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  1. Complete nonsense. And I say that with a London hat on. Licensing nearly ruined many non-SL clubs and did no favours for the clubs in SL. During licensing London’s crowds slowly declined (as Quims) and the end of year games with nothing to play for were utterly dire and boring. Last year (middle 8 and this year have been great and exciting for London). Hopefully London will stay up but if they don’t it will be because the middle 8s was removed - a better concept than one up one down.
  2. I would go back to using “Other Nationalities”. Has more heritage than any other international since the schism
  3. The championship is high value with P&R (more so if it was two up two down) but worthless if the drawbridge goes up
  4. Baby changing facilities always come to mind as one of her points of analysis from a good few years ago. Always thought she did okay. Nothing wrong with occasional funny interviews. At least she didn’t use “you know” all the time.
  5. Not unexpected but always makes me smile. Anyone see it?
  6. Would be great if they invested in getting rugby league played in Warrington and surround (especially given that they have a free reign for 200 miles south of the town!).
  7. Except that every club played against the top clubs, so the crowds were great even at the bottom
  8. More likely to get 90k at Wembley as most Aussies live down here
  9. Why not relegate one bottom garbage SL team (hopefully “broken promises” Wakey or “no away fans” Shudds) and promote 3?
  10. The absolute worst thing and very feasible possibility that could happen is that they switch to RU, or that RU picks up the pieces for free as they did with Paris Saint Germain (which benefitted both Racing Club Paris and Stade Francais). This is why I cannot understand the animosity towards Toronto
  11. Always thought of Swinton, Salford and Broughton as the Manchester clubs (as covered in the RL book, called something like “Rugby League in Manchester”.
  12. The crowds would generally be bigger if the SL clubs played away plus the grounds would be fuller and more chance of shocks. A no brainer
  13. Btw my reference for this guy’s attitude to RL is something I read about in pages 67-68 of “The Petition” by Ray Gent, published in 2002. I believe it was also covered in Total RL magazine.
  14. Yep How the hell can a Scottish public school RU fan be in charge of English sports regions?
  15. Who is in charge of BBC England regions for sports? Is it still the public school Scotsman who hates RL?
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