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  1. We are staying at a guest house in Sale- only about £40 and five minutes from the Metrolink and all night bus from Piccadilly to the door.
  2. I've been away so I have only just seen this. Why should I support Broncos ? I am an RL fan but just because I live in London should I support Broncos? I support Manchester United so by the same token I should support Chelsea?
  3. It's ten minutes from my house but unless they play Salford some time I won't be bothering. It is a reasonable ground .I have been to watch Trailfinders in the past.
  4. The New Den is a reasonable ground for a Football tier 3 club and will be big enough for a Wigan game in London. They will feel at home too as the vicinity is similar to Wigan's home ground surrounded by scrapyards and industrial units. I'll be there and it is well served by train- only one stop from London Bridge.
  5. How dare he play Rugby League?
  6. At least it won't take United as long as it has taken City or Liverpool 'to get the results they want'! We'll be back in the top 4 in the next season or two.
  7. A great union leader.He fought for his members.
  8. Does any one from Hull know how and why the Managing Director of Hull City was appointed? He used to work in this office in London about 15 years ago in a completely unrelated role and business and nobody who knew him from then can understand his appointment. I know he was appointed a while ago but I have only discoved the news recently.
  9. I saw him with Stanley Clarke at the New Orleans Jazz Festival in May this year. They were phenomenal. A great loss to the music world.
  10. My word! Lord Reith and the guy who started Sports Report (Angus somebody?) will be spinning in their graves!
  11. Surprised to see the news that Marlon King has been arrested again!
  12. So did I! It seems like yesterday! Happy days!
  13. We always catch a bus from Portland Street or Piccadilly to Old Trafford.There are three or more services go past Old Trafford.It's incredible how empty the buses are. After the match we always walk to the Crescent and New Oxford pubs in Salford. Both ways it is better than being crushed on the tram.
  14. I'd join you if you were in a decent pub.The Wetherspoons pub on Deansgate is a dump. Much better (although much smaller)is the Waterhouse(also Wetherspoons)on Princess Street.
  15. I'll be there. Come on Wigan!