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  1. Get in there BARROW....Great defense here 18-22 1st Away Win at Batley for neigh on 20 yrs, Several cheap shots from Batley players in the last few mins when they understood they were not going to win today Unpunished by the officials
  2. Barrow currently beating Mount Batley which would be a shock if they can hold on or even score a few more Tries.....Play Up Barrow
  3. Barrow currently beating Mount Batley which would be a shock if they can hold on or even score a few more Tries.....Play Up Barrow
  4. More good news & we can see the clubs getting stronger from top to bottom, Superb stuff all ?
  5. mick wilson


    Hope you can grow & bring newbies into the sport, Are you represented in the Midlands-Cov area media? Do you go into local schools & reach out to any local area amateur clubs to get them as spectators-Supporters? Good luck
  6. mick wilson


    Doingvit sensibily, Good luck Cov Bearman, Are the Attendances slowly rising?
  7. Fantastic away win wheres the go fund me link please as I want to donate again, Cheers
  8. The RL should have a clause that when any SL club fakes a player from outside of the SL then they really should pay (Something) & these extras already stated, Spread the cash to assist the lower league clubs.
  9. mick wilson


    I did a little jig when Johnno slotted that DG over ?
  10. That was hard listening but the boys dug out the result in the end, Congrats & Phew
  11. Who was the fool who drove Cresta away?
  12. That’s all great Jane but we could and should make it easier to donate, I had to search around to find it when it should keep popping up on forums & Facebook & instergram etc That way more people will donate Also what about Expats, Do the club collect their info & reach out to them differently, Pull on their heartstrings as they tune in to commentaries & follow from afar without spending much money so you could ask them to contribute occasionally or set up monthly direct debits & suchlike, Out of the Thousands Of Expats imagine if only a few dozen paid a fiver, tenner or twenty quid every month, Imagine if after a prolonged campaign you got 100/150 people giving something every month, Every little helps. Thanks for the work you guys do.
  13. Don't shoot the Messenger here but........Someone at the club needs to be given this task of promoting this to death and back again & if somebody already has this task (( strip them of it & give it to another person..... I have previously donated then over the last few weeks when i've had a spare few mins I searched for it a couple of times & not found it, Now part of that problem is all mine for not being tech savy etc but that's my point here, Most our fan base is aging & a lot wont be Tech Savy & We shouldnt have to search for it as its massively counter productive. I even asked where it is on our Facebook supporters page & noticed club officials answering other questions or having input but no one answered mine when i was ready to donate again.......This is crazy......Even if just 10 or 15 people similar to me want to help but give up trying it flushing good money down the drain. So im asking one last time, Can anybody direct me towards this page please & CLUB....Post the link every other day on various RL pages & update folk so they feel good with donating, You never know they might donate again. RANT OVER
  14. That won’t be happening as there are many many pre-exsisting stadiums that are already ultra modern and fit for purpose, Many College AF stadiums already hold 80k to 100k which will be handy for the Football WC & probably to big for the RLWC they will dig up the Astro turf & out grass pitches for the Footy WC Even Many High School areas build 20k stadiums for a handful of schools to share etc
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