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  1. Brian Barwick

    Good question - the power of the product lays with the SL clubs. If memory serves correct it almost happened in 1996 but not too sure on that one.. Since then, I suspect there have been changes to rules etc. This year has seen the release of a new "Resolution of adoption of Articles of Association" viewable HERE Not had time to read it, but there is a lot in there. I think the only way Wood may be overthrown is for all club owners to pull in the same direction and force a special meeting. But as that has never happended to date, I won't be holding my breath.
  2. Brian Barwick

    Wood is accountable to nobody. He waited patiently in the sidelines while Richard Davis held the post. Come October 2007 Richard Davis moved on and Wood simply took the role - no process, no interview. When a clown takes power, he must ensure that he employs even dopier clowns than he - so he doesnt look as bad as he really is. This is what he has done over the years and now is just about untouchable. He started out living in a semi detached house in Wibsey, Bradford. At that time he became involved with Halifax RLFC, he left Halifax in 2001 after running the club into the ground and ended up at the RFL where he authored the RFL Strategic Review. After that he climbed steadily up the ranks until he seized power. The spate of referees leaving the sport and the subsequent reports about how the department is "managed" is a fair indicator of the shambles that is the RFL.
  3. Brian Barwick

    Y/E 31/12/205 there were seven directors. I see it as Lard ###### takes the £252,000 and the rest is divided up. Averages £68,000 a year each if its evened out. Takes the ###### - its a complete shambles - only the quality and dedication at club level makes the game what it is. Whatever we have is despite Wood and his chronies and not because of them. And note the self awarded pay rise from 2014!!!
  4. Bradford, part two

    For those who continue to believe the RFL own Odsal, below is the reply I received from Bradford Council when I asked (the wrong) questions regarding the LEASE agreement between BMDC and the RFL. (I should have asked specific questions about the covenant) "I refer to your request which was received on 19 January 2017 under the Freedom Of Information Act and have set out my responses to your questions below in red: I would like to know specific details regarding the lease of Odsal Stadium to the RFL which I believe ends 2018; 1. What is the exact end date of the lease? 7th October 2152 2. What options do BMDC have when the lease expires? As a business tenancy it will depend if the RFL wish to pursue their right to seek a new lease. 3. Is there a possibility that the land will be sold? The tenant may assign the lease with consent 4. Will the RFL receive any monies from BMDC when the lease expires? In certain circumstances, a tenant may claim compensation. But the landlord only has to pay compensation if it has successfully opposed renewal of the tenancy on certain grounds (it intends to demolish the premises or complete substantial construction work or the landlord intends to occupy the premises itself)."
  5. Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    Spot on - just spot on I think point 4 is of equal importance to point 5 - and could add a few more descriptors for the RFL - but will leave it there
  6. Golden Point

    AND Salford had no subs due to injuries Salford looked out on their feet but could not rotate players. All 13 HKR players thought they had done enough in their first set of extra time and it never occurred to them a drop goal was on. Cue Go'B - loads of time to line it up It was harder to lose that game than win it - but somehow it happened - surreal! What's hacking me right off is the fuss this year because no Championship team was involved and SL relegation was guaranteed.
  7. Million Pound Game a disgrace

    I assume this line is typed with your tongue firmly in your cheek and teeth gritted tight Adey?
  8. Faxit

    Interesting and astute summary LRL - nothing to argue with there... I remember frequently visiting Piece Hall in the mid 90's which was vibrant and busy. Then suddenly all the units started to close and the place became a ghost... And the reason? Calderdale Council increased the rents, making it none viable for the tennants.. Annoyingly, they get a grant, refurb it and start all over again. No lessons learnt. How do councls become so useless?
  9. Rugby League museum has new home

    It was - wan't it.. But it failed - or rather a wonderful building it was in at the time couldn't sustain its core business. I'm not gloating - I found it sad that a hotel right next to a rail station housed in a fantastic building, could not attract enough customers to keep going.. Still empty today... The advantage of its new home? No matter how useless its occupants are at management - it will never close its doors.
  10. Hey! Now there's no need for that! Terrible thing to say...
  11. Silverwood chucks it.

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  12. Silverwood chucks it.

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  13. Silverwood chucks it.

    Its in the League Weekly - all over twitter on the day of publication.. I have tried to paste the page image here - but it won't let me...
  14. Silverwood chucks it.

    This is what I thought at the time; "I'm sure there is more to this than meets the eye. I have a heard a couple of (poor behaviour) stories about Ganson - when he was a ref and since he gained control. George Stokes resigned suddenly with no further comment since - wonder why? (Cue comments about his reffing) I have no idea what has supposed to have happened beyond the rumour and speculation. What I do know is - a lot of former players and referees are wishing Richard Silverwood well on his time line and he had gained a lot of respect on the pitch. I have long speculated and still believe the RFL is rotten to the core - and for the forseeable future will stay that way." Amazed to see that the article regards the Referees Dept this weekend hasn't generated a thread - but there you go. Appalling report - and under any other circumstances - there would be a chance that change may follow on the back of it. However, as the RFL constitution states they only answer to themselves - I have no doubt it will continue as is - depressingly.
  15. I think losing with nil and nil spirit was THE hammer blow - and add to that yet another bout of instability - it will have pushed many fans off the map now.. and its damn hard to get people to come back once they go .... Thats lowered my opinion of that pair considerably. Won't be forgetting that one at the next twitter session! This is where I am too - we may well go under just as we are on the brink of turning a corner. The mistakes made to date are stunningly stupid - beyond belief. But apportioning blame won't change anything now. A reduced but more passionate squad will do for me - that is, if we survive to next season...