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  1. I watched earlier the Commons during "Business Questions" with Moggy and MP after MP stood up to explain why a particular group should be deemed as "key" workers. I am not suggesting any of them should not be, but with this list it appears schools are staying open for everyone apart from kids of lawyers, stockbrokers/city types, professional athletes. So basically it is Monday as normal for teachers!
  2. The Met office had issued yellow warnings 3 days earlier - amber warnings 48 hours before, Respect to their attempt and determination , but stupidity is not something to celebrate! During storm Ciara, 4 people decided to climb Ben Nevis! Not a map between them, 3 wearing trainers 27 volunteers in a Mountain Rescue Team - a Coast Guard helicopter ( approx. £8k per hour) which due to weather could only get half way up, risked their lives to get them down! Why did they travel?
  3. yes(ish) (Gay teams who are open to all) Several in Manchester alone, which the sport has been developing! All of them furious at Folau playing, which is maybe way they didn't play him in Salford! He would not have got a good reception!
  4. WOW! Have you been hiding somewhere under a rock? ( along with Jon) At least 2 SL players have come out as gay, both of which have as you say, expressed their disgust, neither have needed a bunker to hide in and it appears that most of RL is behind them! You and your homophobic musings are who need a bunker to hid in!
  5. RU did not make laws in South Africa, but people demonstrated, protested, enforced sanctions - what did that achieve?
  6. Why? The Met Office, Highways England, Rail companies, Police all advised anything but essential travel - why are we applauding people who ignored that to travel to a rugby game?
  7. Did you actually ready what you posted? It actually says the drivers will take 10 days off as paid leave. It also says the coaches will use military grade cleansing equipment and not used for 10 days after. Where/Why is the 1 day leave as compo/keeping kids off school coming from? It seems this is not yet the major crisis you are wanting/trying to make it.
  8. RAF Woodvale is basically a cadet and UAF station and in no way could land a 747. The bunker complex you mention is not really suitable for families, nor is it able to provide the potential medical (isolation) care if required. Not sure flying potentially 200 people ( yes it turned out to be 80 odd) 10 at a time from Brize Norton to the Wirral would have been safer venture than police escorted buses. I also agree from an earlier comment, flying them into a "relatively" uncontrolled public airport ( eg Manchester or Liverpool) could have had other risks - Press, containment, public, civilian workers, etc.
  9. Star Trek Picard was a great watch and even better if you are a trekkie and can pick up the links. "Stand by for my stalkers to arrive and rant about something"
  10. When did they jump into the premiership?
  11. No - Straying way into cross code stuff here - but can't explain or develop without. - They are paid for by Sale Sharks - it is not a stadium initiative. There are now 4 double deck busses offering FREE transport from the TC to AJ Bell, 2 hours before kick off until 2 hours after. ( shuttling between the 2). SS also offer any club/pub/group who can sell 50 tickets - they pay for the return coach. ( I guess within an area!) Not really applicable to SRD, but on expected busy home games SS pay a block amount to allow free access for all traffic, over the toll bridge, preventing traffic build up and delays. I have on numerous times suggested SRD copy some of this - I know it is expensive but it is getting larger and larger numbers. The metro line to Trafford centre will open April - why not offer a free shuttle bus from the TC and its 11,000 free parking spaces to anyone with a match ticket? Couple of minibuses to start ( SRD foundation all ready has 2) and if it gets to the stage you need 4 double deck busses, shuttling between the 2, that has to be a good thing.
  12. Salford RL is the only top tier Salford sports team; And they do owe several £m to the council. If you have ever visited Salford Council main offices, they are proud of them ( as per the decals on the wall in reception). I guess that is part of the reason Salford Council has been so willing to support them financially ( in loans, the stadium, forgoing rent, etc). If they ever become Manchester whatever, then the council may as well give up and support Sale Sharks who also play in Salford, but actually pay their bills. If that Salford name goes it would be impossible for Salford Council to carry on the way they have for the last 5/6 years.
  13. Not sure that is the best example to use - Morson have been sponsors of Sharks for several years, indeed I think their CEO is on the SS Board of Directors! That said - it is great to see an international, Salford based company, get involved in RL!
  14. You really are talking from your derrier! A mile walk? Unless you have mobility issues, that is a 10-15 min walk! How many stadia have safe, secure, FREE parking 15 min walk away? I am not about to say public transport is great, but the 67 bus is every 15 mins and the 100 is every 30. Both are double deck buses - so that is at least 6 per hour, carrying 80 people each. Why make up such rubbish when you can check the timetable online? If the busses where packed, you might also think a (private company ( Go North WEST, these days) wanting to make a profit) would lay on extra busses as required. Salford Quays is some of the most expensive real estate in Gtr Manchester, so where do you suggest plonking a stadium and who do you think would pay for it? Peel and Salford Council already own one, Salford Reds nor even Sale Sharks have the £100m+ to build a stadium in the quays. (BTW: much as you think it simple and quick - the train from Irlam to Deansgate is 25 - 35 minutes and the tram from there to Salford Quays is 30-45 minutes.! assuming the connections work, "just jump on"" and you will be there in about 1 and half hours. - I am not saying that is a long journey time for many fans - just pointing out that while you portray it as a quick stop on public transport it isn't!) "A better solution than building a new stadium would be extending the metro from eccles past the aj bell to warrington, via birchwood. But at the moment the aj bell location isn't great for public transport. " Have you actually been to Manchester or the AJ Bell? The tram line is in the process of being extended to the Trafford Centre ( opening early 2020 - a 15 min walk ( I know you think that is an issue)) and the plans are all ready in place to extend that to Port Salford ( AJ Bell). So much so, that the recent canal bridge was designed to allow for a tram track. Why on earth do you think they would extend the track from Eccles to the stadium, when the line to the TC is just about complete, with the route and land acquired to extend it? Why peddle this nonsense on a public forum?
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