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  1. I am still curious how my comment was a huge anti -Labour rant? You seem to be deploying the Trump playbook and just rant at anything which is not an obvious supporting opinion. So explain to me my "huge" anti Labour rant..
  2. Curious to how my opinion is a huge anti- Labour rant? Should I tag all your posts as "despite your huge undemocratic rant..."
  3. I posted this on here 2 years ago. Take a Life long Labour Voter ( which I am not btw, I moved from Ireland) who supports BREXIT ( as many in the North of England do). If they see the party that their family for generations has supported , promised them BREXIT, had BREXIT as a manifesto pledge in 2017 moves to remain where do you think they go? It is nearly inbred to not vote Tory, so the only other place they can go is UKIP or BREXIT party. UKIP has swung to be an overtly racist cabal ( which few if any labour /ex party members are), which leaves BREXIT party as the only place they will vote. The European Elections Showed this, but it could be worse! What if Boris and BREXIT party made a pact? Tory's would not contest Northern Labour Seats ( who would never vote Tory) and leave them to the BREXIT party, and BREXIT party would not contest the Tory heartlands in the south. If Labour moved to remain to satisfy the London Islington wing of the party it would be a leave vote for the BREXIT party in North and Midlands and Leave vote for the Tories in South while the remain vote was split 3 ways between Labour/Greens/Libs, That could end up in a huge leave majority!
  4. And a day before the leader of the Labour Party ( after being protected by some random, Spanish ranting woman) has confirmed that he has a different opinion to Brexit than his whole shadow cabinet. Fan boys: Owen Jones slept in ( and missed a radio 4 appearance), Arron Bastani ( missed his train to appear on PoliticsLive) and no one from the Labour Party was available for BBC2 Politics Live! ( then the left ranted on twitter about BBC bias) - All the day after the Panorama programme about anti-Semitism in the labour Party - all the Corbyn cheerleaders disappeared? Luckily; the Labour split and general no idea on BREXIT has been drowned out by an Equality Commission investigation into anti-Semitism! The labour party is trying to enforce NDAs ( which it has campaigned to ban), blaming whistle-blowers and ( as JF is white and can't use a race card) is disgustingly using a Cancer card to deflect criticisms Under all that, noise, is that Labour still has no position on BREXIT and JC has the lowest approval rating of any politician since polls began while we have the worst government in a generation! But all is well, his supporters have engaged full Donald Trump politics! Blame the Media for bias, drive out moderates Shout down any dissent Cry that the world is wrong become a cult I posted on here 2 years ago ( despite being a Labour member for years) I have NO one to vote for in this country! I doubt I am the only one who thinks that. When people don't feel they have a party to support , it becomes "anyone but them" and that is why people will vote outside the normal parties. Not saying I am, but after 22 years my labour membership is up in 10 days and I am not renewing it. I won't be voting labour, nor canvassing or leaflet drops. I said on this forum when JC became leader people like me would not support him to become PM. BREXIT party will be natural home for many like me - even if they have to hold their nose about some members!
  5. Might not be a popular opinion, but RL needs to catch up on todays media/social media world! Central funding a few years ago was aimed at great rugby players and to keep them in the UK. While that is good, you actually need to find a couple of good looking young lads( and lasses) who compete at higher end of the sport. You spend money media training them ( eg Danny Walker) and you roll them out at every media/photo/letter opening opportunity (that's the central funding) and let social media take its course! Girls ( and some boys) want to marry them, boys want to be him, men wish they had been him, women regret missing the opportunity and vice versa for female rugby. Constantly putting forward 40/50 year old "icons" who struggle to make a sentence and no one outside RL know, is not the image the sport should be projecting. I know it is cynical, but that is how life now is. We either accept that or die!
  6. And in Southern seats this is very true! But in Northern and marginal seats (Labour must win) this is the opposite! Islington, Hackney etc Labour poll well. ( the young well meaning twitter crowd) and even better if they move to remain. But they will lose seats in places where every generation has voted labour ( because that is what they do). If labour lose the vote they have relied on for 80 years they are finished!
  7. WOW! It has taken me a while to get my head around your comment. So in your world: Staunch Islamic parents should be allowed to spend the first 11 years of their children's telling them that gays should be thrown of buildings, LGBT people are immoral, Jews should be wiped of the planet, anyone non Muslin should be killed. Or if I am a Nazi ( an actual one , not the left current definition ( anyone too the right of Stalin)) I can spend 11 years ( parental choice) and bring up a mini Hitler, and no one challenges their opinions until they are 11! And when they reach secondary school a teacher has 2x45 minute lesions to explain that 11 years of brain washing is wrong! Are you actually on this planet?
  8. Actually this is not just a Tory thing! Several Labour MPs have supported the bigots outside the school in Birmingham. With their support the protests are now expanding to other schools in other cities! The "No Outsiders" programme is NOT sex education. 34 story books depict different families doing every day things! Going for a day out, cooking dinner, being tucked into bed. No SEX or instructions on how to! 4 of the books show LGBT couples, others show mixed race, single parents, black, Asian families and even people wearing hijabs! They show that there are lots of families and ALL should be respected and treated equally! The School protestors are not complaining that the books argue respect for Muslims, they are protesting that 4 of the 34 books suggest that respect be shown to LGBT people too! That is what makes them homophobic, they want respect taught for them, but not for others. Its not sex education - it is respect for others! McVey (CON), Godsiff (LAB), Shabana Mahmood (LAB) who have shown support for the bigots ALL need to be called out! The argument seems to that parents can decide: So if I was a parent and decided that my child would be brought up as a far right Nazi/Islamic extremist and be subjected to 11 years of that poison; a couple of hours in a class in secondary school will convince them that gays shouldn't be thrown off buildings/Jews are the centre of world issues and should be exterminated? Children need to see all our differences as normal, not something to hate or fear! Unfortunately we can no longer rely on all parents to do that, so we need teachers to add something else to the miracle they are expected to perform!
  9. I am pretty sure that most sane people think the state should teach that being Gay or Muslin is normal, rather than leave children to be brainwashed by Islamic clerics or the DUP for 11 years bringing up little extremists hoping that a few hours in secondary school will show them a different way!
  10. And Jeremy Corbyn big claim to fame ( apart from voting against his only party more than David Cameron, laying wreaths the graves of Islamic terrorists and inviting the IRA to Westminster, going to a Grammar school and never actually having a real job) is?
  11. Latest YouGov Poll. Due to be published in the Times on 31/05/19
  12. The irony of talking about "whataboutism", during the peak of the industrial revolution GB's yearly C02 production was less than the currently weekly Chinese figure! So sure it is all our fault! Is there any country in the world who blames itself for all the faults and refuses to celebrate what it has done well, other than the UK?
  13. There is NEVER a situation when challenging, inappropriate remarks, is the wrong thing to do! It may often be brave, but never wrong!
  14. What are their actual solutions? All I see is a lot of what they do not want but no plan to get to what they do want! Despite being the 5th largest economy in the world it has less than 1% of the CO2 emissions. China and India increase their Co2 emissions more each year than the UK produces! So if the UK turned EVERYTHING off tomorrow, ( all power stations, all cars busses and trains, all industry....) By Christmas it would have been pointless ( apart from UK falling into poverty and millions dying!) I get the issue, but I am still waiting for someone to suggest an actual plan that does not result in millions of UK citizens dying!
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