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  1. There will be a bucket load next week, you mark my words !!
  2. Peacock spot on IMO
  3. Just goes to prove Wire are not the deal there fans think they are. Its a lot easier to reach a challenge cup final if you are not drawn against the two top teams in the comp and Wire have done this two years on the trot beating two teams that under performed in the final. With due repect they were impressive against Leeds in the final but there record against the top teams is not that of a champion team. Saints and Leeds have been decimated by injurys this year and Wire and Wigan have had a generally injury free year but have retained more consitancy than previous years. When Wire beat the top sides on a regular basis I will be convinced. As for Wigan I think they will beat Leeds next week as it will be a game too far for Leeds and they wil meet Saints in the final. If they do I would love too see Saints give them a kicking in the final and win it for Cunningham.
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: A Joke.........................Play offs should be 6 teams but if we have to go with 8 to promote medicority and make it an interesting season for the under achievers then so be it.
  5. Colin Clarke, Phil Clarkes dad is on the RFL Tribunal commitee and we all know how biased Phil is towards Wigan, I just cant wait to hear is biased voice on Friday on Sky when the Red Red Robins go Bob Bob Bobbing along to the semi !!! Will it tip him over the edge ?
  6. A bloody disgrace as usual ! Well done Mick on shaf*ing those tight taffs !!
  7. I have a block of 5 Wembley Tickets available at the Leeds end for the challenge cup final at Wembley. This is a genuine sale as 5 members of our team have had to pull out at short notice. The tickets are
  8. Shock horror, glamour club wire have no english superstars !! after they get to wembley two years on the trot by avioding a top side on the way !! ;) :lol: :lol:
  9. Should the title of the thread be Bradford Bulls R.I.P. ???? <_< <_< <_<
  10. Not suprised by this result. KR have an exellent pack and an injury free pack which is playing very well. Leeds on the other hand have played in two very physical games in the last two weeks and looked very very flat against Saints last week. Injurys to Eastwood and Buderus who have been there stand out players in the pack in last two weeks didnt help. Leeds tend to struggle for go forward when Leuluea is out and are a totally different team with Buderus on the park. With The only 'real go forward' from potentially Peacock I felt this would be a game too far for Leeds. Leeds main concern was getting go forward and with the excellent kicking game and pressure applied by KR it was an uphill stuggle and always looked like KR's night. Leeds will concentrate on getting palyers fit and tuned up for the semi against Saints which I am very confident they will win. I would expect Leeds to have a rocky ride for a while until they challenge cup is over. Injury permitting they will be back but if they are to take any silver ware this season I am sure it will be through hard work and well deserved after the injury hit season we have had. Generally over the last three years we have not had too many injuries but this year they have all come at once. If they manage to get to the grand final I have a feeling it will definately be from outside the six ! Well done Justin Morgan, your game plan was spot on and well executed ! But as a Leeds fan I wont be loosing any sleep just yet ! Interesting to see Saints lost at home to Catalans another result I predicted. No team can come out week after week and play at the top of there game and no team can stay injury free every week. Sometimes these so called turn ups can be predicted, sometimes they cant !!!! Upwards and onwards ! ;)
  11. I have heared Cunningham could be out, anyone heared this ?
  12. Bloody hell, take off those rose coloured Wire specs and watch the rest of superleague. I think you will find while Danny Buderus is not the NRL player he once was, he is still the best hooker in superleague by a country mile ! Ask Monaghan who he played off the park on Sunday !! As for Senior he too is still one of superleagues best centres and can move into the second row if required. The reason Kalum Watkins is not playing is because he has a season long injury and Leeds feel extending Seniors contact will not put him under pressure to come back too soon next year. The same applies with Webb and Ben Jones Bishop. Keeping a squad together as long as possible works, if you dont swop and change too much each season. Three consecutive grand final wins proves that, Leeds dont give long term contacts to older players which gives them a saftey net and flexibility going forward which is a smart move.
  13. :lol: :lol: I think you will find half of the Leeds second team actual played and beat Warringtons first team yesterday !!! I feel that could be the reason.