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  1. Greenwood was sent to the sin bin.
  2. Could be something to do with Kevin Brown.
  3. I wish I was as confident as you are about Widnes. On the Sporting Life website Ian Millward tips Widnes (albeit with a 6 point start from the bookies) which is usually the kiss of death for us.
  4. It's 4 now. Is that a new record? "Hooker Moore, who missed that tie after starting a two-match suspension for a high tackle in Wakefield's Super League win over Widnes 10 days earlier, has been charged with gouging Vikings half-back Aaron Heremaia. Moore had to wait a week to discover his fate as the Rugby Football League conducted an investigation into the stormy match in which two players were sent off and three others sin-binned."
  5. Yes the video shows a hard but fair tackle. Video also shows the referee and touch judge do not intervene initially after the tackle. It is only when the Wakefield player runs in that they become involved.
  6. Still trying to dig your way out of the hole but not doing a very good job of it. Could do with a bigger shovel.
  7. Nice try with the diversionary tactics but you've completely failed to address the point made in my original post ie how a team finishing in 8th place, which has spent the whole season in the top 8, and 4 points ahead of the 9th placed team can be described as having SNEAKED into the top 8. It's impossible to SNEAK into somewhere when you've been there all the time.
  8. "2012 Wakey made 8th" "2013 HKR made 8th" "2014 Widnes SNEAKED 8th" Rather a subjective comment about Widnes. They finished 4 points ahead of the 9th place team and were in the top 8 places for virtually the whole season. Hardly sneaking. Probably better to check the facts before making snide comments.
  9. Even if we had still had licensing Jack would have still been on his way. He's not quick enough returning the ball when he's played at full back and his move to the wing was really to include him in the side for his goal kicking. He's now very much down the pecking order both for a full back and a wing spot so you can't blame him for wanting to leave. It's not a case of "this season" it's more of wanting to improve the team. Had Jack been what Widnes wanted in terms of a full back or a winger for that matter he would still be with them.
  10. Hull KR and Widnes have agreed to discount the cost of tickets for away season ticket holders for their respective games. Apparently an adult ticket for an away match will cost £15.
  11. The book is £14.99 and is well worth a read. And Big Jim is giving the proceeds of his book sales to a cancer charity.
  12. This is really good news. He's still only 22 years old and improving all the time.
  13. From the report above it looks like Wakefield have already notified the RFL and presumably given them the relevant evidence. 'Agar said: “Salford have directly contacted three or four of our players. We notified the RFL about this quite a while ago.'
  14. According to Dave Matthews Salford's new CEO who attended yesterday's meeting with Dr Koukash, there will no Championship club promoted for 2015. He was the studio guest on Radio Manchester's RL Extra tonight.