen . All in all a fantastic experience even for an old anti football guy like me!! My last experience of corporate hospitality at a RL game was with the guy I look at for this mess , Nigel Wood ! He asked for a plate of sandwiches that took 60 minutes to arrive ; when they finally arrived they were handed to me by hand ! I suppose a plate is too much to ask? if that is how the top of the game looks you can understand why so many clubs are failing desperately.
  13. I’m back in the uk now and see not one story on the main page but 3 of the opposite code
  14. I’m am viewing from Montenegro but there is no stories on the main page , I know the RL section has moved into the other sports many years ago
  15. It’s the biggest broadcaster in the uk , so we need a strong presence
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