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  1. Wont be missed from the championship? Answer me this then, when the club was liquidated as per the RFL rules were the current club made to start in the championship on minus 12 points as opposed to like every 'new' club in league one with a clean slate? Reason being is most chairmen in the championship will have caused uproar after budgeting from a windfall from the bulls fans. Also the RFL protecting their precious summer bash again milking the bradford fans! Also regards the ground the had nothing to do. They decided to take on the lease and thus can suffer the consequence of their actions.
  2. Hahahaha go on then tell us why not. Chalmers even put an article out telling how he was approached. Nice try
  3. What a sanctimonious post! You cant tell me oldham didn't benefit from a load of bradford fans turning up at that dump you play at? To say the sport wont miss bradford is an absolute joke. The bradford fans has supplemented a lot of income since relegation for teams. Anyone who can't see that is deluded. Do you honestly think if the club died anyone would get paid anything???
  4. Totally agree on the saviours comment. It is probably a few over zealous Wolfpack fans that people get the hump about, but end of the day its a new sprt to them and they have taken to it remarkably. They have also done very well regardless of money spent on squad with all the impracticalities they face. Their fans deserve to have the right to be chuffed and they are new fans welcomed in my eyes. Next part about super league needs saving I can't agree with. Yes it has been very good this past year but look compared ot 15 years ago, we had some ofthe biggest names over here, and not for descrepencies at home, the league was exciting and vibrant and a lot better supported. The decline the sport has seen in participation levels and definitely supporter levels in SL is alarming. Other sports with the right forward thinking people in the right places have gone from strength to strength while we have gone backwards. Look at and i feel sick saying it Union, Darts and even Netball has gone forward. I thinkt he game needs something to get it back where it should be! But the big question is what
  5. No, would not be overly surprised if it was Toronto, but will it be possible without them having RFL membership. We were supposed to be previously DR'd with them but only got players on loan and never DR. Last club we were with was Widnes and only had to my memory Ted Chappelhow and Chamberlain from them. I don't want our club to be another Fev or Swinton (no offence intended), but if we are to run a tighter ship to move forward maybe a year or two of sensibly using it is in the best interests of the club.
  6. Funny how Halifax fans seem to know every in and out of our club. Second part of you post ist a good post, but the "it looks like all contracts are null and void" seems you know what we dont. Also should it be the case maybe the new people have the slightest chance of salvaging the majority signed on and give us a base of a side. If the ship can be steadied by the new owners, and we can (massive ask I know but it seems the new owner has been in touch with players with a plan regarding pension monies) keep our contracted players, we wont be starting the season with a squad much smalle than Leigh or Fev. It has been said we will use dual reg this year so if itis the right club for us and them there is every chance we could have a season with relatively low outgoings compared to previous and hopefully a base to start the year after. All ifs buts and maybes though
  7. Langworthy 3 got what he deserved for mine. The main issue for me is our media making it to be far worse than it was. For me it wasn't a cheap shot to start with. the 3 was thowing them about looking for it and was confronting again so got one! To have the media highlighting a now very minimal part of a sport in professional and amateur decline is a total disgrace. How many parents considering taking or already having kids in the system will look at their highlighted tweet and say I arent having my kid involved with that. If it was like the Fryston Keighley incident previosuly fair enough. But that is a down right attempt for views and clicks and is more disgusting and disgraceful than what occurred on the pitch for me
  8. Exactly. I wouldn't ahve been surprised after moving Wasps to Coventry if he wouldn't have tried bringing them to Odsal too
  9. Mick has been totally hung out to dry by someone intent on bringing on what has happened since his rant. End of the day as has been explained his fathers ashes were spread on the ground. It is disgusting the extent of what has been said about hi to be fair for a coupleof swear words. People saying the RFL shouldn't be hiring him need to have a look into their other main commentator who has a far far worse record than Mick shouting a couple of obscenities. As much as people cream off the RFL for all the "support" the have given the Bulls and how they are our crowning saviours, the comments by Mick have been brought on by themselves for me. Lets start with our current owner, who was "invited" by the RFL to take on the club. There was a very viable bid by David Thorne on the table to save the club and carry on all contracts for players and staff that had been signed prior to the last administration. With player welfare in consideration they ignored that bid, let the club be liquidated to hand the keys to Chalmers. Thus leaving a host of players looking for contracts and the club a few weeks to crumple a side together. How on earth was that in the best interests of the club. Then as per the RFL rules the club should have started in league one. But to protect their precious summer bash and milk the Bradford fans as they would travel in the best numbers they decide to leave us in the championship without a squad and 12 points deducted. Things were ok until easter and once the loanees went back we had a bunch of kids fighting for their lives. Again no thought of player welfare. Does it involved Odsal itself their whole reasoning behind it? The question needs to put to the right people why did the RFL not accept David Thrnes bid whenall was in place, and why did they specifically invite Chalmers to the club? It stinks and now he has turned his back on the lease they are trying to play hard ball back.
  10. Does anyone have any info on the upcoming county sides? Heard Yorkshire 19s are training this week
  11. Does anyone have any info ont he upcoming county sides? Heard Yorkshire 19s are training this week
  12. Maybe this is his niche after all. Being an assistant but not controlling a teams behaviour but as an attacking coach some of the rugby Leigh especially played under him was first class. I genuinely think if Beaumont hadnt had fanciful ideas of past it top class players and believed more in the majority of the squad that got you promoted, Rowley would have kept you up. I always said he should have beenin the England set up on the attacking side
  13. Grow up, and Beaumonts money is the only thing that make Leigh go around
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