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  1. It's incredible how 70 minutes of hard work and domination was so nearly undone there. On the positive side, I don't see that happening next weekend (not least of all because I don't think we'll be 20 points ahead of Australia at any point).
  2. Mikeyg

    World Cup and Premier Sport App

    The live stream is pretty good. The lack of video control when casting is unforgivable, particularly when they clearly just record the live stream in a massive block and don't tailor and edit it for on-demand in any way (hence the videos often starting with the end of the previous programme).
  3. Mikeyg

    Premier Sports RLWC watching...

    Just to confuse things further, the Ireland-Italy game IS on demand already.
  4. Mikeyg

    Premier Sports RLWC watching...

    Just had a look at Premier's various social media accounts and seen at least four people asking when the On Demand stuff becomes available. But I also saw Premier definitely state that the RLWC was Live and On Demand in the comments of one of their Facebook posts. Maybe they just sacked off for the weekend.
  5. Mikeyg

    Premier Sports RLWC watching...

    Are the World Cup games on demand on the Premier Player?
  6. Mikeyg

    Rugby League Where You Least Expect It

    Texan millionaire and former WWE commentator John 'JBL' Layfield is a Rugby League fan. He loved shoehorning in incongruous RL references on Monday Night Raw that I assume no-one in the audience would understand, especially around Origin time. I definitely remember him talking about Eorl Crabtree's broken nose whenever that happened.
  7. Mikeyg

    2016 Four Nations (Merged threads)

    I assume part of the thinking is that we would only get one use of the Etihad and that it would be better to use it for the final (which I would agree with). I would also like the Aus-NZ game to be played in London, partly for selfish reasons, but also because I seem to remember the crowds for those games being a little flat when held in the North (even the WC final). Having said that, I very much doubt the RFL have the inclination to play two games in London, and I would guess they would prioritise the England-Australia game.
  8. Mikeyg

    Your international highs and lows

    Burgess and also I believe Kyle Eastmond came on and made Inglis have to actually work in defence and attack which was a refreshing change from Danny McGuire and Tom Briscoe repeatedly messing up their defensive assignments. What still amazes me is that two weeks later England were really good and right in it in the FInal until Shenton had to go off injured, at which point Australia took full advantage.
  9. Mikeyg

    Your international highs and lows

    High - The 2006 Sydney test was pretty great, wasn't it? Low - Half-time of the England-Australia game in 2009. 26-0 to Australia, and that combined with England's disaster at the World Cup a year before had me genuinely worrying that international Rugby League was dead. Neutral high points: The NZ-Australia game at The Stoop in 2009, and the NZ-Samoa game at the last World Cup.The 2009 game was just a level above any other standard of RL I'd seen up until that point, and the World Cup game was just one of the most entertaining, bonkers games I've seen. High AND Low: The 2013 RLWC Semi (the greatest match I've ever been to) and an underrated one, the 2004 GB-Australia game at the City of Manchester Stadium. GB scored two great early tries, but Willie Mason scored right on the stroke of half-time and you could sense what was coming, and at the end in the space of about 30 seconds the game went from Faz having a drop-goal charged down by Nathan Hindmarsh to Luke Rooney going in the corner. After the 2003 Ashes where every game was blown in the dying moments, to lose a fourth game like that in a row was too much to take.
  10. I enjoyed it. Considering the minimalistic lead-in time I thought that 8k was a pretty decent crowd. Where I was sat was an eclectic mix of Wigan fans, Millwall fans and the London Rugby League community. The one negative was being sat in the first few rows of the Barry Kitchener stand the view to the corner on the other end of the near touchline was almost completely obstructed by a combination of the sound system and the two technical areas, but I can't see what can really be done about that. I'll just have to buy an upper-tier ticket next time. Definitely something to build on here. Having it locked down from the start of the season next time (so probably not a Super 8 game) would be good. Also, if the RFL are ever in a position where they have an Australia-New Zealand test which they're feeling unambitious about putting on then they could definitely do worse than The Den.
  11. I remember after the 2007 Grand Final I thought that Daniel Anderson picking an unfit Sean Long over an in-form Matty Smith was a big mistake. This evening, after Smith's performance I think it was probably the right call after all. Hope Graham was taking notes because I thought Coley and Fielden put on a propping masterclass. I was also definitely surprised that Sam Tomkins didn't win the Harry Sunderland trophy - I don't begrudge Leuluai his award and he was very influential, but it wasn't as eye-catching a performance as Sam's.
  12. Mikeyg

    Leeds Rhinos v St Helens

    Having just watched it again, you're right. I was confused by JJB was trying to milk it to the ref right next to Bailey. I retract my defence (feel less dirty now )
  13. Mikeyg

    Leeds Rhinos v St Helens

    In Bailey's defence (not words I thought I'd ever write) Pretty sure that it was JJB who gave Moore the rub on the head. The ref called over the wrong guy for his little chat.
  14. That game was odd. Hull were definitely the better side, but I think the score flattered them a bit - there was this part of the 1st half (just after Quins blew a long range effort) where they everything they did came off and everything Quins did fell flat. Hull won because they completely won the physical battle in the 1st half, getting the better of every collision. Quins' timing wasn't right either, I can't recall the last time I saw a team throw so many hospital passes.