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  1. I watched earlier the Commons during "Business Questions" with Moggy and MP after MP stood up to explain why a particular group should be deemed as "key" workers. I am not suggesting any of them should not be, but with this list it appears schools are staying open for everyone apart from kids of lawyers, stockbrokers/city types, professional athletes. So basically it is Monday as normal for teachers!
  2. Did you actually ready what you posted? It actually says the drivers will take 10 days off as paid leave. It also says the coaches will use military grade cleansing equipment and not used for 10 days after. Where/Why is the 1 day leave as compo/keeping kids off school coming from? It seems this is not yet the major crisis you are wanting/trying to make it.
  3. RAF Woodvale is basically a cadet and UAF station and in no way could land a 747. The bunker complex you mention is not really suitable for families, nor is it able to provide the potential medical (isolation) care if required. Not sure flying potentially 200 people ( yes it turned out to be 80 odd) 10 at a time from Brize Norton to the Wirral would have been safer venture than police escorted buses. I also agree from an earlier comment, flying them into a "relatively" uncontrolled public airport ( eg Manchester or Liverpool) could have had other risks - Press, containment, public, civilian workers, etc.
  4. Star Trek Picard was a great watch and even better if you are a trekkie and can pick up the links. "Stand by for my stalkers to arrive and rant about something"
  5. A few years ago the other code introduced financial penalties if stadia did not meet set standards. It is well documented the reason Sale Sharks moved from the Stockport Ground (they owned) to the AJ Bell is it was cheaper to rent a stadium than pay the penalties that were imposed every year. Is that an option in RL? Rather than try and enforce a minimum ( and regulate clubs) You set a standard: TV Facilities Disabled access seating ( v average crowd) corporate etc And the clubs who fail to meet the standards are fined £millions. It would set a standard achievable , and force some clubs who do not comply to either decide to pay the fine or sort out a new/upgraded ground.
  6. Bloody NHS managers, should all be rounded up and.... oh hang on opps! Such a generalisation (Mine) that all managers in the NHS should be fired and ( while I have never worked in it) I have no doubt a good few should be as a waste of space, but equally I know that the NHS could not function without some of those managers. Its all too easy to blame managers ( many times justified - generally in all civil service )but few Doctors have the skills necessary or interest, and even if they do, I would rather they be treating people than ordering mops or sorting a £4 payroll issue!
  7. I never though you were holding a grudge and am sorry if I suggested that, though I now understand why you might. Surely that is a grudge against other managers in the NHS who expected you to work though a horrendous time in your life , not the medical staff? Other than that I am pretty sure we are agreeing in what we are saying. "Medical Science generally tries to keep you alive long enough for your body to fix itself or provides palliative care so you can pass away in the least amount of pain as possible"
  8. Glad your wife pulled through and I hope she is fully recovered now. You post reminded me of something I was told 20 years ago by a Doctor friend ( now deceased), which was roughly: 90-92% of Human ailments are cured/fixed by your own body. Medical science can only cure 8-10% the rest is pain management and trying to delay things long enough that the body kicks in and fixes itself. I really don't know how true that is, but I know lots of Doctors and none have corrected the statement. For Richard Bacon, your wife it was the amazing skill of keeping people alive long enough so they pull through! When people blame Doctors for nor doing enough or the wrong thing ( which you haven't) I get abit annoyed. These are people like us all, they are not perfect - they do not claim to have all the answers or even always to get it right. They have a lot of knowledge which they try to use to help people . It is often an educated, best guess - more often than not it is correct, but we have to accept that sometimes it won't be. Ir is not a perfect science! Edit: having re-read ckn comment about the perception of an old folk disease, I thought I would add an extra bit. The Doctor who told me that story, a 27 year old A&E Registrar ( who had been my best friend from 1st year at uni), died at 27 with pneumonia. He spent a week in hospital, they couldn't work out what was wrong but he wanted home so they agreed ( if he went to his parents), 4 days later he was back in ICU and 2 days later was dead. It is not a old person illness..
  9. Blind spot goes even more off track than the Blacklist from Season 2 on. Be warned. If you haven't watched it have a binge at the Good Fight. ( unless you support D Trump) or Designated Survivor ( which is scarily current - esp S2)
  10. Good luck! You can always turn it down, but is great to be offered a job (even if you think you know nothing about it!).
  11. I think I have just been mugged off by my 3 elderly neighbours! All are widows and I am happy to look out for them all but got a call today saying next door had been ill all Christmas (widow she may be but she has attentive children. grand children and now great grand kids) and she said I would love some of your soup. So pan on, lamb curry veg soup, made some fresh bread d and as soon as it was in the oven the poorly 89 year old hopped in her car and off down the shops saying " will it be ready when I get back?" All 3 got a saucepan of thick lamb curry soup and a third of a freshly baked loaf each!
  12. In my late teens, my drink of choice was Canadian Whiskey, but as I have matured and been able to afford whatever I want to try, the Irish stuff is the one that most impressed. However, I think you miss my point on that American Whiskey is spelt with an e, which is the Irish spelling of the word, which implies that it was the Irish (not the Scottish) who introduced it to N America.
  13. Now you have wandered into the minefield of spelling it with an e! Irish whiskey and Scottish whisky! Being from N Ireland I will simply point out that the oldest distillary in the world , with a licence dating back to 1608 is Bushmills in N Ireland! The Black Bush special reserve is a drink to savour!
  14. Rant update 3: an old (I think she is 93) dear left out a bag and a van arrived to collect it this morning. Despite being told they were collecting illegally, a council licencing officer catching then and warning of a prosecution, despite the police being told it IS their responsibility, they showed up to collect bags left out! I have given the van details to the council (who actually seem to want to stop it) and video so they can try an close them down. But they will pop up again with a new name. Please report all collections. They need council permission and few have! The council officer told me, few report it and they cannot act until someone does. Most of these are cons! Pick up the phone and ask.
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