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  1. Maybe this is his niche after all. Being an assistant but not controlling a teams behaviour but as an attacking coach some of the rugby Leigh especially played under him was first class. I genuinely think if Beaumont hadnt had fanciful ideas of past it top class players and believed more in the majority of the squad that got you promoted, Rowley would have kept you up. I always said he should have beenin the England set up on the attacking side
  2. Grow up, and Beaumonts money is the only thing that make Leigh go around
  3. Regardless of shoestring, you can get thousands of flyers printed for next to nothing in the business world surely a full on promotion dropping them in schools, shops etc in the ocality would cost veryvery little and wouldnt hurt any clubs finances. Its just funny how no one can debate anything whatsoever that has nothing to do with finance without dragging money issues in. Its extremely boring when trying to debate a seperate point Apart from Beaumonts disgraceful behaviour when we were relegated during that season I have nothing against Leigh and if someone is debating something rugby wise I would not drag up unrelated instances to do with finance and how he conducted himself at the end of last year. Will it happen again if this tilt at super league he has ploughed into again doesnt come off
  4. I totally understand, they were massively underperforming. I am sorry if it was a little heavy but money gets dragged in all the time even if its a perated point about the club when its painly obviously for the world to see the bulls have been horrendous on that part
  5. Get him up against the flyer! That unless they are one and the same ha
  6. Again fans can not help but to bring the money debate into a simple discussion of tempting fans from outside the boundary. Im sorry but a Leigh fan has no room to talk after the way a heap of players were dumped on from a great height
  7. Again not saying it took them anywhere. They must have enticed a few over though for the sheer outrage people bang on about. rightly or wrongly it worked. Teams can’t moan if they don’t promote their club in their own area
  8. What on earth has the money side of things got to do with what I said? I’m not talking the money just saying it’s laughable teams in the locality cried the poor tale about Bradford poaching fans while doing next to nothing to get fans in their area through the door. typical sit and wait nature of the sport no wonder it won’t go anywhere other than where it is now.
  9. For the club it didnt become unsustainable until the Odsal agreement came into play, the club stupidly took a lump to take on the upkeep. Best decision for BMDC worst for the club over time
  10. Sure the feeling will be mutual when Mr Davy has had enough of propping you lot up
  11. hahahahhahaha conspiricy theory of the century
  12. What on earth is wrong with a business being proactive? Thats how it has to be looked at. Because my company is based in Wakefield should we not promote our product in surrounding areas? Hate reading the poor tale cried by clubs in the locality when the liklihood was that the Bulls enticed fans who werent going to said local clubs games anyway, and while on the point what did said local clubs do themselves other than sit and wait for new support to come through the gates
  13. It will never ge voted in as that in the sense of the word. Although the RFL have made inroads allowing clubs outside SL to initially sign players for their reserves who can also stay at community level. Before this season started they then allowed Hull and Wakey to sign the players on same forms. We have a lad at Wakey at Dudley Hill and I think it stinks. The clubs in Hull royally kicked off about it before the season and were well within their rights to do so massively
  14. Only because of the times you claimed he was signing to wear blue sox and never did
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