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  1. You are right. This was not a nice thing to write. My apologies to the TRL board (and the ref), I completely overstepped the mark with this post and some of my others last night. I was watching the game in my local over a few ales, which is in a non heartland area and just wanted a close game (with a tight Salford win).
  2. All photos and memorabilia for Leigh used RFC until around the 70’s then RLFC. I’ve seem Wembley 71’ memorabilia with Leigh RFC on. The most annoying thing about the current Cent-ur-i-ons logo is that it dwarves the “Leigh” text. I wish we would ditch it....
  3. Hopefully Big City Salford will beat small-time saints
  4. Yet we were formed in 1878 and our centenary was in 1978. I really don’t like the Centurions moniker and think we should get shut ASAP We should be Leigh RFC
  5. I would recommend ringing the Hope on Whitfield St. W1. Last time i went they had two sky feeds, plus the pub is very quiet after 7pm on Sat as it is geared up for afterwork midweek drinkers
  6. Cant be any worse than the few hundred Wiganers today - an utter embarrassment. Will be a great final with lots of new neutrals going if Salford can hang on
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