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  1. He did very well in Union and was not far off Robinson, Eastmond went to Union far later than Robinson when the players were far more athletic and fitter. In my opinion our game had very little to offer him , low wages, low profile etc etc. Saints fans may be mad but I feel it was madness of our game to provide only small opportunities for great athletes
  2. I personally believe he was one of the biggest talents we lost from our game , he has had a very good union career and he was never paid for by the RFU as far as i know
  3. Wish this was 6 years ago , i firmly believe GB or England could have built a team around this guy
  4. Ask the British public to name thd 2013 world cup squads , next to nobody in the Uk knows nothing about those England players; it might of been succesful to the RL public but thats as far as it went.
  5. I must admit to never been a fan of him as a player , i only thought he did the business behind a dominant pack ; i was deeply moved by his story and his life though. Maybe RL is not life or death after all
  6. I would rather travel to Toulouse than leigh and i suspect more peoples tv eyes would be drawn to watching Tolouse not to mention sponsors. Without wishing to sound rude about Leigh I dont really remember them offering anything to the top flight game in the 37 years ive been following the sport! Maybe we should be able to look up rather than down because as a sport we have been on the way down for a long time.
  7. Nothing of a decision, no vision for the game at all
  8. Although as a Leeds fan I despised Bradford it cant be denied we need those kind of numbers of spectators in the game. Thing is Bradford will need cash to create a strong team and brand again and even with the fat controllers pay off i doubt they have any! Catalans have been the only success for me as an expansion club and Tolouse could replicate that success and add a vital 2nd French team that could be pretty well supported in my opinion. But as always we dont seem to have much vision for the game
  9. Will do some drinking in the mid afternoon to get the juices flowing
  10. Im much of the same opinion as i have talked until im blue in the face about the game , what i do know is we need innovation progression and promotion of our sport because history clearly tells us know one else will help us. I m sure SOO wont ever leave Aus but im confident it would be a sucess if it did
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