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  1. An utterly pointless remark.
  2. Astonishing. After Salford's result next Sunday could be a championship decider! Well done, Widnes.
  3. We are told there are more players coming in.
  4. Has Chase actually signed for Leigh? If he has, why is he approaching other clubs?
  5. It appears Tim Sheens has signed a three year contract at Salford. If this is correct, it is, I think, the club's most important signing yet.
  6. My guess is that if £100k went to Mrs. Chase, Rangi wouldn't see much of it.
  7. In the words of Mandy Rice Davies, "Well he would, wouldn't he?"
  8. Are you serious? Leigh were utterly outclassed. The result was never in doubt. Sadly, it is this kind of blinkered arrogance, epitomised by you and your ilk, that have made an otherwise worthy club so unpopular
  9. I'm sure he's not here for the money. Nobody ever gets paid at Salford. That's a fact. A bloke in a pub told me and he knew all about it. He had connections. He told me so himself so it must be true.
  10. First Tasi and now Fages. I'm sure Sean Long hasn't been speaking to either of them.
  11. Apologies.
  12. What is "monetise" supposed to mean? It isn't a word that exists in the English language.
  13. Semi-literate nonsense. Work harder at school.
  14. I'm sure I'm in a minority but I'm not convinced that the plethora of new stadiums were or are entirely necessary. Many grounds that have now gone had perfectly adequate facilities, very good clubhouses/bars and most importantly, tremendous atmosphere. The new ones might have better toilets but I don't go to a match for the toilets. I have yet to visit a new ground that has the soul of the one it replaced.