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  1. Pretty sure they used to mention Rugby League in the programme “The Ritz” from the late 80’s https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ritz_(TV_series)
  2. Haydons Road is the nearest station. I hope this move comes off. I used to live in South Wimbledon/Colliers Wood so know the area well. Many ways to get there. There is a bus from Wimbedon or South Wimbledon (via bottom of Haydons Road) to one end of Plough Lane, or the bus from Tooting Broadway northwards to the other. Or you can get the bus down from Earlsfield
  3. You are right. This was not a nice thing to write. My apologies to the TRL board (and the ref), I completely overstepped the mark with this post and some of my others last night. I was watching the game in my local over a few ales, which is in a non heartland area and just wanted a close game (with a tight Salford win).
  4. The GB shirt has always had a shamrock on the badge (underneath the English rose) used for many years
  5. Not quite true - The NU played a test at Celtic in 1908
  6. The clover was always on GB shirts from at least the 30s through to the 70’s as part of the beautiful ornate lions badge with the red rose, daffodil and thistle
  7. St Helens Recs existed as a Rugby club until 1898 and switched to soccer before switching back to Rugby in 1913
  8. I would argue in favour of Bradford Northern having a strong legitimate claim for being the continuation of Bradford RFC because: 1/ One third of the club voted to stay in NU, so it wasnt as if the club voted en masse to leave 2/ The part of the club that stayed continued playing the same sport (BPA played a totally different sport) which suggests that they would have retained the lions share of the fanbase and players. The fact that BPA switched sports and BN stayed suggests that BPAs claim is also weaker (would have breen analogous to RU breaking away in 1895 switching to playing soccer but claiming the prior heritage - RU had approx 2/3 support in the 1893 vote on broken time) 3/ There was no pause between Bradford RFC and Bradford N RFC
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