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  1. Sky in 2020 is quite a different beast to when the previous deal was sorted. Comcast hugely overpaid for the business, Sky subscriptions are only going one way, the US will be looking to cut costs and sadly RL is probably viewed as filler content. Amazon seems intent on going after RU, and BT seems all about soccer, so to be honest Elstone has a pretty weak hand in the negotiations. Best thing that could happen is the talked about investment in the game by the NRL. I for one would not have an issue with the Aussies running RL in the northern hemisphere.
  2. Of course brain trauma is a serious matter, and employers (and regulators) have a duty of care to their employees. I always remember reading an interview with Phil Larder who went to work for the RFU/ SCW saying that before he could do anything with the England RU squad defensively, he had to teach them all how to tackle correctly. This case is much more complex and nuanced than is being made out I think. Other factors which can cause early onset dementia/ cognitive dysfunction include excessive alcohol consumption over a period of time, anabolic steroid abuse and use of recreational drugs all of which happen in rugby union, as they do in rugby league. A quick search of the internet throws up some interesting information about a couple of the ex-players whose names appear linked with this action. Also, interestingly there is no mention of the individual clubs these players were employed by and where they spent most of their work time being sued. Probably because the lawyers know that is not where the money is. The sceptic in me thinks this is only gaining traction because a group of lawyers can see making money from it. I have always thought that as tough and dangerous RL is to play, that modern RU is more dangerous. Shontayne Hape has well documented the dangers of being stuck at the bottom of an RU pile on aka ruck. The tackle/ ruck area in elite RU just seems a complete and utter free for all, with so much scope for injury whereas in RL it is much more controlled. Still dangerous, with knocks to the head as we saw in the SL Grand Final or with Jammer v Burgess, but definitely cleaner than in RU.
  3. Until the time comes when the NRL decides it wants rid of scrums, scrums have to stay as an integral feature of the sport in the Northern Hemisphere. The reality is that the NRL is the main player in RL worldwide, their administrators seem to do a decent job, and if the NRL says keep the scrum, think it should only have forwards in it, and you can choose to take it at different points across the field, then that is good enough for me. I understand they (scrums) are not to everyone's taste but how you can claim to be a global sport when you effectively have at least two if not three rule books (UK, NRL, International) perplexes me slightly.
  4. Longy was interviewed in the Rugby Paper maybe a couple of weeks back on this. There was another really interesting interview in the same publication recently with Martin Gleeson, seems the coaching set up at Wasps is quite different to Harlequins and Gleeson is very happy in Coventry, and pretty much able to do what he wants.
  5. Was asked to take a 25% reduction in salary, and seems he was getting frustrated at not being able to do some of the things he wanted to hintroduce. I Half get the impression that he did not realise they are actually two very different sports, especially at elite level. Anyhow, apparently ended up at the Rhinos.
  6. Bradford is done. As in finished. History. Finito'd. If Elstone thinks Bulls 2021 is the answer then he needs to be fired PDQ. I seriously doubt the medium term demographic trends from Bradford suggest a huge untapped audience ready to beat a path to Odsal or wherever else the Bulls 2021 would play from. The best thing for RL is to get Toulouse into Super League. The infrastructure is there in Toulouse, the local authorities are very supportive and you have the prospect of regularly playing the Greatest Game in one of the greatest club rugby grounds in the Northern Hemisphere. In a region where the oval football is king. And a certain M Guasch would be very content indeed with the 2 derby games a season. If not Toulouse, then I would sooner have York in Super League than Bradford. Every day of the rugby season.
  7. What would be interesting to see is Eddie Jones get a head coach role in RL when he wants to move back to Australia when he finishes with the RFU. He's not a million miles away from having a very good RL technical coaching staff to work with, given he has in the last two years recruited Clark from Warrington and Ryles from the Storm.
  8. According to the Rugby Paper, presumably as the club tries to remain solvent, Longy was being asked by Quins to accept a significant reduction in salary.
  9. Surely it was pretty bleedin' obvious that 6 again in certain areas of the field actually seriously penalises the attacking side, and it doesn't require a rocket scientist on the defensive coaching staff to figure this out and game it. "Free" meters from a penalty kick and restarting 30 metres up field is arguably of more benefit to an attacking side than having six again to try and make those 30 metres. There should be a choice for the attacking side, you can either have the 6 six again or you can have the kick to touch. And start again up the field.
  10. In that case there will be some cracking tunes on the stereo in the changing room.
  11. Apologies if this has already been dealt with previously, but I do have a life! What is going to happen with regards to competition sponsorship once we get to the 3*8 part of the season. I presume Top 8 will be FU Playoff Series, and bottom 8 will be Kingstone Press Playoff Series, but what about the middle tier? Don't suppose for a minute it will be the FUKingstonePressSuperleagueChampionshipRelegation/PromotionPlayoffSeries so any ideas anyone?
  12. I think he's saying it is rubbish because because they haven't got the cash to splash on decent players and there is a pretty good chance that Bradford could be one of the teams to go down?
  13. Love the comments beneath the page on the Superleague website - it's an utter shambles I tell you!!
  14. Which might turn out to be the best thing in the medium term. The RFL look to the wider interest of the sport, but let the commercially successful people running the top clubs get on with getting more money into the sport. I know it might be fantasy thinking, but if those people (Lenegan/ Koucash etc) can shake up the top of the ladder and get more people putting money into RL, whether through bums on seats or sponsors in the lounge, then hopefully the wider sport can benefit. All we need now are some good sponsoship announcements. And let the rugby commence.
  15. Bit of mind reading going on there! Am guessing Leeds won't be one of the four?
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