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  1. Like I said , most of us ; not all of us
  2. This guy lives a far purer life than most of us can ever imagine , I think as a society we are in danger of the tail wagging the dog ! If that makes me a knuckle dragger so be it
  3. He quoted the bible which he holds in very high esteem, traditional Cristian beliefs are also part of an inclusive society; some may consider them outdated of course but that’s just different opinions.
  4. Plenty of tears from me this morning, watching the clips and interviews breaks my heart ; that man gave me so much happiness as did the whole of the Rugby League world. Well done to all for supporting him and although Bradford were our arch enemies I wish they were back just as powerful as before
  5. Be good if him and his mates got involved with the Skolars for example
  6. Thanks for that , hope to get to a Skolars game this season for the first time
  7. I know talks have taken place with Air Serbia already , I remember les Cats stating how much financially RL brought to the local economy each season; providing real figures to Airlines and Local authorities could help this venture happen.
  8. Chip in if you can please https://www.patreon.com/user?u=28952873
  9. Ok I’m here all day tomorrow, good to have a chat over a beer
  10. We should meet I’m living in Tivat , the Balkan super league is no longer I hear
  11. Mascord I know is quite tight with a high ranking RFL man , so there might be something in it
  12. It was a few of the administrators that were the problem , there was a tremendous amount of positive efforts from many others I may add
  13. It’s the easiest thing in the world to say no if you have no vision
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