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  1. Im outside uk , but there is at least something there but this year nothing at all
  2. There seems no space on the main BBC sports page for RL , i cant recall one mention of a single game! Every other non descript sport but ours
  3. No time for egos with regards to RL and Oldham; the game needs to understand where its heading
  4. 34, he is going to France elite 2 apparentley; i could imagine hes got 2 years in him. He can honestly do the lot
  5. Will try find out , hes an all action ball play playing running tackling machine 13
  6. Went to watch Montenegro v Nis yesterday in my home town of Tivat!! The lads in this region prefere League over Union ; ive been blue in the face telling them that they are better suited to league! 2 or 3 good players ; one especially good and would be a decent semi pro
  7. RiP Jeff , it was great to see you play , great off the cuff player; i remember a move widnes used to do where the ball would be thrown to 3 men stood in a line with runners going at different angles,, Jeff decided if in doubt flatten all 3 !
  8. You are correct, im constantly broke for some reason
  9. Looks like he could play , this is in an era that was very different to when Robinson played
  10. Different era, never got to show what he could do in League , speak to Bath supporters and look at his highlights reel to get an idea of what he did. Union has gone away from skillful small players to the likes of burgess and Tuilangi crashing it up
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