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  1. It is because of the way they worked things out. We (Dudley Hill) finished 3rd with a better points difference and Underbank and Thornhill but even though we all played an equal 12 games they still put Underbank into the playoffs because of head to head results, which were one game apiece also. Very strange
  2. Actually went to watch Queens v Upton last year expecting fireworks after what happened year prior. Was a tough good game, admittedly very slow but enjoyable. Good to see people like Romeo still about too, we had a couple of good battles against them especially when Johnny Milner, James Brown and Romeo was in his pomp
  3. Steve Pryce brought him to Dudley Hill after he left Hunslet, floated about since at a few clubs
  4. While we are on the theme of best players/ unfulfilled potential thought it might be fun to start one on players who actually were superb for club but not so good for country, my choices are leaning to keiron cunningham or sean long
  5. oh right wasnt aware, in all honesty i think he could do with a move, mcrae is wastin ghis talent playing on the wing etc! and i think he will have a job on shifting holdsworth or smith. We need a half back at bradford i think he would flourish in a set position with a coach giving him a chance to play where hes best. back on to sykes, steve mac could have even put richard horne in its always been our problem wheter england or GB playing people out of position
  6. i too wouldnt be able to answer the question! why not give someone like stefan ratchford a chance, kids like him are the future and i think with the right coaching could be our answer to the halves, surprised in all the threads ive read he hasnt been mentioned.
  7. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,15314_6409739,00.html fairly strong looking side, nice to see lynchy getting a bit of recognition deserves to go down under in my eyes, cant believe sykes is at 6 though! would have preferred murrell to start there looking at the team
  8. i seem to remember us (bradford) not losing a game at valley parade
  9. i might get shot down in flames for it but id have lynch in if 100% because i thoink his go forward is good, although graham did slip my mind
  10. probably been done a thousand times but if you could pick a 17 for the opening game of the four nations who would you pick? id go for 1) Widdop 2) Hall 3) Atkins 4) Shenton 5) Briscoe 6) S.Tomkins 7) Eastmond (if fit) Fielden 9) Sinfield 10) Morley 11) Burgess 12) Ellis 13) O'Loughlin 14) Roby 15) Westwood 16) Lynch 17) J.Tomkins sure theres a couple in there ill get slated for
  11. well how i see it, the simplest way is the team finishing bottom of super league is replaced by the team winning CC1, regardless of who finishes bottom. Im not bashing expansion clubs but why should another team be punished for someone elses failings. I do think liscensing is a good idea but if the team coming up qualify for a liscense replace the team finishing bottom with them. I understand every fans concern under super league and it gives teams outside super league effectively nothing to play for. I see fans from super league clubs saying its getting boring and tiresome but they would be the ones complaining if it was the other way round
  12. i dont necessarily think Mcnamamanamayrmamarm will prove this to be correct in his case as i dont think he has the attributes to be a good national coach but what if he does... and proves you wrong? theres nothing id love more than for him to be successful and im not for all this im not supporting england while hes in charge! i know some of our fans who said the same, im sure these people will change their tune as soon as he gets an unexpected result, which with the players we have in certain positions is bound to happen at some point! forget whos in charge just get behind the team because 95% of the players will have been picked regardless who the coach is
  13. how old was leon pryce when he debuted? i think if your good enough your old enough im not saying this or next year but i think by the time a player gets to 18 should be on his way to being ready, correct me if im wrong but i think big sam was only 17 too
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