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  1. Although Billy never played for Cardiff or Wales as he clearly wanted to, he describes signing for Wigan as "the best mistake I ever made".
  2. ....and won the Lance Todd trophy in the 1958 CCF against Workington.
  3. The Wigan Club are saddened to announce the passing of former player Kevin O’Loughlin. Kevin - heritage number 628 - played for the Wigan Club between 1963-1975 after signing from Warrington Colts and played as a Stand Off but had real utility value to the team. During his time at Wigan Kevin made 284 appearances with 25 as a substitute, scoring 171 points. He played alongside his brother Keiron in the early 1970’s and is the uncle of current Club Captain Sean. Speaking about Kevin, his former teammate and current Wigan Players Association committee member Brian Ramsdale said: “Kevin was one of those quiet members of the squad, but he would say his piece when he had something positive to contribute. “Whilst he played a lot as a half, he would play well and in any position he was asked. He was an extremely hard player and my recollection is of a Mr Reliable who was at times used as winger, full back, half back and occasionally in the back three of the pack.” The Club offers its deepest condolences to Kevin’s family and friends at this time.
  4. I don't think VW was ignoring the fact that Widnes have several overseas players but just making the point about home grown youngsters.
  5. In the 2012 season Wigan beat Leeds 50-8 at Headingley. Guess who won the Grand Final that year.
  6. A special mention goes to LMS who sprinted 40 metres to add his usual contribution to the melee.
  7. Hull to scrape it (maybe!) with the LTT to Mark Minichiello.
  8. Gelling's gesture was reminiscent of what Tommy Martyn used to do to the Wigan fans. It's very annoying but nothing more.
  9. Amazing that the anti Wigan comment only came on the 15th post!
  10. This was an excellent cup tie that went the the way I thought it would. Wigan competed well but once again the half backs created very few openings. Hull deserved to win and good luck to them in in the final.
  11. Let's hope he can get over the injury and be back playing asap.
  12. I honestly don't know. If there is then my first suggestion couldn't happen but the second could.
  13. The effect could be that the two teams involved in the so-called Million Pound Game could hire 2 or 3 top Ausies and go over the salary cap for 7 days. Another effect could be the RFL saying to the independent tribunal (is it Sports Resolutions UK?) we run the game, not you, and the deduction stands.
  14. If Catalan can draw 18000 in Barcelona then why have no other games been played there?
  15. It was a late, high tackle and should have been penalised there and then. It was very poor refereeing in my opinion.