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  1. Probably but i get lower league content but next to nothing from the top tier , certainly no content like the footy show or anything like that. That type of show would help rl players become more well know as well as the game itself.
  2. Been abroad i watch youtube and fb alot , im overun with stuff about the NRL and the dreaded union but get next to nothing about Rugby league even though i actively search for content.
  3. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a focus group that met with IMG ? You never know we might be able to help!
  4. Reminds me of a meeting i had with Nigel Wood when he was in charge when I asked him face to face why they did not do more effort with corporate hospitality ; his considered reply was " we dont do owt cus we dont mak out " A man with a great vision who has handed the role to another visionary who is now employing an outside agency to improve our image.
  5. It feels like a partial law as I read it as it makes no reference to when the ball is in play , it appears only to say it has to pass through the feet of the 2nd row.
  6. Not sure if im any the wiser after those comments
  7. Is the ball live once it passes the 2nd rows feet in a scrum or only when the ball leaves the scrum ?
  8. Currently no but it was a very viable option not too long back and with a bit of effort it could be again imo.
  9. Probably shows why the GB team would help in keeping talent as well as attracting it to our sport.
  10. Small sport small money , big sport big money. Sorry but its a job and only for a small period of time , we are just shrinking all the time with zero vision to grow the game in a meaningful way.
  11. It was a tough day for Montenegro today , playing high level players from all over the world was certainly an eye opener for our boys but I'm sure they will be better for the experience! Hope Malta can restart their game again also.
  12. We (Tivat ) turned over the mighty Dorcol tigers yesterday here in Montenegro ! Final score 32 18 ; amazing day and performance and great to share a beer or 3 with the excellent Dorcol staff and players.
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