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  1. Do St Helens have a fanbase of less than 500 fans? For what its worth, the namechange was pointless because they would not have been playing in Manchester. Sale (unlike Swinton, Moston, Droylsden et) is not within the Manchester ringroad (what I would call Manchester), and was never even in Lancashire.
  2. I wonder if there will be any salary cap breaches by the bottom clubs who stayed up?
  3. The game was part time before though so outgoing costs were much less. We could have had a summer switch and stayed part time. Most clubs (when you include non-SL clubs) had higher crowds pre-SL
  4. Would be much higher than a boring same old usual suspects final
  5. Think your in the 0.1% minority who thinks that. I would imagine sky will have cameras at Shudds and Salford too. Should be a top night
  6. I can’t find anything about the London game on Belushi’s facebook page or website
  7. Bit surprised that Wakey/London and Salford/HKR agreed to this at short notice.
  8. Not true. There are some good teams in the championship more deserving of SL than Wakey, Fartown etc. Best way to increase player pool is have more access to SL.
  9. Well they have just had to bring forward their matches from Sunday to Friday with 6 days notice. Does any club sell out a stadium for a home match v London? Still I would guess the ratings will be high once sky get around to announcing the match they will show (which I presume will be Wakey v London),
  10. The only way to make dropping down more palatable is to have more promotion spots as we did in the 80s
  11. Not under licensing they didn’t. Their ground was substandard
  12. Wakefield should have gone down years ago under licensing. Broken promises, ###### ground, rubbish crowds.
  13. Newton Heath is about the same distance from Manchester city centre as Swinton. Both are in the M60 ring road (unlike Sale, Stockport, Oldham, Stalybridge etc)
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